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  1. So fenian is now officially the Scottish equivalent of the N word... Its OK to refer to each other as such but Timplosion when someone else does it
  2. His face upsets children The fact that he breathes upsets children
  3. Pride of the Village too aye I remember the Chapel... Always seemed to be covered in graffiti any time I was up that way My mates da was in the Thornliebank FB years ago and my other mates da was in the Noey FB as well How staunch was Thornliebank back then eh
  4. You certainly do... They used to parade with my District(49) back in the day and were probably the best blood and thunder band in the country at that time
  5. That fat piggy eyed bastard is up to his neck in it....and running out of places to hide Tick tock
  6. There are six paedophiles not four Torbett Cairney King Strachan Cullen McCafferty
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