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  1. Warning for bears

    Good on all the bears that follow follow to that shite hole, give it loud and proud and Come home safe.
  2. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Why has this we shite not been seen too? Ripping off a fellow Rangers fan once is a slapping offence but to be doing time after time, needs a wee visit. Fucking wee rhat
  3. Scott Arfield

    Do you think they can afford to fuck up this time? With a lot of fans on the fence about renewing their season tickets me included I think they need to push the boat out, no more experiments or fancy ideas so maybe (fucking hoping here) they get their act together and appoint a proven manager.
  4. Scott Arfield

    Or the new manager has had signing targets put to him and has authorised them?
  5. Nothing but scum propaganda, get it to fuck.
  6. Union Bears Statement.

    Well done a good statement, you have my full backing. Time for the others to man up and come out with something similar.
  7. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Dammed if he did and Dammed if he didn't ?? He could have left for the same if not more money he turned his back on his international career to stay with us. I appreciate his commitment and I commend his actions on Sunday we need someone to say something they are not listening to us the fans.
  8. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Iv made my mind up this morning after this pantomime I am going to wait until the board come out with an acceptable statement regarding the manager of our club before I renew my season ticket, if they don't I won't be. And iv had mine for over 30 years now. Not happy at all at the suspension of Wallace and Miller for saying what we all wanted to say on Sunday after the game. If I got into the changing room it wouldn't have been harsh words directed at Murty and that team. Time to step up Mr King and Co. We need answers now where is all this transparency you promised.
  9. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    So bottom line is say anything against Murty, don't agree with the way he's managing the team, the way we're playing, rolling over to celtic, motherwell, killie etc etc your out the fucking door.
  10. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    So would it be better if the players sat back and said nothing? Wallace is the club captain and should be standing up and telling it as it is, The dressing room is now obviously lost, Getting rid of Wallace and Miller for stating the truth, the tactics were all wrong the players on the park were spineless, players going for each other on the park, aye let's get shot of 2 players that care about our club and keep a under 20 coach who should have resigned on Monday morning after that display and by all accounts won't be here at the start of the season, by the way I'm not saying Miller or Wallace is good enough to play for us in the future but it's not them that should be shown the door.
  11. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    So Miller and Wallace have said some home truths to Murty and probably the players, nothing that anyone on here hasn't said or thought and now they have to pay the price, and yet some people on here are having a go at them, Murty is out of his depth the performances have been dire for sometime now, seems to me he lost the dressing room a while ago. Good on Miller and Wallace if I could have got into that dressing room on Sunday I'd have been the same if not worse and probably 90 percent of the fans that day.
  12. Rumours at this stage

    Something on the line of who the new manager would be 🙄
  13. Rumours at this stage

    I think the Board need to come out and say something positive to try and boost moral before loosing some season tickets holders, saying nothing after yesterday is not an option if they want to sell tickets.
  14. tactics for next scum game

    It's a sad day that we are dreading going to play celtic and we don't know how we will line up what players will even play or want to fucking play, one thing is certain we can't play like we did yesterday please no, I'd like to see us going for it 2 up front and a higher back line pressing the bastards, if we go down at least go down fighting. And Brown on a stretcher would save the season a bit.
  15. Murty threw Halliday under the bus yesterday

    Totally agree, shouldn't have been on the park in the first place but Andy could have at least tried to put a tackle in or cut out a pass, or at the very least faced up to that monkey Brown when he was screaming in his face, that summed his day when he backed off with his head down, Murty didn't let Andy down substitution him 10 mins before half time Andy let us and himself down way before that. Then again going up the tunnel.