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  1. Sooner that shitehole rag is shut down the better
  2. Damn right ....drank everything in the house Only the turps left now........
  3. Dont buy it ..dont use their website..dont post links..dont give these Rangers hating bastards nothing Bleed them out Fuck them
  4. Any hint of bad pa or any criminality involved which direct or indirecty implicates them or puts them in a bad light....big peetur is on the phone making veiled threats
  5. The point I was trying to make originally
  6. Only took them 15 minutes to delete any reference or mention or link to the glitterdome regarding the recent break in at Ibrox. I imagine big peetur was on the phone Keeping the "good name clean" and keep us guessing who this mysterious man was who broke into a rivals football stadium to celebrate a tainted title* win?
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