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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. James Collins (West Ham)

    This is the internet, mate. All rule Britannia until you don't like an opinion, run it's smash Cockney, Scouse, Manc... No doubt.
  2. James Collins (West Ham)

    Yours will for sure be more informed than mine. Rangers are my families team, West Ham are my local team and my first passion.
  3. James Collins (West Ham)

    No, Collins is commited.
  4. James Collins (West Ham)

    Someone mentioned Hill/Weir in this thread and he's in that mould. No chance of him going missing, but if a striker can play off his shoulder with pace, that's where he'll have problems. But he's great at last ditch tackles. Not many will beat him in the air and he'll match most for physically.
  5. James Collins (West Ham)

    Because people are saying he's shit without watching him. He's been injured a bit which is a concern, but when playing he's been Mr. Reliable.
  6. James Collins (West Ham)

    Glad you can read, mate.
  7. James Collins (West Ham)

    He is the dogs bollocks as I said earlier in the thread. I'm loving the comments about him on here by armchair fans. I follow WHU up and down, so I can say with confidence that your mates right.
  8. James Collins (West Ham)

    Great player, leader, gentlemen. Gutted our board wouldn't offer him a new contract.
  9. Reece Burke (West Ham)

    He hardly played regularly and the same when on loan at Reading. Unfortunately Reece Oxford has a poor attitude that overshadows his potential.
  10. Reece Burke (West Ham)

    He's a wing-back who like Oxford and Burke has failed to live up to the expectation. In fairness to Byram though, it's largely through injury.
  11. New England world cup song

    Get in the spirit lads. We'll make the KO stages!
  12. The one thing I wish you all would have done is to have stuck with boycotting away games and putting much needed money into the coffers of clubs that need Rangers to sell out the away end, and in the case of celtic, just not fund them in anyway. The league is lucky to have you, remember that and so should the enemies of Rangers.
  13. Without trying to point score, whoever hurts a child, or abuses them is the worst kind of evil. celtic or anyone else, I hope these people are caught. They can thank their lucky stars there aren't any gallows here.
  14. Reece Burke (West Ham)

    Would be sad to lose Burke as he's an east London lad and you always want local talent to play. Despite what the Mirror says, his tenure at Bolton ended badly. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/04/16/bolton-fans-on-twitter-blast-west-ham-owned-reece-burke-after-ga/ There's absolutey a talent there, so if he did leave I'd prefer it be to Rangers than anyone else. As for Reece Oxford - he's still dining on keeping Ozil in his pocket three years ago and has a stinking attitude. Will be another player with great potential who won't fulfill it.
  15. ***Official English Football Thread***

    That's just it, we are making up the numbers and served mind numbing football alongside it, which is why league status doesn't bother me. As I said to my mates, we get relegated, so what? We'd have Millwall, Leeds, both Sheffield clubs, Forest, Derby etc to look forward to and contrary to myths about the league, some good football is played in the lower leagues. The only appeal to the Premier League for me is my club and the prospect every now and again challenging for Europe, or giving our rivals a bloody nose.