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  1. andyhrfc

    Motherwell family section

    There must be other Bears on here who are going in the family section who could get their child to take a mate to help you out?
  2. Going nowhere. Massive challenge on a limited budget with fanatical fan base. End of.
  3. andyhrfc

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Broon with a lovely drop goal
  4. andyhrfc

    Emails out for extra Kilmarnock tickets

    Just logged in with Rangers number and away games sold out, link from the e-mail not working either
  5. andyhrfc

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Bet I don’t earn in a year what Rossiter has earned per hour he has played.
  6. andyhrfc

    Emails out for extra Kilmarnock tickets

    Was sold out whenI checked at 5
  7. andyhrfc


    Correct, too old and not good enough.
  8. andyhrfc

    Lucky Rangers...

    The biased mhedia will write whatever shite their readers demand. Let those with green tinted glasses enjoy the comfort zone of reading fairy tales about the big bad Rangers and how the mighty blue bear was slain by little Maribor.
  9. andyhrfc


    So everyone who has missed out with Killie and the sheep will be guaranteed for Motherwell.
  10. andyhrfc


    How many on the CCCS this season, anyone know?
  11. Promising start, but we are on a run of two games a week running up to the OF so will be interesting to see how Gerrard looks to rotate a few positions to keep players fresh as the season progresses. Hopefully we will remain on two games a week yntil the mid season break.
  12. andyhrfc

    Allan McGregor

    Correct. Excellent double save. If he wears the badge and makes the save he gets the applause.
  13. andyhrfc

    Croats Kicking Off

    Freya’s laptop, phone, desktop could provide some very telling information to assist polisscotland. Will it will be examined? Seems a really good line of enquiry.
  14. Best set up since 2011? Yes. Will it be enough to win a trophy? Hopefully. For me it is how Gerrard copes with reverses. We could win tonight and beat the sheep and get carried away. It won’t mean that we are going to win the league. We could go out tonight and lose to the sheep and win the league. Equally it is how Gerrard responds tactically when it isn’t working and we go behind
  15. andyhrfc

    Any bother today?

    Looks like a very minor skirmish. I live 14 miles from Wigan and never known the pie eaters to ever have anything resembling a firm. File under innocuous irrelevance and close the case.