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  1. Clarke v Murty

    Clarke had a big bust up with Brenda at Liverpool. I imagine he would love the opportunity to take him down a few notches. Clarke’s record is outstanding at Killie given the resources at his disposal.
  2. Bot bad from Chelsae apart from the opening.
  3. On to tomorrow, Besiktas Bayern is a foregone conclusion. Fancy Chelsea to produce a defensive masterclass and go through 1-0 with a break away goal.
  4. Brenda would certainly like us to believe that.
  5. Was at Old Trafford on Saturday and talking to Utd fans they thought that they put all their eggs in one basket against Liverpool. Looked jaded tonight. Shit weekend for me with two defeats and a bollocking of the mrs for going to two games but a bit of a smile tonight.
  6. Gerrard and Rodgers don’t see eye to eye.
  7. Fuckin made up, bye bye Utd and probably bye bye Moaniniho.
  8. 2m a year & an under 20s novice - the difference

    Then as said elsewhere we should have a plan to play against 10 men who have only 1 up front. We only need 2 centrebacks and 1 of rhe full backs against 1 striker.
  9. 2m a year & an under 20s novice - the difference

    Correct, go to 3-5-2 and stretch them across the park in the middle allowing Morelos and Cummings to expoit the gaps and leaving 3 at the back to nullify their 1 up front.
  10. Best chance to beat them?

    Let’s just leave beating them to the semi, neutral territory, no bias ( unless they claim it’s not fair cos we get a hundred or so more tickets because the West end is slightly bigger).
  11. Morelos

    Put Morelos and Cummings in together. Should have happened on 67 minutes yesterday as part of a 3-5-2.
  12. Police Yesterday

    Nae problem, tried to balance my pished posts with something more eloquent.
  13. Police Yesterday

    Having attended numerous high profile games in England where policing is generally firm but fair, it is clear that the police in Scotland have a totally different agenda when it comes to Rangers. An agenda that is totally disproportionate to mitigating any notional threat and risk posed by Rangers fans and more to do with being the operational arm that enforces the will of the political decision makers.
  14. No problem, just coming down from the “how the fuck did we lose that phase”, into the “ lets roll them over next time phase”.
  15. There is no such thing as as a dead rubber against them.