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  1. First shot on target for them at 82 mins kind of says it all.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn usually works well in that role.
  3. Whatever we get for Morelos we have to insist on a % of the next sell on. He'll never go from us to a top 6 EPL club but may go via a lower level EPL or European club. Think VVD from the filth.
  4. Ha ha, why else would you want decent players in your team?
  5. I'm just getting a black screen! Any suggestions? And dinnae bother saying "turn it on"!
  6. As already pointed put, other than a wind up there's no point in having an orange strip and all it would do is take away from the football. I'm pleased with all three and will but the away and probably home top too.
  7. Hoping that the more experienced players up their game in the face of decent opposition, we know they are all capable on their day, and that the younger lads play with no fear. In all probability we will get beat, though there is always a chance and if Ally can fire them up then we could see ourseleves through to the next round. (perhaps via a replay).
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