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  1. Correct, talking about general admission prices. Point is they can charge whatever they like and people will still pay.
  2. Nobody wants to pay it but these are regular prices in the EPL. This is Old Firm and less than a thousand tickets to sell. Count ourselves lucky they would still sell out at £300 each.
  3. To be fair the best games at Anfield are midweek league cup games. Still sell out but not a tourist in sight. Far better atmosphere. Those who dream of Rangers playing in England or joining some sort of European league have to consider that the more successful a team becomes, the more tourists it attracts. Consider it a downside of success.
  4. Fanatical fans at Citeh. Can't even sell out against Spurs yesterday. Swathes of empty seats in the Citeh sections at Wembley against Liverpool. We pull in near 50000 for a Europa League qualifier against MiniTiddyLand. Citeh struggle to get 25000 for ChampIons League group games even with kids for £1. What a fanbase.
  5. Europa League group stages and a run through to final of the League Cup means we will need plenty of options if we are to achieve our number one objective of securing 55 without burn out by Christmas. If the opportunity arises bring Kent in.
  6. Ahh well lose one win one in penalty shoot outs this season, always nice to defeat the original plastics. To be fair Chelsea looked solid and should still be challenging for the top 4.
  7. Its a win-win or lose-lose situation! Hope it never happens in a competitive match.
  8. 4800 to each club, 20000 in the UEFA ballot and the rest to locals in Turkey.
  9. Big improvement on what we had before. Each person should be through in 3 or 4 seconds. Will be teething problems to start with, some cards not being activated and some people needing to understand that the idea is to get into the ground quickly and not piss around. Same system is used at Anfield and Old Trafford and they can get 30000 through the turnstiles in 15-20 minutes.
  10. Spot on. We will go behind in games but the opposition will know that we will come right back at them.
  11. Wrong. We welcome foreign support so they are happy spending their money in bars, feel safe making their way to Ibrox, and are able to enter the stadium safely with engaging police and stewards. Right. We don't wear half and half scarves. We make Ibrox loud and intimidating throughout. Make our opponents scared by the level of our support, make their players tremble in the pre match warm up.
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