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  1. 141 Years Ago Today.

    Curious that isn't it. You wouldn't want kicked by those boots.
  2. European qualification

    I thought it was just me.
  3. European qualification

    So long as we don't get put out by a team like progres niederkorn again.
  4. 141 Years Ago Today.

    Pity it was before cameras, I'd loved to have seen some photos with the article Other than that an interesting look back into our history, proving that since the earliest days of football there has been a need for VAR.
  5. Bates out up to 6 weeks

    Well that's us fucked then unless Alves or Cardoso get their act together very quickly, and I don't hold out much hope for that. I hope it really is only six weeks he's out.
  6. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    Not entirely, I've seen the taigs go down to ten men a few times in the past and then play better for the rest of the game. Every game swings on ifs, buts, and maybes.
  7. The going rate for over exuberance!

    Good but should be harsher, because of his continuing bad behaviour.
  8. Media in vandalism cover up Its not toilets

    Well they don't wear blue do they? Although It's hard to tell the colours as they so rarely get washed.
  9. DJ called up to the Welsh national team

    Good point, had managed to forget that cunt.
  10. DJ called up to the Welsh national team

    At least he won't be booed just because he plays for Rangers.
  11. Why bigotry is a good thing

    I already knew the true meaning of the word, but thanks for trying to educate those in our support who didn't pass English.
  12. Media in vandalism cover up Its not toilets

    Just people wearing green clothes?
  13. OBFA to be scrapped

    Shouldn't that read "Offensive Behaviour by ALL Rangers Fans Bill"? That cunt is too stupid to be allowed to exist.
  14. What could you buy for 5p in 1971 & 1972 ?

    Old English Spangles
  15. Daniel Candeias

    Excellent news, he's played great for us .