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  1. Amsterdam Sunderland . Stabbed outside the Vatican Palooka fc
  2. That's no oor Alfie..... That's Robbie Savage 😂😂
  3. The evidence against seperateentity is overwhelming Its high Time Thompsons stop fucking about and go for the jugular.. Seperateentity have told so many lies and each and every one can be forensically picked apart by any competent Lawyer
  4. Time for seperate entity fc to pay the piper Utterly disgusting cunt of a klub
  5. Alfie and Defoe up top please gaffer.... That ball from Alfie across the goals that defoe just missed was superb... I believe they can work together
  6. Against most teams..the cunts only seem to try a leg against us to keep up this kiddy on "rivalry" and when the fact of the matter is they have been a fuckin irrelevance since the day SAF went to Man U. They seem to spend their lives eternally stuck in the 1980s Oh... They are mutton molesting bastards as well
  7. I work with John Mcdonald.ll show him this
  8. Rangers 5 seperateentity 1 at Ibrox 1988...a memorable day spent pre match in Devon St and witnessed possibly one of the finest goals ever scored at Ibrox by the Late Ray Wilkins... Screamer of a volley. Also chased a mob of seperateentity casuals who put in a bus window after the game...couple of us jumped off and 5 of us against about 15-20 of them and they shat it. Eio ya DFB
  9. Ian Beale VID-20190928-WA0003.mp4
  10. The hypocrisy and lack of self awareness from the fruit flingers is astounding isn't it
  11. That's the way I think it's gonna go too... They may dodge football sanctions but the evidence regarding the CA is somewhat overwhelmingly against them but somehow they are gonna slip that as well. No faith in the justice system in this country at all
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