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  1. My head is in my hands already in it haha
  2. Hyndman looked lost. Waste of a jersey today
  3. The slowest front 3 of all time. in his defence he has a limited choice of dross to select from
  4. Maybe just me, but I thought dodoo was atrocious when he came on. Hard to pick out a performance in our team right enough.
  5. Haha brilliant. I did think what a copy when I seen that guy's username 😂👍🏻
  6. I'm sure he would drop from 100k a week (or more) to 8-10k a week.
  7. This would be outstanding
  8. Quarry is best shout and you'll get in no problem although will be mobbed during the game. 20s club is members only. Linn o dee has been gone for a good few years now.
  9. Tragic. RIP big guy
  10. Obanlad won it or drew it?
  11. No way 10 mill plus. Quarter of that possibly. Hate to be negative but unless some big signings can't see us getting past 2nd, 3rd round of qualifying. The fact we will be unseeded and some of the teams mentioned on a post here makes it extremely tricky.
  12. All the best Ugo
  13. Cringe - they don't even attempt to hide their bias
  14. Galatasaray and PSV, has their leagues dropped as low as ours to be in that round?
  15. Bad enough bumping another fan blatantly, but then throwing into the mix the celine Dione part