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  1. Who could live in a house like this? received_579733849544420.mp4
  2. The sanctimonious bastards who turned a blind eye to child abuse
  3. Dirty conniving bastards since the day brother Wally shat them out in a gallagate chapel When Thomson was admitted to the Victoria Infirmary the patient’s notes included the phrase ‘the patient was admitted having received, it was stated, a kick on the head’. There was no name attached to this statement and may have been a result of no one knowing the exact truth at the time of the notes being written. However it appears that this was enough for a lie to take root and to this day some still regard it as fact. In addition Willie Maley made a rather ambiguous statement at the fatal accident enquiry when asked ‘In your opinion, was it an accident?’ and his reply was ‘I hope it was an accident. I cannot form an opinion as to what happened as I did not actually see the accident’. Some saw this as a serious aspersion on the character of Sam English but many regard this statement as coming from a grief stricken man whose words were not intended to be interpreted as they were. Many felt this added credence to the ‘deliberate kick’ assumption. Utter filth
  4. Double whammy of fresh child abuse allegations against two former coaches(one who admitted being in the employ and receiving a wage from CFC in court) Investors pulling out fearing being tarnished by association?
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