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  1. Avoid Wolves, United, Inter, Roma, Seville, Basel. After that not arsed.
  2. Fat Lady not singing yet, but. Lets just calm down, pump Hearts, wipe the floor with Accies and see where we are this time next week. Never say never.
  3. Even they recognise the perils of sitting next to this cunt.
  4. The only downside is timothy has a free week before the Ibrox OF. But successful teams like us will deal with fixture congestion.
  5. Not ashamed at watching the last 20 minutes on BT. Worth my subscription in one evening.
  6. You never ever no what this week might do for their confidence.
  7. andyhrfc


    I suspect that he is presently just off London Road.
  8. Only at celtic park can you have lines of stewards separating the home fans from the home fans. Truly a club like no other.
  9. andyhrfc


    I was going to give the OP the benefit of the doubt but surely anyone starting a thread would be in a position to respond to any comments made. Must be elsewhere.
  10. Threads like this need deleting. Whatever may or may not have been sung should not be discussed in a public forum. Anyone naive enough to think that those in positions of power don’t look at the content of the main Rangers’ forums need a wake up call.
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