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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. A Great Article On West Ham Situation.

    The board won't win, this fight will rage on. West Ham are an institution, they're the thing other than my family I love most.
  2. the liewell fantasy - septic are bigger than Rangers

    Come and watch the world famous celtic FC, in Glasgow Scotland as they chart a course for 10 titles in a row. Marvel at our history, being the second most successful club in Scotland and the only club to sweep child molesting and support for terrorism under the carpet. Come and see the famous green and grey hoops that have dominated Scottish Football, since the SFA and Scottish clubs drove a wedge through the Gers chest and tried to kick them out of Scottish Football. In fact, go and watch Rangers, because for all the meddling and corruption in the Scottish game, it won't be long before Rangers are back in the driving seat carrying the tinpot league on its back.
  3. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    That’s just it. It’d would have been the cherry on the top to leave with the win. the line in the sand has been drawn and Rangers have shown their capability to complete. Losing to lesser teams is no longer acceptable. Not that it ever was to begin with.
  4. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Yep. The commentary that’s very biased towards celtic is really pissing me off. Playing down anything negative from celtic and playing down anything positive by Rangers.
  5. Alan Curbishley

    Yes I do. Though personally, I make him 100% right.
  6. Alan Curbishley

    I liked Curbs when he was with us, though because he sued the club for undermining him and selling key players behind his back, a lot of supporters turned against him for taking money away from a club in financial trouble before Sullivan, Gold and Brady began their own hatchet job. All Charlton fans I know adore the bloke.
  7. Liam Miller

    I think we all wish the boy well, especially a man with so much to live for. Godspeed sir, Godspeed.
  8. Moyes To West Ham

    I wasn’t happy. Nothing new. Supporting us is never, ever easy.
  9. Southgate does not pick Messi in his top three

    Most of his initiatives were ignored. The blokes cares about the game and in the instance of West Ham, every time he's had to aid, the club have benefited. Unfortunately the FA and everyone involved are suits on big money, which is all that matters. The development of the English game and the national team are of secondary importance, which is why the national game at the top level has minority English participation and the foreign players. With the exception of Dele and Kane, who really is top drawer?
  10. Tony Blair wanted a British football league

    I don't think it included Northern Ireland as it was all to do with the England/Scotland relationship going on that article. I think Rangers/celtic would be comfortable top-flights clubs, depending on what level they came in at. And the other teams that should be invited down are Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs, Motherwell, Kilmarnock, Inverness and both Dundee clubs. It would elevate every club as it would create new interest and new rivalries and grounds would be fuller in the lower leagues.
  11. Arsenal's invincibles - a myth?

    Millwall? Yeah, agree.
  12. Arsenal's invincibles - a myth?

    Your Mum doesn't mind the stench, mate.
  13. Arsenal's invincibles - a myth?

    I can't stand the other clubs in London. Lets take a look at them. 1) Arsenal - All the history, but no character. Now known as the latte drinking London club for the middle classes to sit and applaud quietly. 2) Chelsea - A club built for modern football. I can't knock their away crowed, but their home support and identity have been taken over by the plastics and tourists. Only Man United are ranked higher for day trippers 3) Spurs - Good old Tottenham. As a fanbase, they're caught in a delusion of success and what they're going to achieve and it seems it's a prerequisite to sniff glue before entering White Hart Lane/Wembley for that delusion to become part of the greater Spurs psyche 4) Millwall - Nothing but respect for this mob. Can't say I like them, but they're unchanged. Millwall will always be Millwall and a reminder to football of the past 5) West Ham United - My first love. Like Millwall but now removed from our home to play in a bowl. The same people over there though and very much the same atmosphere. You can take the club out of Upton Park... Success will never come, no matter where we play.
  14. Greatest Moment as a Rangers Fan

    Exausting to watch, but such a great game. Must have been amazing to have been there.
  15. Positives

    Full backs not up to the job and easily exploitable and set pieces. Positives: with the ball, Rangers look dangerous. Windass may well be key and looks as if he's comfortable out left where he has the ability to take people on. A real player in there and his negative is his engine as he faded out. Fitness may peak as the season progresses. negatives: Big players and set pieces could be Rangers undoing. Other than Alves, nobody could really challenge some of their lumps with high balls. Ref watch: Not a bad performance, but how Moulton remained on the pitch after the forearm in the box for the penalty and followed up by a late challenge outside his box later in the game was beyond me. More dangerious to his own team as well and clearly not the brightest spark.