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  1. Cheating refs helping the filth

    Someone who is so fucking bored they'd rather watch Motherwell than an English Cup Semi.
  2. For whom the bell tolls

    True, what went before was nothing special, but king has turned us into even more of a joke than we were under McCoist's management. We are not currently listed on the stock exchange, king can't afford £11,000,000 to pay for shares when he promised multiple millions to rebuild the club, he is considered toxic by people who might have been willing to invest because of his tax fraud conviction from South Africa, he made promises to the fans of this club and in doing so pulled so much wool over some people's eyes that many of our support appear to still have their head firmly inserted in a sheep's rectum. king is a chancer who deprived this club of much needed money at a time when we could least afford to be starved of it. So you'll excuse me when I say we don't owe him anyngratitude whatsoever, instead we owe him a torch waving pitchfork brandishing mob to run him and his pet murray out of Ibrox under pain of lynching. I've read lots of your posts on various sites and I know you love the Rangers but in this, respectfully, as my dad used to tell me, "your heid's fu o broken bottles."
  3. Murty should be let go now.

    How can he, he's managing Kilmarnock not fucking Barcelona.
  4. For whom the bell tolls

    What exactly did they rescue us from and doesn't the damage they did to the club while practising their hostile takeover not contribute to the mess we're currently in? I will never forgive dave king for his involvement in weakening Rangers to such an extent that it will be years until serious investors see this club as a potential opportunity.
  5. Too many handwringers

    Regardless of his scoring against us, he was one of us, and he still has a fondness for Ibrox. When things are as bad as they seem to be then sometimes all you can do is laugh. It doesn't mean they're happy with it.
  6. Board Out

    I was one of those being shouted down and I hate being proven right when it means my club is struggling like this. All because brainless bastards trusted and believed king. I don't give a fuck if we being in a one legged, one eyed, gay, Muslim with alzheimers so long as he's got a few billion quid to spend on the Rangers.
  7. The table

    After today I could do with a table to hide beneath.
  8. The Cheap/Exotic Experiments

    King's imaginary £30 million?
  9. 141 Years Ago Today.

    Curious that isn't it. You wouldn't want kicked by those boots.
  10. European qualification

    I thought it was just me.
  11. European qualification

    So long as we don't get put out by a team like progres niederkorn again.
  12. 141 Years Ago Today.

    Pity it was before cameras, I'd loved to have seen some photos with the article Other than that an interesting look back into our history, proving that since the earliest days of football there has been a need for VAR.
  13. Bates out up to 6 weeks

    Well that's us fucked then unless Alves or Cardoso get their act together very quickly, and I don't hold out much hope for that. I hope it really is only six weeks he's out.
  14. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    Not entirely, I've seen the taigs go down to ten men a few times in the past and then play better for the rest of the game. Every game swings on ifs, buts, and maybes.
  15. The going rate for over exuberance!

    Good but should be harsher, because of his continuing bad behaviour.