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  1. When they deserve it and he deserves the criticism levelled at him. He sits in the RC studios taking a wage and not doing a damned thing to stand up to the lies and anti Rangers hyperbole peddled on that taig infested platform. He has been called an Uncle Tom and that is exactly what he is. He is as much.an Abassador for Rangers as I am for sturgeon or corbyn.
  2. Bruno Alves.

    I agree he's been rotten rotten for us and I don't like Ronaldo much either, but I've got them to come through the stages and if I lose my bet because of your negative waves ...
  3. New kit delay ?

    Netherlands tops surely?
  4. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Oh furfuxake! I can't be doing with a day like this. Decent weather, got a decent win in the bookies, got ma Nat King Cole and a call telling me I've got a new job. Fucking best day ever
  5. Scummy piece of filth Davie Cooper song

    Bit strong that mate, surely calling him a filthy wee fenian cunt would be more the right level?
  6. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Hold on, our board have actually done something right? Fuuuuuuuck! Next thing you'll be telling me that God, Jesus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa are all real.
  7. sfa bigot exposed

    I'm a lazy cunt when.it comes to the garden.
  8. down-to-a-tee

    Seriously? pcbear if you at least give us a clue what they are listed as then maybe if any of us gave a fuck we could help you but what are you expecting miracles?
  9. My wee boy knows the score

    Didn't want to damage the new car?
  10. How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    Up until 2005 I walked, only lived in Clifford Street at Cessnock, after that I moved to Cardonald and while It's still walkable if I leave it a bit late I just jump a bus straight along PRW.
  11. sfa bigot exposed

    Most of the time you're right, especially If the smartly dressed hasn't taken the tag off the suit, you know It's going straight back to Matalan after his court case is finished, whereas the clatty looking one is coming home from a hard shift doing hard work and is allowed to look clatty. #clattybearsloyal
  12. Pressure from taigs

    He was the primary bridge builder not the only one.
  13. BBC the impartial broadcasters

    You mean there will be trouble and it be blamed on us even when the cctv shows hoop clad mongos lobbing bricks and bottles at any and all Rangers fans aged 13 and under.
  14. Europa League first qualifier - seeding list

    Or a chance to prove that lightning can and does strike twice in the same place.
  15. Europa League first qualifier - seeding list

    The perfect draw for us would be the Welsh team Connah's Quay Nomads. Surely we should be able to beat a team of Welsh minnows? There are plenty of teams in that list who could beat us and I'm not just meaning Progres. There is a lot of buzz about Gerrard new look Rangers squad but let's be honest there was similar buzz about Warburton's and Caixinha's squads and look what happened there. If we can reach the group stage then I'd consider that a big sign of progress for our club.