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  1. Harsh. We don't know much about his recruitment yet. Pedro didn't sign Nico, and he's a decent player. Not a bad thing to try and use him.
  2. Most of this season he has been a waste of a jersey. Wouldn't be fussed if he left.
  3. My internet connection is pish. Updates taking so long to come through.
  4. Won't be moving him on in the summer then.
  5. Have BT not been told to separate the OpenReach business from the rest of BT, to ensure that can't happen? It's open reach that run the network.
  6. Capital letters ya prick - use them.
  7. Liked big Clinto. Wish he had signed years ago.
  8. Aidan!
  9. Fuck all wrong with Forres.
  10. Aye, even better when the company is paying for it!
  11. In Singapore, 2230 here
  12. I think players under a certain age still require a free paid to the club. Could be confused/pished/wrong though.
  13. Spot on.