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  1. Got one. Going to Madrid.
  2. Has to stay another season. If he does and stays on the pitch he will hit 40 goals and we will celebrate 55. Then we can sell him for £25 million.
  3. Good work by the UBs but BF1 has maybe 700 seats. What we need next the other 49000 home fans to create an atmosphere week in week out. Don’t rely on the UBs. We can do it against celtic, lets do it every game.
  4. The Club needs to continue standing up to the corruption and open bias displayed by those in positions of influence be they on the pitch, in the media or the SFA. I am not suggesting that JF has not committed an offence, but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. In any other league all teams would be treated equally with incorrect refereeing decisions balancing out over a season. Not in Scotland. This is what happens when those that despise our club permeate every position of influence possible.
  5. We need to get the atmosphere going for every game next season. Ok you won’t get an OF atmosphere against St Johnstone on a wet Tuesday in November but our typical home atmosphere against lower teams is 10% of an OF atmosphere at best. And it is by and large the same fans in the ground so we can do it when we put our minds to it. Time to make Ibrox a wall of noise for every game. Oh and keep timothy in the corner.
  6. The fact that we are talking about ifs and buts is proof in itself that we are not far off. You don’t talk about what ifs when you are 20 points adrift.
  7. If, We don’t lose Kent and Morelos, and we get 2 or 3 decent signings in, and we fuck 3 or 4 duffers off, and Alfredo sorts his head out, and Stevie learns from and builds on his first season, and we learn how to deal with the sheep, and plastic pitches in Ayrshire, then we will be looking at a treble. Show the same level of commitment in every game next season,
  8. Fine margins. If Jack had made better contact at the girodome and hit the net, and we had held out we would be sitting top with one to play We have clearly improved. Next season we improve again, maybe by 10 points over the season. 55 is coming soon.
  9. andyhrfc

    Ryan Kent

    Kent has improved significantly this season, Can he get better at Ibrox or will he need to move to continue his development? Think this is the key. If we show the ambition to secure 55 in the summer he will stay.
  10. Cheers. They put the season ticket returns out to members ( like our secondary ticketing). Sell out in literally seconds.
  11. Got one last year from the ballot and another from an Arsenal fan who got one in the UEFA ballot. The UEFA ballot is a farce, 4000 tickets with 250000 applicants! Most of these get touted.
  12. If you don’t ask you have no chance. Got about a 1 in 8 shout in the ballot. Need to be a member to apply for tickets. They do two sales in July and November for each half of the season. I am guaranteed tickets because I have a high number of credits from the previous season.
  13. 17000 to each club from 63000 capacity. Liverpool will allocate them to those with 7 credits (all homes and at least 1 away which is 5000), 5000 to players and sponsors leaving 7000 for those with 6 homes (about 42000). I have got all 6 homes. Would be nice if they gave me credit for all the Rangers homes and two Rangers aways. 😁
  14. Couple of us will be going to the Champions League Final. Anyone coming across anyone selling tickets please give me a shout.
  15. On a slightly more serious note, a couple of us will be going to the final, probably without tickets so anyone coming across any tickets please give me a shout.
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