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  1. Friendlies are boring and utter shite, unless they are away somewhere
  2. He's played for 2 clubs in his career, hardly a "Journeyman"
  3. So your saying players should be booked for taking a throw in then, fs 😂
  4. Fuckin watch me applaud him, up the volunteers
  5. gets booked more than he scores
  6. Don't really see what he does
  7. Had another good game last night by the looks of things
  8. Got abuse in BF2 for sayin he was a bead rattling prick, daft bird infront "he played for us 3 times" he couldn't wait tai fuck off tai turkey 2nd time nd should had never have been offered a 3rd chance, wank of a guy
  9. LeeWallace5


    Any of there players would have went in on ours, was pathetic
  10. LeeWallace5


    Criminal not takin rogic out
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