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  1. East London Loyal

    Full Support for Gerrard

    No time for kneejerkers, especially when the vermin in green have had it so easy since Rangers were demoted. Gerrard is working with one hand behind his back in comparison to Brendan Rodgers and the reality is we're three points off. Imagine if you will that Saturday sees the game ends on Saturday with all three points going to the light-blues; the magnitude of Gerrard's turnaround of Rangers will still go underappreciated. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  2. East London Loyal

    Belfast boxer

    They should look to either form a breakaway Northern Irish body, or temporarily represent England, Scotland or Wales citing discrimination as their reason. Starting to see a clearer picture if why most pro boxers from NI are usually from a nationalist background, or, like Frampton, placate the nats.
  3. East London Loyal

    Pick one "derby" in world football.

    Done it. Biggest pain in the arse. No chance of anything because the Police presence is suffocating. West Ham v Millwall with all the space around Queen Elizabeth Park could be interesting!
  4. East London Loyal

    Scotland fans in kilts and stupid hats

    Good point
  5. East London Loyal

    Scotland fans in kilts and stupid hats

    Again, to me that's allowing others to hijack. The national team are 'owned' by the SFA, but they're supposed to represent Scotland as a football nation. Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland and Rangers should be represented in the stands. Imagine seeing Union Flags at Hampden for Scotland games!
  6. East London Loyal

    Scotland fans in kilts and stupid hats

    Surely if you want to regain that feeling of loving your country and not the soap dodgers who've hijacked, you go in numbers? Organise, and take satires and union flags, thus making it known Scotland are followed by Rangers and they're not just followed by nationalists.
  7. East London Loyal

    What did O'Squeal say to Giggs?

    'Aye, but we scored last so we win!'
  8. East London Loyal

    La Liga Games In America

    I think you're spot on and I believe there will be more breakaway clubs or supporters watching non-league football because of the disconnect between Premier League clubs and fans.
  9. East London Loyal

    Bear Stabbed

    The media and politicians are the enemy. These wankers will do as they please until some sort of revolution takes place.
  10. East London Loyal

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Torture watching that. I fucking loath them.
  11. East London Loyal

    No Surrender Roy Carroll

    I get that, but there should be more separation. All Ireland creates a vision of a united island and one country, which it most certainly isn't.
  12. East London Loyal

    No Surrender Roy Carroll

    Explains the lack of respect when nationalists refuse to show respect. I'm surprised there's aren't more separated sporting bodies, because, for a community that doesn't want to be lumped in with Irish unity, they seem happy enough being represented as one country in all sports other than football. Strange.
  13. East London Loyal

    No Surrender Roy Carroll

    Is boxing all Ireland? If so, Ireland the country isn't in the Commonwealth, so how are they allowed entries? I realise we're talking about boxers based in Northern Ireland.
  14. East London Loyal

    La Liga Games In America

    Not only is this a cunt move by the Spanish governing bodies, but it also steps on MLS toes. Why the MLS hasn't come out and condemned this is outrageous.
  15. East London Loyal

    Who are you signing for?

    Swap Deal to Seville. Bargain.