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  1. Tabhead


    Whatever happened to Patterson?
  2. "Mixed emotions from the Hamilton players and staff there."
  3. Ha ha. League will be incomplete and winner will be drawn from a hat. "And the 2019/20 SPFL Champions are.... Hamilton Academical"
  4. Looking into it he basically said he has 4 weeks to save his tarrier career and the fact he's not being chosen for more games means he's probably not training well enough. Then said he should focus on himself and not on Boyd. How the fuck anyone can complain about that is beyond me. Paul Pogba would get get writers cramp if he complained to sky every time Souness has a go. Man the fuck up, never seen anyone so happy to be sen as a victim than that club.
  5. Tabhead


    Couple of hat-tricks in each leg and he's broken it before reaching the last 16. Definitely happening.
  6. Michael Stewart: "I've no fucking clue what I'm talking about here but I think I'm an expert and so I'm gonna say it with utter conviction and hope nobody notices"
  7. Since forever mate. Hitler was an "Extreme Nationalist". There's a difference between patriotism and nationalism.
  8. What do you think an online forum is, if not social media?
  9. I'm just getting a black screen! Any suggestions? And dinnae bother saying "turn it on"!
  10. As already pointed put, other than a wind up there's no point in having an orange strip and all it would do is take away from the football. I'm pleased with all three and will but the away and probably home top too.
  11. Hoping that the more experienced players up their game in the face of decent opposition, we know they are all capable on their day, and that the younger lads play with no fear. In all probability we will get beat, though there is always a chance and if Ally can fire them up then we could see ourseleves through to the next round. (perhaps via a replay).
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