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  1. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Southgate is getting far too much praise. Stuck rigidly to the same system and played the same team with bang average performers- Alli, Henderson, Sterling Kane should have been taken off along with Alli before ET...spursd it
  2. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Their midfield is very very average and they rely on Kane but when he has a bad night such as tonight they are fucked. Henderson is shockingly over rated, good at passing the ball back and sideways, Alli is just pish and Lingard is meh.
  3. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Punished for missing all those chances in the first half and Kane, Alli have been passengers the whole game. Southgate has fucked this
  4. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    should have taken Alli off....idiot!
  5. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Id be ballsy and take Kane off for Vardy...he looks done in.
  6. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    What has Alli actually done all game bar jog about and lose the ball...Southgate needs to get him off
  7. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Henderson really is pish
  8. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Now lets see what Southgate is made of. Sterling and Alli have done fuck all....Rashford and Loftus cheek on pronto otherwise they are going to get over run.
  9. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Is it just me that thinks Henderson is pish?! other than pass the ball backwards, sideways or slow the play down what does he bring to a team.
  10. callumbo87

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***

    Southgates own fault. Ali was pish all game and Sterling did fuck all yet keeps both on and went very defensive with Dier change. Loftus cheeks should have been on to give them fresh legs going forward
  11. Bale defo heading back to Prem next season by the sounds
  12. For all Klopp's exciting attacking football he should take the blame for having poor first and second choice goalkeepers, average defence and bang average midfield.
  13. jesus, thats his career over! But Klopp knew how bad there goalkeepers were for the past 2 seasons...poor management if you ask me.
  14. Ramos is such a fucking dick
  15. For a Champions league final team their midfield in general is average a fuck