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  1. Nah buddy in Borders we play in East League 1 on a Saturday and Border league on a Sunday. Play some decent teams plus have Kelso and Gala in the league 10 miles either side of us so less travelling this year to games always helps got a bit of a doing both days tbh but still good fun. Was dissapointed in a way that Cook got runs as you say this has bought him some more time. Listened to latest test match special podcast and Boycott was brilliant on the West Indies and Jonathon Trott.
  2. played for first time this season captaining my team on Saturday and played for 2s yesterday. On above Cook should be sent home now removed as captain and told to find form in county cricket if he doesnt he isnt in ashes squad if he does bring him back in.
  3. stuart McCall lets see what you can do but seriously MCDOWALL stays GET TO FUCK ya fat useless bastard and take the gardener with you anyone inviolved with Ally and his complete managerial fuck up of our club shouyld be gone.
  4. Hes doing a job that he doesn't want to be in clearly, Wouldn't class him as a rat, Never a football manager in a million years but he knows that, The rrats in this club are the ones that are forcing the manager to play players he had no choice in signing. Says it all that the ceo and sandy easdale are picking the team they are the real rats.
  5. Dado wont play football again not even in anything like this for 2 or 3 mins. His knees are completely fucked, Sadly as would love to see him back as well but not to be.
  6. Well booked my brother today to be one of the mascots. Worth the £125 easily.
  7. Just had a look at ticket sales. This could be one of the quietest games for a very very long time. If Killie do not bring a big support which I dont think they will then 10k could be an achievement. Anyway 2-1 rangers for me, daly and miller.
  8. I am more than happy to let them score 1 tomorrow as long as its big Marvin Andrews that scores. Welcome home Marvin
  9. Looking forward to this one. One of there players works same place as me so hopefully trounce them hoping for a 4 0 atleast.
  10. Alexander arigyou perry cribari wallace shiels Hutton Macleod Mckay Little McCulloch is the team id play
  11. who needs the champions league when youve got the ramsdens cup
  12. BALL ON THE GROUND we need to play it on the deck on Saturday especially with the size of annans pitch. If we get it on the deck and play the way we have done at home our first away win in division 3 will come. REMEMBER MR MCCOIST ON THE DECK
  13. I disagree with the EPL being the best league in the world. Footballing wise through the whole league LA LIGA is the best football. EPL is the most competitive and I can see Chelsea being involved come the business end of the season with Man city but the 2 games between them will decide the title. Arsenal and Man U simply will not be good enough. So watch out for Newcastle and Everton. going own will be Villa and reading but too close to tell wholl fnish 18th
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