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  1. big blue Fin

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    So long as that place is a mass grave pit then I'm in complete agreement.
  2. big blue Fin

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    They may well be correct.
  3. big blue Fin

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    This isn't a Pena thread, it's a Morelos thread.
  4. big blue Fin

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    Apathy like this has led to those cunts being allowed to get away this type of behaviour.
  5. big blue Fin

    Strange people within our support

    Are you BP9 In disguise?
  6. big blue Fin

    League Cup Semis

    Nothing wrong with a pair of warm balls coming close to Autumn after all.
  7. big blue Fin

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Well I suppose they have to claim to have some sort of integrity. Still a fucking lie all the same.
  8. big blue Fin

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Nanoseconds of doubt don't count Sparkle, only if you can go a whole day forgetting about them then It's time to refresh the memory.
  9. big blue Fin

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    For anyone else like me and @Ferris Bueller who follows a team in the AFC West Here are the highlights from the games involving the Chargers and the Chiefs The bookies reckoned the Steelers would beat the Chiefs, shows what bookies know.
  10. big blue Fin

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    My mate is a Raiders fan and he was worried about going to Mile High. After the first half I was worried too. Case Keenum is not the answer to Denver's QB problems.
  11. big blue Fin

    Rangers: Tactical Analysis

    Nothing stopping them revisiting his tactics in a few years, hopefully after he's led us to 10 in a row and a European trophy.
  12. big blue Fin

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Being a Broncos fan is tough.
  13. big blue Fin

    Tops Available From 20th September?

    We'll be lucky at this rate if the shirts are on sale in time for Christmas.
  14. big blue Fin

    White socks at home

    So long as we win I don't care if we go out wearing bright yellow and pink candy striped shirts, pink shorts and yellow and pink socks.
  15. big blue Fin

    Rangers scarf in the coffin

    My grandparents were buried with their lodge sashes back in the 1970s, my dad with his Masonic regalia and my mum with her old Rangers scarf dating back to the 50s. When It's my time I'll probably just get burned at the stake for being another person who dared to vote NO!