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  1. They certainly have....the same phrases appear again and again...."sense of entitlement" seems to be a favourite of the hard of thinking ...they follow like sheep
  2. I'm sure I read somewhere he was in a "fund raising" capacity when he returned but soon involved himself with the boys club again. Can he be directly nailed as a paid employee of separateentity fc ?
  3. On this occasion we did and got our reward
  4. My point has been made...let's not derail the thread with petty squabbling. Thanks for your support Mrmojo
  5. Work is being done behind the scenes...there is a documentary coming out which from what I believe will not paint them in a good light at all Keep the faith .....they will eventually have to answer for their dirty deeds
  6. You have no idea of the years of work people have put in exposing these beasts and their enablers total ignorance of the victims Yeah let's just shut it down and forget all about it eh ? Think you should really reconsider your thoughts on this your acting like a total bellend tbh Mrmojo
  7. That is totally defeatist and quite frankly an insult to Andrew Grays mother who has fought so hard for these beasts and their enablers to be brought to justice
  8. Yes...I believe he was a victim of mccafferty and since mccafferty was an employee of CFC at the time they didn't have any choice
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