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  1. Progress? Absolutely. The problem is creativity and not having a player (or players) who is able to thread passes. The Rangers scouts need to being their work and identifying targets to fill that role. Possibly releasing some dead wood as well, or players that just are not up to the task of representing us.
  2. Knocked it down and replaced it with identikit homes. Absolute travesty. The LS has had good atmospheres, but it's difficult to warm too, especially as it was done on the cheap with maximum profit going into the pockets of the owners without fuck all consideration of the support.
  3. Absolutely. Spurs have tight owners, but we have spendthrift chancers, which is why we rent our ground. Looking at the new WHL, it's like what could've been. They have a home that's theirs, which they can alter and improve as they please, which is close to the pitch and they're prepared a standing section. Fucking gutting in comparison.
  4. Makes me feel sick seeing Spurs ground. Looks unreal and I hate saying that, while our ground in comparison is a fucking joke.
  5. I like her, though not for football reasons.
  6. I think I watched that game in the Cock Tavern, London. Bedlam.
  7. And no cunt wants West Ham. That said, I'm happy about that.
  8. Anyone got a comprehensive rundown on BJK and the happenings are celtic? Any reason the authorities and media haven't been making a big deal about it? PS, the second question is rhetorical.
  9. I've just completed the Arthur missions. What a character, you really get behind him. Voiced by an Irishman. Micha by comparison is also a great character you just want to gut.
  10. No time for kneejerkers, especially when the vermin in green have had it so easy since Rangers were demoted. Gerrard is working with one hand behind his back in comparison to Brendan Rodgers and the reality is we're three points off. Imagine if you will that Saturday sees the game ends on Saturday with all three points going to the light-blues; the magnitude of Gerrard's turnaround of Rangers will still go underappreciated. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  11. They should look to either form a breakaway Northern Irish body, or temporarily represent England, Scotland or Wales citing discrimination as their reason. Starting to see a clearer picture if why most pro boxers from NI are usually from a nationalist background, or, like Frampton, placate the nats.
  12. Done it. Biggest pain in the arse. No chance of anything because the Police presence is suffocating. West Ham v Millwall with all the space around Queen Elizabeth Park could be interesting!
  13. Again, to me that's allowing others to hijack. The national team are 'owned' by the SFA, but they're supposed to represent Scotland as a football nation. Rangers are the biggest club in Scotland and Rangers should be represented in the stands. Imagine seeing Union Flags at Hampden for Scotland games!
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