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  1. Honestly lost for words on this one, think it adds to the whole circus show of bizarre appointments.. why cant we get a solid manager with a good track record? Ffs
  2. Murty out, amateur cunt. Thanks for your efforts but they are far from what is expected.
  3. Yess. Dave kings plan coming together now, never doubted the board once. I reckon we will put 3 past the tarriers
  4. Speechless but fucking yas!! Madness how quick things can change
  5. Why do we look like we are playing with 9 men
  6. Surely he must go, everytime a question has been asked his team have failed
  7. why does pedro look so emotionless for both of the goals, just me that noticed?
  8. bye pedro cheers for absolutely fuck all, 5m+ spent and no better off than a warburton side. Also backed this cunt till he got his own team assembled.
  9. I think we where robbed today by the ref and have looked more and more promising since last season and the progres game. Signings look alot stronger than warbs, all be it some have still got alot to prove but the likes of morelos, candiaes, dorrans, alves ect look like they will get stronger as the season goes on. Shite result but anyone who blames pedro today is a joke, we dominated the first 20-25 mins could have been 2-0 up and as soon as jack was sent off it completey changed the game.
  10. Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio Dalcio
  11. I thought we looked good today.. all be it at spells and we were under pressure for alot of the game but I take nothing away from mwell, they were good today and I think theyll do well this season. Fuck mwell anyway.. I think a proven goalscorer is a must, herrera was a man down and morelos/miller aint the answer.
  12. Been impressed with a few players today, i think candyass deserves a mention. Wonder what is going on with pena..
  13. Fuck me this rangerstv stream is making me think im tripping out my box. Rtv is a Laggy piece of shoite
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