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  1. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    I agree with you, it was just my take on the Ross/Clarke idea. My choice would still be MPH, been there and done it with every team he has managed and clearly on limited budgets. The board need to open up their tiny minds and interview a range of candidates with successful CVs but I have a feeling after the Pedro fuck up they will only look for a “British” manager who’s cheap.
  2. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    I’d take Ross between the two. Has been successful on limited budgets so far and importantly actually won something, all be it the first division. Ross and Kevin Thomson as his number 2?! clarke only ever does well for a season then gets sacked.
  3. This board are Kelly&whites of the scum era

    We need some of these so called wealthy Rangers men to come out of hiding and back the team. We have a huge support, there has to be a large number who could come in and steer us back on track?! If I had the money I would...but then thats probably why Im not a millionaire!
  4. Is FDB the right choice?

    I think it’s too big for Clarke full stop. He always does well for the first year then gets sacked the next, hence he ended up at Killie trying to rebuild his reputation
  5. Is FDB the right choice?

    Being serious. He took Liverpool to within touching distance of the EPL title. No matter how overrated he might be he would have got another top job however taking celtic job with a salary of what few million a year plus easy chance of winning titles with us in the shit was an obvious no brainier. He’ll be off to EPL in his next job no bother. We should be looking for someone with similar reputation and that will stay for a few years building a team, in my view.
  6. Is FDB the right choice?

    Yes we are Rangers. So why should we hire a decent Championship manager who has failed in the EPL while our rivals have a respected EPL manager no matter how overated he might be.
  7. Is FDB the right choice?

    Sean Dyche, Eddie Howe, Brenda did ok with Swansea etc etc and he had decent money to spend at QPR. He couldn’t hack it.
  8. Is FDB the right choice?

    Yeah because he failed at every attempt he had in the EPL. I Don’t get his hype.
  9. Is FDB the right choice?

    He’s also a 1 season wonder at every management job he’s had! Gets sacked the 2nd year...we need someone for the long haul
  10. Is FDB the right choice?

    No mph for me, been there and done it in a number of differen leagues and in Europe. Dont get the obsession with warnock. So he says good things about us, great, but he is a championship manager and has failed in his last few jobs and Cardiff are cracking at the seams as we speak.
  11. How many touches is needed for an open goal

    Plays with his head down hence not hitting it first time and is also a greedy selfish twat who would rather go for glory knowing he will miss than pass to a team mate with an open goal. if the reports were true about the numbers, I reckon they were bullshit, whoever declined them should be out the club ASAP! Hardie should be given a chance as he’d have scored his last few misses!!
  12. never a centre half

    I still think once he’s match fit and with some coaching on his positioning will be a good CB. From what I’ve seen of him as a DM his positional sense is poor and ends up letting the opposition pass through us, plus his distribution is poor bar one killer pass he played in one game.
  13. Splash the cash, on a manager

    King has fuck all money, as show by the loan with that backwater finance company! Even if we did splash the case...would you trust the board to pick the next manager after the last 3 plus mciness fiasco?!
  14. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    I agree he has not been great BUT he is not a defensive midfielder who breaks up play as Murty thinks. At Norwich, WBA he would bang in goals and make assists. I still think with the right manager and played in his correct position he could be good for us
  15. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    I hate to agree because I want the lad to do well but he gets caught out far too often, more so in CDM role that some think is his best position. I hope I am proven wrong and he improves.