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  1. Chucking the season when THEY are playing shite

    Dundee, Hamiton, Partick Thistle and St Johnstone, If we’d been half decent we’d be top by now. For there’s not a team..... Sickening
  2. You could start and give it your best 5 minutes and then be subbed, would still be more than some gave this afternoon.
  3. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Will take any sort of win to keep the momentum up. Need the crowd to keep of the players backs.
  4. Loved that result last night

    Being amongst their support was never going to be easy, but the restraint that had to be shown with our two goals was more than compensated for by the pleasure in seeing every contorted expression on their faces. Truly obnoxious hate filled mhob. All clothes in the wash due to a particularly vitriolic frothing spoon burner on the row behind.
  5. This concerns every single one of us....

    Thanks OP, card will be in the post tomorrow.
  6. Since the tarriers won at ibrox

    We are shite bit are remarkably close considering. All goes to show that we are not far off being in a position to challenge. If we had got a draw against them at Ibrox and managed a couple of wins from the Kilmarnock, Partick, Dundee and Hamilton games then we would be top. Just need to knuckle down and keep winning and increase the pressure on them. Four wins before the OF is achievable, if we do it who knows what could happen.
  7. Not bad considering

    Indeed there is, sadly weighed down by excess blubber and lethargic as fuck. Needs to sort himself out and start ripping the arse out of the opposition.
  8. Junkies vs Rangers

    Also in the home end, loads of us struggling for tickets and not chancing turning up early by the buses on the off chance someone is waving a ticket in the air.
  9. All teams sometimes struggle against so called lesser lights. Getting 3 points in these sorts of games is what’s important. Character building. Bring on the hivs.
  10. Killie and Tarriers Payment.

    Lightning struck twice hurray!
  11. There shiity allocation is even more frustrating when you are sat in their end because you missed out. Need at least 4000.
  12. UB v Aberdeen.

    The UBs are not to everyone’s liking but they are doing their bit in BF1. What are the rest of us doing at Ibrox? If you don’t like the UBs then get off your arses and start singing rather than moaning.
  13. Would we accept a 3 year turnaround plan?

    If we don’t do something drastic they will be well into double figures in a row.
  14. F*** The Board.

    If Aberdeen sold 43000 STs and played in front if 50000 fans we would be able to say that they were streets ahead of us in terms of revenue and it would be no surprise that they were streets ahead of us in the League. But we all know we are the ones with the fanbase and the revenue but also the ones with incompetence from the board, management and players. Put a Rangers Media 11 out against Dundee or Hamilton and we would have done no worse. Criminal levels of underperforming from all concerned.