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  1. Were we right to sell McKay?

    Glad he's gone. A complete waste of a jersey every time I saw him. He has talent but I don't think he wanted to be here.
  2. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    Bruno hasn't been that great.
  3. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    Don't care who he is or where he has played. Didn't get dumped from the team, he got himself banned for stupidity, freeing up a place in the team. Player that has come in and done really well so they keep their place. Players being picked on reputation gets you beat. I hope with the best will in the world that Bruno can't break back into the team.
  4. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    Wouldn't change the current two, they've played very well together. Not a fan of changing a winning team.
  5. Rangers Lookalikes.

    That's got to be a sister.
  6. Today...

    Quality. Respect.
  7. He looks so very comfortable. Some of his tackles have been top notch. I have very high hopes for him.
  8. Saturdays Display

    We do remembrance day and armed forces day very well. Proud of our club.
  9. How many can you get?

    We have had some dross play for us.
  10. Well done Ryan Jack

    I can't be arsed with international football and I'm suprised Scottish players can be arsed.
  11. New Scouting Department Unveiled

    Brown appointment is a strange one, smacks of job for the boys. Good to see we will be looking far and wide for players though.
  12. The table at full time

    Just got a semi. Hope it happens. Would love to see them with a bit of pressure applied.
  13. Hearts v Rangers: The Goals

    In his mind he probably still considers himself a Rangers fan. It was some strike. Kennys second was also a lovely goal.
  14. James Tavernier

    The rest can't be that bad! He's a decent player, especially going forward, but he's not a great defender.
  15. Was anyone on Nuremberg's train?