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  1. 'The media could not be played'
  2. No Surrender Sandy Jardine, sadly missed. Sleep well Brother.
  3. He's good but he is no Johny Doyle. Fry ya fucking cunt.
  4. The Prince William
  5. Sinkys - make a good fry up too. Jokers 2 - just down from Sinkys near Coco Bongos, wee Alan is a good bluenose and a square guy
  6. Heard that they will introduce multiball if there is no score with ten minutes left.
  7. Always gave 100% Good luck 'square go Joe' Loved the fire in your belly when you wore the jersey.
  8. Fantastic work as always Moonlighter.
  9. Fucks this ? X - Factor?
  10. How do you know he is fat?
  11. RFC Football Training Park.
  12. Good luck Jig, someone who knows what it means to beat the haters. Got any funds available?
  13. Thanks for asking 'the referee'? otherwise I would have not realised my mistake!
  14. Sorry - I am a silly cunt, I meant Big Smeato - John Smeaton!
  15. Where is big John Beaton when you need him?