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  1. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    The fucking thought police have eventually arrived. The snp will find another way to fuck us over.
  2. Follow Follow alarm clock

    Fuck but that's so cheap and tacky and will probably last as long as Jordan Rossiter.
  3. Could we see another of these?

    I thought they did, oh well. My biggest worry is that the game won't be played bcause of the weather, bound to be ore THUNDERSNOW on the way.
  4. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Please God not the Brady bunch again, cheating cunts.
  5. Mental Referee

    What gets me is the ref having a kick at the player. What a fucking cunt.
  6. Sun scum

    Ah, fair enough, can't have a go at you for that as I do a fair bit of moaning too.
  7. Four pages, who's got the time to look. #lazycuntsloyal
  8. Sun scum

    So why come onto to a thread like this?
  9. Sun scum

    I've always said It's good to know what shite is being about our club. Bloody pisses me off a lot of the time but It's better to know.
  10. Sun scum

    It's just along the A666 from Brigadoon.
  11. Rancid BBC

    What? Who?
  12. Our squad

    Just be thankful they aren't calling him Yakatori and why do people have a problem with Morelos, It's not that difficult.
  13. Puma hoodies

    Aye, king's a pure prick. Mike Ashley might be the anti-Christ for some fans but at least he knows how to make a few quid out of selling sports clothing.
  14. Rangers Scotsman Forums

    Which brew are you referring to? The vile poisonous buckfast you see so many of them guzzle, wifebeater, thunderbird, mad og, but I'll tell you what, you better not mean benefits because not everyone receiving them is a workshy taig bastard.