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  1. I offically hate TNA soo crap WWE miles better than that crap
  2. Missed out going to it sold out everyone says it was amazing
  3. I have never liked vicky she's a pain in the arse with that voice
  4. Yeh a no what u mean attitude era was the best granted cm punk and ceba are amazing but you can't beat undertaker
  5. Lol but the attitude era was the best not now fandango he can't even wrestle put him in the ring with undertaker and you would see him run screaming like a bitch
  6. A wish they would get rid of aj lee she's a creep the attitude era was way better The Rock Undertaker and a lot more
  7. Wwe was better in 2001 till 2006 now its not the same all the wrestlers are crap apart from some
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