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  1. Dazzler

    Derek Johnstone: columnist or fuckwit

    Dont listen to Clyde or read newspapers so don't have to put up with his drivel.
  2. Dazzler

    David Hagen

    When did he die?
  3. Dazzler

    Rangers fans whipping boy Season 2018/19

    Whipping boys generally bring it on themselves. Windass for example generally goes missing when it gets tough and shooshes his own fans when he scores at Hamilton. He's a fanny and deserves every bit of grief he gets. He's not got a winning mentality.
  4. Dazzler

    Louden Loyal RSC

    You seem undecided.
  5. Dazzler

    Louden Loyal RSC

    You must have posted something in the past that's pissed him off. No idea why you're getting grief on this thread. I seem to remember Robert Marshall being an aggressive poster.
  6. Dazzler

    Louden Loyal RSC

    Eck_54 is Robert Marshall.
  7. Dazzler

    James Bay - Simply The Best

    Suprised it didn't much off. Funny though.
  8. Arfield speaks very well, the enthusiasm is fantastic to hear.
  9. Dazzler

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    All three are belters.
  10. Dazzler

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    In your opinion.
  11. Dazzler

    Alexei Mikhailichenko - Video

    Against Sparta Prague, he got clattered down by the Broomloan and the play went up towards the Copland. He jogged back until level with the player, punched him in the face and kept jogging.
  12. Dazzler

    Orange Top Hint

    Needs to see pics of her first
  13. Dazzler

    Team photo gallery

    Shite in loads of positions.
  14. Dazzler

    Out?: Josh Windass

    3 million for a spineless shite bag is brilliant. Wouldn't bother with a sell on clause either, would be a waste of paper and ink.
  15. Dazzler

    Team photo gallery

    I can get them for you just send me your bank details and the size you require.