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  1. The problem is with the silent majority who have stood by and let things progressively worsen over the last 40 years. As they say, you never realize what you had until it is gone. Complacency for years on end whilst those of a different persuasion were sticking to their plan and gradually infiltrating every nook and cranny and taking control. Bit like horse weed taking over a garden, very difficult to eradicate once it is established.
  2. Social distancing from all away grounds should be the norm until we get rid of the virus that is corrupting our game.
  3. Awesome with a full stadium backing and going on for several minutes.
  4. Proper footballer, hit them hard where it hurts.
  5. Wonder if they might consider some sort of deposit or first payment to secure renewals, and then make a full charge when we know what sort of season we may be facing?
  6. What do you expect him to say, he was brought up and played in Liverpool? He can't come on and claim to have had been brought up in Glasgow and looked out for every Rangers' result since he was 5. Now that would be a crock of shite. What he can do is draw parallels from his own experience of life in a similar city with a club playing at a similarly iconic stadium. The man doesn't always get it right and has a lot to learn, but he was brought up on passion and the passion associated with Rangers was certainly a key factor in his decision to move north.
  7. I was at one or two of the games. Here is a link from a FF discussion of the same topic. https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/low-ibrox-crowds-in-the-70’s-80s.64696/page-2
  8. Yes the odd ones, not regularly as you mention. Have a look at some of the old records. Here is one link. As for the tarriers they managed plenty of sub 10000 crowds and that was their official figures! http://www.fitbastats.com/Rangers/club_records_league_attendance.php
  9. Time for a "Bring back Pedro all is forgiven thread"😉
  10. Weird those days. We all remember the good days and a lot of good days there were. But compared to now: We used to take loads every where ever we went and packed out other clubs'grounds with crowds they could only dream of today and.... We were superb in the big games, atmosphere far better than now, but..... Unlike today where we sell out every league game, we had crowds of less than 10000, yes less than 10000 for some less attractive games. So looks like we had a much more bipolar fanbase then, incredible in the big games and nowhere to be seen in the shite games. Now we just plod along somewhere in the middle.
  11. Another rinse and repeat thread.
  12. Seriously thinking about calling it a day if it comes in in the manner suggested. The Club needs to think very carefully. Money from the entitled few will not keep the boat afloat for long if the majority are left feeling totally disaffected.
  13. Cheers mate, if it goes ahead in that format it will be a totally closed shop, will be an elite club of 900 or so who will retain full entitlement for everything.
  14. Right gents, this membership, what the fuck is this all about? Are we paying extra to stay on the CCCS for aways or is it something that will be needed by non ST holders to apply for home tickets?
  15. Tarriers must be rubbing their hands. No football and nothing better to do so Bears are ripping shreds out of Bears all over this forum. Get to grips lads.
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