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  1. Get it back ok then mate?
  2. 2010 when we went there as champions. They didn't give us a guard of honour. Funny how that's not mentioned in the mhedia...
  3. Fod is a decent enough goalie/backup albeit not as good as McGregor. You do wonder how low his confidence will be aside from the obvious lack of match sharpness. As others said though, half decent performance might crank up a slight fee for him in the summer
  4. Horrible to see anyone like this never mind a legend/former captain. Good luck fernando
  5. True 're Gordon. No surprise there though. What was the shagger thinking. Madness.
  6. Still nothing re Motherwell fans which infuriates me.
  7. Anyone know the formation? Praying jig isn't at the back of he must play.
  8. Couple pm'd me about spares mate. Daleger and XXV. U shud try them.
  9. Anyone know of any lodges or whatever in Forfar u might b able to grab a beer in beforehand?
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