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  1. andyhrfc

    Killie game almost sold out

    In Germany, that’s two more empty seats.
  2. andyhrfc

    Semi final allocation

    SFA probably told then to sell tickets in each section to avoid us getting more tickets. Nothing that those bitter, twisted clowns surprises me.
  3. andyhrfc

    Semi final allocation

    Indeed, error on my part, which gives us just the one attempt at an attendance (9000) to base our judgement of their support and their bleetings about ticket allocation
  4. andyhrfc

    Semi final allocation

  5. andyhrfc

    Semi final allocation

    They managed 9000 against St Midden and 11000 against hibs in their two home League Cup games. What the fuck are they complaining about? They have an allocation which is significantly larger than their best support in this competition. We have an allocation that is significantly smaller than our crowd against Ayr.
  6. andyhrfc

    Semi final allocation

    All this because shitty Hampdump can’t manage to invest in bar code readers to scan the tickets. Fucking embarrassment of a national stadium.
  7. andyhrfc

    Semi final allocation

    Anyone know how many the sheep have sold? I have loyalty points, maybe I should buy the rest of their allocation and get more Bears into Hampden.
  8. andyhrfc

    Safe Standing

    The seat is what you sit on at half time.
  9. andyhrfc

    Hullo Hullo.

  10. andyhrfc

    We’re on our way

    It is an ingerland song but it is catchy and galvanises support, the longer it continues to be sung the better we are doing.
  11. andyhrfc

    Semi final allocation

    Rant 1 How many national stadiums still have a little man sitting in a kiosk ripping the end off the ticket? Diabolical that they cannot process bar codes with the knock on effect that they can’t issue duplicates and hence the £7 special delivery. Rant 2 Why the fuck can’t the ticket office post multiple tickets to one address in one special delivery? Rant 3 Sheep should be getting around 8000 tickets with us getting the rest. Why the fuck should they have fans who may have not been to a match all season getting semi tickets whilst we have regular fans missing out?
  12. andyhrfc

    Semi Final Ticket Prices and RSC dates.

    They will have known the minimum number of tickets (21000) since the draw was made so they could have done an initial ballot almost immediatly with e-mails out for those successful. Further ballots could then have followed if and when additional tickets became available.
  13. andyhrfc

    Scottish Sun Disgrace

    Dont buy the s*n simple as. Don't open any online articles linked to the s*n.
  14. We are a steadily improving improving team. We will continue to improve as the season progresses with perhaps some new faces to freshen things up in January. We have played 20 games and have been genuinely poor in 2 . If the next OF at Ibrox was at the weekend I would expect us to win. Not said that in a long time.
  15. andyhrfc

    Joe Worrall.

    Don’t think rotation was an issue. Man for man we had a much stronger team than Livi. Attitude and tactics are the reason we lost. Which ever 11 turn out you expect them to be giving 100%. I could tell in the first five minutes that it was going to be one of those days. Piss poor attitude from the start.