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  1. big blue Fin

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Hope he gets a good turn out and everyone going has a good day. Better than watching the tartan trannies play anyway.
  2. big blue Fin

    Scottish Cup on Premier Sports

    That'll do for me.
  3. big blue Fin

    Big Jock Knew

    Just had to...
  4. big blue Fin

    Big Jock Knew

    Don't mention your arse, we all know how many of the mhankies guest the site might get them all hot and bothered.
  5. big blue Fin


    Looks like you may be alone now.
  6. big blue Fin

    Big Jock Knew

    Exactly, what type of crime is worse, a wee bit of financial jiggery pokery or a bit of wee bhoy bhuggery? And what do they use as a defence? celtic boys club was a separate entity??????? A separate entity which they proceeded to have an extremely intimate relationship with over the years. When you have a club assisting a "separate entity" financially, logistically, with coaching not to mention PR and advertising then it really does raise the question in what way were they separate entities? I am disgusted by the way this shithole of a country is run these days.
  7. big blue Fin

    Big Jock Knew

    Just saying is all.
  8. big blue Fin

    Motherless tactics

    McHugh knew exactly what he was doing the way he went down with his arm raised, even the wee teuchter house elf on spurtscene could see it was a penalty. Stevie Wonder could see it was a penalty but Michael Stewart, "never a penalty his hand was raised but there was no intent", fucking knob gobbler.
  9. big blue Fin

    Big Jock Knew

    Well It's better than the taigs repertoire of "yous ur deid" repeated ad infinitum.
  10. big blue Fin

    Best referee all season

    Stewart being a cunt, any excuse to have a go at us and he'll shamelessly pick it.
  11. big blue Fin

    Best referee all season

    Stewart is a greeting faced wee knob who seems to genuinely loathe us and the number of times he tries to find excuses for opposition players against us is a joke. McHugh committed two fouls on Morelos both of which were due a booking, when he went down in the box with his arm raised and handled the ball he made the referee's job easy, penalty and a booking without a doubt.
  12. big blue Fin

    Andy Halliday

    100% in agreement with you. Halliday has been playing very well certainly better than Flannagan and has played well where ever he's been put on the pitch.
  13. big blue Fin

    Andy Gray

    Bluenosed to the core.
  14. What baws? They lost them with the 5th goal.
  15. Obviously thought Motherwell had had enough.