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  1. Where do you sit?

    First season ticket was copland front right at the corner flag, great for getting on the telly😎, but used to get fucking soaking wet, next one was in the broom land rear with my 5 year old son great view, now we both sit in the Govan front just at the back near the half way line excellent view and out of the rain.
  2. A bit of realism

    Played in the correct position he will score, a talented wee player and with the right coaching will become a great wee player, he's a wee annoying shit but now he's our wee annoying shit and if he winds up the Tim's and the hivs he'll do alright by me. Welcome to the greatest team in the world what a chance you have grasp it with both hands and we all will back you.
  3. Jim Baxters son passes away

    Sad news far too young, my condolences to the family. RIP Big man.
  4. Happy New Year Bears Everywhere

    Happy new year to all Bears, my new years resolution..... Follow Follow the Rangers and hate everything celtic... Shouldn't be hard to keep up, managed it for the last 40 years 😉
  5. Magic Hat Sacked!

    The bread man went stale. Karma you f#cker....
  6. Bruno and Niko

    In a way it was good that Bruno went off "injured" I don't think he would have put in a shift like bates done, and niko he did try but just not good enough anymore.. Both should be moved on ASAP.
  7. Very, very proud of that performance

    Well done to everyone on that park today and the fans were outstanding what a great rendition of "Big jock knew" heard loud and proud on sky......
  8. Absent friends

    So sorry to hear that mate, it's bad to lose your mum at any time of the year but at Christmas it's tough, I lost my mum on Christmas day a couple of years ago and it does put a damper on the day, but try and remember your mum wouldn't want you to be sad and try and make Christmas as happy for your family as she used to do my thoughts are with you.
  9. HERE WE GO....

    Couldn't attend the game today, it was torture getting updates on the phone but well done Rangers, seems I didn't miss much but 3 points is 3 points.
  10. Gough and King and mystery man

    It's Prince Harry booking Ibrox for his big day..
  11. Kenny Miller

    He should have been pulled at half time, first touch was dire he was all over the park didn't deserve to last as long as he did, but he wasn't the only one today.
  12. Deja-vu

    Totally pish.. Made up rumours... 1+1=3
  13. Pedro will be away today

    By fuck that's original 😴. Zzzzz
  14. Pedro will be away today

    Don't think you know what a cunt is mate, bet the last one you seen was your maws....
  15. Pedro will be away today

    Nice... Your worse than a taig. At least a cunt is useful your a waste of space.