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  1. Well seeing the BBC dont hide their agenda, Stats on the match have us with only 40% possession and make it look closer than it was. Maybe I'm being petty but they've put up misleading shite for a number of our games recently.
  2. Still plenty of time but same old issue...we are too slow moving forward and dont have someone that can play a killer pass.
  3. Playing alright but a bit slow and turgid in midfield. Quicken things up and we can bag a few goals here
  4. Docherty is having some game....Opposition is pish but the lad has been eveywhere
  5. Rumours doing the rounds that he was knocked out in training and was potentially still suffering from concussion hence his father going mental at Hearn after the fight. Dave Allen mentioned the above in an interview after the fight with one of the youtube boxing channels...interesting thing to slip in if there was no truth to it and could explain why he looked all over the place from round 1.
  6. No club in their right mind will pay the money we want for him now....idiot!
  7. Still think Liverpool's midfield is pish. Relying on long balls because they got no creativity.
  8. Liam on BBC radio Scotland having a meltdown. Making all sorts of excuses for Brenda and their pish.
  9. If we dont' beat this mob we seriously are pish. They cant string 2 passes together and their defence looks wobbly as fuck, as average as Motherwell. Coulibaly off for Grezda and lets properly go at them.
  10. SG needs to bring in a creative CM in January...longs balls from the back especially towards Morelos are doing fuck all and as much as I like Jack his passing is atrocious.
  11. So although we are going for a win, I take it if we draw with Vienna we would go through on head to head and goal difference providing Villareal do the business? Sorry just realised Rapid are a point ahead. IDIOT!
  12. As good as Usyk is I don't think he has the power to keep the likes of Whyte, Joshua and Wilder from coming forward. Time will tell how he adapts moving up I suppose...
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