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  1. Liverpool were shite today and got away with a point. United put in a performance and a draw was probably the right result. VAR in the spotlight again. Mane slight handball probably correct. Orgi foul not given, clear contact and would probably have been a penalty if in the box, but not a foul outside the box. Hmmmm......
  2. Needs to be some back to basics work for Tav. Contributes a lot going forward but a howler today on the back of a howler against Young Boys. Perhaps some under 6 coaching about “what to do with the ball when it is in a dangerous position” would help.
  3. Don’t think anyone would doubt that if he had to choose Liverpool over Rangers, Liverpool would win. Fortunately he chose Rangers over everyone else and we are reaping the benefits.
  4. Have we defo got the whole of the North Stand
  5. Hearts have their “initial allocation” of 17000 tickets on sale tomorrow. Expect we will only run with the usual split to start with, and it will be another week or more before we know if we will have the whole of the North (and maybe part of the East)?
  6. Hopefully so but most if not all of those there today won’t need converting. Missed the game and just had a look at the LFC TV recording. Painted a great picture of The Rangers and will have been watched by many more than the 30000 in the ground.
  7. Liverpool have sold 1000 tickets for the corner.
  8. Perfect weekend. Rangers win and 2 points clear. Liverpool win and 8 points clear. celtic lose, City lose, United lose and Everton lose.
  9. andyhrfc


    Liked the way Defoe was particularly effective when he dropped deeper and drew defenders out of position or had the opportunity to run into the box. Think there is an option against deep sitting defences to play Defoe in this deeper role with Morelos part of a front three, effectively a diamond front 4.
  10. If we are to win the League Cup it will no doubt be against them. The psychological significance of that win can't be underestimated.
  11. Plenty of caselaw. No problem in identifying this lot and what happened?
  12. Indeed, regardless of Tav not electing to punt the ball into row ZZ that shot should have been saved.
  13. Tav had an off night. To blame with both goals. Hopefully some honest conversations with Gerrard and we move on. SG really needs to look at alternative options at RB. Tav should be rested on Sunday.
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