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  1. That was to help the sale of season tickets and the 'MyGers' scheme. Next will be 'we will do everything to stop 10 in a row' to make sure all the money comes in. Getting sick of the empty rhetoric from the Board.
  2. Watch out for a 'British League' if clubs start to fold.
  3. Surely you can diagnose yourself with 'lyingcuntalyitis' Simple cure - GTF.
  4. MyGers should be free to season ticket holders as a thank you. The option to 'buy in' to the scheme should be next year. The board are good at saying 'we are all in this together' but it seems the ordinary supporter is the one who is doing the most for the club.
  5. Gazza was a better musician.
  6. Play this at Ibrox the next time the scum visit.
  7. Wish more of the players / staff / supporters had the passion wee Nacho has. No Surrender Nacho!
  8. 'Freddie Starr ate your hamster'? 'Elvis is alive'? 'Double decker bus found on the moon'?
  9. No Surrender big Marv! ha ha!
  10. Just need to be careful that we are not being 'led down the garden path' by anyone in order we release some substantiated info.
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