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  1. I enjoyed his conference. Actually refreshing that he is looking at the opponents and pointing out their strengths and weakness. Looking forward to the game.
  2. Could the fan liaison officer not arrange to have a stand opened? Plenty of seats in the stadium.
  3. Would love to see her on the pitch at half time!
  4. Haha, that's brilliant. Especially love the fact she disnae swear.
  5. Only managed to catch the second half. Looked a decent game, team looked a lot better. Hope it continues.
  6. Hush hush, eye to eye.
  7. Is that you? Explains a lot of your posts.
  8. Nae bother Coatbridge BridgeisBlue. Best wishes Glasgow Dazzler.
  9. I prefer the use of our Sunday name.
  10. Nothing to do with being staunch or looking for an argument. There is nothing to argue about, but a lot of folk are trying.... Like yourself very trying
  11. Names they are commonly known by, not their proper name.
  12. Doesn't matter what's on any poster, or what songs it's in, or where people stay. It's not our name.
  13. Shut it SozeKeyser.
  14. Naw it isnae.
  15. A wee set of steps or a puddy up.