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  1. Not sure what relevance your comments are? Unless I have got it wrong, the jist of this thread is about Alfie leaving to fulfill his ambitions, most likely in the EPL. I don’t think he has the maturity to deal with the attentions of EPL defenders week in week out. If you disagree fine, its all hypothetical unless/until he moves. Either way we should not be selling for less than £20M with a decent sell on clause.
  2. We know how he performed in Europe, but Europe is not the EPL. Do you think he has the tenperament to hack it in the EPL?
  3. He has a reputstion that defenders will play to. Until he sorts it he gas no chance. Anyway we should not be considering selling the top striker in Scotland . Get rid and we will be finishing behind Kilmarnock and Aberdeen next season.
  4. Do you honestly think he would stay on the pitch for 90 minutes against accompished defenders? He can’t handle the aggro he receives from cart horses at present.
  5. Alfredo is not good enough for the EPL. He may be good enough at the end of next season if he knuckles down and sorts his temperament. At present he would be lucky to complete 90 minutes in a season let alone a game.
  6. Not got a ticket for this but sounds draconian. What would they do if nobody turned up at 1030 and everyone arrived at 1145?
  7. Spot on. All to do with winning mentality. Ability to see out winning positions and snatch late winners. Sadly too msny of our team are lacking.
  8. Gents, shit day, feelings running high, get some sleep and make up 2moro
  9. andyhrfc

    Ryan Kent

    Correct. If we ranked the current squad in terms of players to retain for next season he would be up there behind Morelos.
  10. andyhrfc

    Ryan Kent

    Every player should be given a new thread but not a new thread every week. One thread will do.
  11. The usual drivel from the usual suspects after a dissapointing result.
  12. andyhrfc

    Ryan Kent

    Why do we need countless threads about the same topic? Surely it is easy to resurrect an existing thread? Not a go at the OP but a general issue on all topics.
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