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  1. big blue Fin

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    Unlike Lennon and O'Halloran who kneel for the priest's boaby.
  2. big blue Fin

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    I'm showing my age, just hit 53, can't drink the way I used to though😂 He was a brilliant player another Protestant who ended up playing for the evil bastards.
  3. big blue Fin

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    Fair enough, but he was a hell of a good player for Liverpool regardless of his time at the home of Scottish paedophilia. Gerrard is talking a lot of sense, a lot more than we've had from recent managers or stand ins. Against my better judgement I'm starting to get hopeful again.
  4. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    I never know what that cunt's thinking, I'll stick with mad Boris.
  5. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    It was the anniversary of my uncle's death. I wanted to commemorate all the regiments, ships etc., my various uncles, dad and grandfathers served in both in WW1 and WW2. There's a fair few and only three are German, he was first though. I take it you have no objection to my current avatar?
  6. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    Hey. I might be bad but at least I don't like the snp or the ira. Well, that's me told then. I would still like to know however, if It's not too much of a strain on your single brain cell, what my likes and dilikes have to do with me wanting to see Rangers get stronger.
  7. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    I could walk into a Rangers pub wearing a Warren SS jacket and in all likelihood no one would even notice. They'd just wonder why the fuck I was wearing a camo jacket.
  8. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    What does that have to do with me wanting to see our club make money and be successful again? Really I'd like to know.
  9. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    Just an example. It's common enough in the States, when the Denver Broncos sold the naming rights of Mile High Stadium they got $120 million across an 11 year deal, hardly chicken feed, even in that game. I'm not suggesting that we would get anywhere near that but surely anything above £500k a season would help?
  10. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    If some company is willing to pay a fortune to have their name in front of Ibrox then I have no problem with it. Royal Bank of Scotland at Ibrox JD Sports at Ibrox If it brings in a few million quid who gives a fuck, to us It would still be Ibrox.
  11. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    If it earns money for our club then it's a great idea and I despair of those of us who are seemingly happy to see us skint.
  12. big blue Fin

    Gerrard 8

    Since when was chasing revenue "gay", "pathetic" or "cringey"? We are not in a great financial condition and if sticking "Gerrard 8" on our shirts earns even a few extra thousand in sales then fine. Every pound earned is an additional pound which can be spent to improve the team or stadium. Why not go a step further and produce retro shirts with names and numbers of our past heroes? In the US market for NFL shirts every team has shirts with the names and numbers of past greats and these earn a lot of money, but money rules the roost in the NFL.
  13. big blue Fin

    Of all the signings !

    We seem to be trying to do things the right way this time build from the back but we do need to get someone up front to work with Morelos or challenge him for that lead striker spot, whether a season long loan from Roma is the way to go I'm not sure, but we need to do something. Golden and Katic must surely be an improvement on last season and McGregor much as I can't forgive him for walking away is a far keeper than Foderingham ever will be so I think we'll be more secure at the back. Have to wait and see who else we can get.
  14. big blue Fin


    And here was me thinking most of the Nazis went to Argentina.
  15. big blue Fin


    ?????? A Brazilian Protestant? Talk about an endangered species.