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  1. big blue Fin

    Reserve match today

    May possibly be good to give the youngster a chance on Wednesday night, even if only for twenty or thirty minutes.
  2. big blue Fin

    Battle of Arnhem

    The Dutch know what it is to respect the fallen, something which is sadly lacking in Britain in general but particularly in Scotland.
  3. I think SG will make a few changes to rest players obviously and get a chance to run the rule over others who are coming back to match fitness. I wouldn't let Sadiq anywhere near the pitch until we're at least two or three up as I am not in the least convinced that he has the necessary talent, so far can't see what Roma see in him. Middleton and Grezda could have a chance to shine in this game.
  4. big blue Fin

    Battle of Arnhem

    Understandable when you know what Arnhem went through during Market Garden.
  5. big blue Fin


    What amuses me is when they have a taig dimbo donating €20 on a Rangers stream and when they actually rip the piss out the taigs for being less loyal to their club than we are to ours, even they're beginning to pick up on them being obsessed.
  6. big blue Fin

    5 goals

    I know It's early in the season but this team is looking like they could carry on with this form and actually get the league and maybe the domestic treble. Gerrard has brought a belief into the dressing room which was missing during Caixinha's time and McCoist's too and was only there for the first of Warburton's seasons. Let's go get 55, 56, 57, 58 and 59 under Gerrard and see if stay for a few more before he gets snapped up by Liverpool.
  7. big blue Fin

    Gerrard has Brendan rattled...

    What do you expect from a yes voting fan, common sense?
  8. big blue Fin


    Don't do that, just donate them a Euro and tell them off.
  9. big blue Fin


    I almost feel sorry for Dundee, then I remember it's a yes voting hotspot.
  10. big blue Fin


    To be fair the RTV footage wasn't clear at the Morelos goal, but as I've said before you should have seen or rather heard them at the start of the season they were far worse, and the Marcus Tavernier could be excused as they'd been talking about Tav wanting to play alongside his brother. Just wish they'd shut the fuck up about Flanagan's history with his girlfriend, every fucking time they mention it.
  11. big blue Fin


    They are actually being complimentary towards us but somehow still managed to remind us that the taigs beat us a few weeks back. Not questioning the penalty?
  12. big blue Fin


    It's good to have something to fall back on when the day job goes wrong.
  13. big blue Fin


    Ma Maws muff tastes of chicken. That had me rolling around.
  14. big blue Fin


    The two Middlesbrough lads who stream the games on YouTube talk more sense than the spurtscene pundits.
  15. big blue Fin


    Probably needs a pish.