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  1. FFS why the discussion about Rangers affiliation with other teams, in this case Sheff W or Sheff U? Not arsed which team other fans support or which team Rangers fans follow as a second team (as long as they don't wear green (Plymouth Argyle is the exception), so put this discussion to bed, as long as someone supports the Bears I am not arsed.
  2. Reminder for anyone in the North West of England who is interested to get down to Southport tomorrow for the Liverpool Orange Lodges parades .
  3. How about a Rangers Media vs Rangers game. If we (Rangers Media) select our strongest team it may get embarrassing for us (Rangers) so I suggest a Rangers Media Select Over 40s Legends 11 vs Pedro's finest, think this would be fair and give us / we the best chance going into the season. I am claiming the left midfield slot.
  4. Anyone of us on here would do for starters, prepared to die for the cause. A Rangers Media select would have probably got through tonight.
  5. Times have moved on but there is a precedence from another team (allegedly) from Glasgow back in 1966 at Anfield. I am told by elders that the powers that be took no action about this particular incident. Then again we were throwing life threatening paper balls so expect the worst.
  6. I would hope that UEFA adopt a sensible approach with this one. A few kids having a bit of misdirected fun has to be balanced with the massive PR exercise we did for UEFA by turning out 50000 in June.
  7. Sadly some of our fans need to realise the consequences of their actions no matter how inconsequential those actions may seem. This has been going on for years after every card display without issue but this is Europe and we need to learn.
  8. Watched him tonight against fifth rate defenders, looked slow and unimaginative. Time to move on.
  9. Not sure how much Niko really wants it. He can blow hot or cold, need him to want it, need him to feel the passion and the desire. Jury out at the moment, it is one thing putting in 60 minutes against a team of part timers, can he put in 90 minutes when the heat is on?
  10. Was in BR5 and did likewise, got 28. Also counted 20 stewards and 4 polis. As stated above, they must have felt like complete knobs.
  11. If anyone is interested have a look at the construction of the Anfield main stand, similar use of a massive truss, some similarities with the red brick facia. The Bill Struth really was in a league of its own when originally constructed and the addition of the Club Deck like other aspects of the redevelopment at Ibrox was groundbreaking.
  12. There will be a significant number of the 24000 in the CCCS who can't make it and haven't passed their tickets on.
  13. Everyone should have a smartcard to do away with the queues. I imagine if we keep selling out they will badge this up as a membership scheme of sorts, either way it needs sorting. The club would cover the cost of cards with the money saved in postage.
  14. Stolen from the Ibrox archives thread but sums up Thursday night, the only show in town.
  15. Another block on sale now in BF5.