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  1. You honestly think we could go out and sign a player like Laudrup, Arveladze or Caniggia?
  2. Barrie McKay is a wee wank and had us over a barrel, we had to sell him
  3. Was a fuckin spear, fuck the pope
  4. He wasn't worthy of being top earner at the club based on his performances for us though. He had us over a barrel and put us in a position where we had to sell
  5. Hope we included a sell on fee, boy has massive potential
  6. Hope the rat signs for Rotherham or some shite so I never here about him again
  7. Awful player
  8. I'm more concerned that waghorn is wearing a Rangers shirt
  9. Don't kid yourself on mate, both of them are clueless duds
  10. "Transitions and zones" this guys just a foreign Warburton
  11. Pape
  12. Pure and utter shitebag of a player
  13. Get Waghorn to fuck, fat useless cunt
  14. Shutup meg
  15. Fuckin hell what a grim 5 years they were