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  1. We know what you are up to ya ginger twat.
  2. Fucking lowest of the low.
  3. Would have liked him to be a success at Rangers but unfortunately he ran out of confidence. Thanks for your efforts Waggy.
  4. Magic
  5. Guy I work with is a Wolves fan and he said that the cunt was hated by the support.
  6. Enjoy fishing much? If you believe the mirror then you must have bought a ticket to the next Elvis concert.
  7. What about the sporting advantage handed to the scum from Glasgow City Council? all around their stadium done up to make it more attractive for extra fans to go along and therefore extra revenue, and what about the money the scum saved on the dodgy deal for lennoxtown? Did the facility help persuade players to join them? was the money that was saved in the corrupt deal used to attract players that they could not afford otherwise? Fucking two faced whinging bastards.
  8. Not that old chestnut again - they know what 'The Billy Boys' is all about. That is why a lot of them join in!
  9. Seen any Indiana Jones movies? or Nicholas Cage in National Treasure? Shhhh - it's a secret!
  10. Cunt will be thinking that Harry Potter books are about a real person. Fuckwit.
  11. If I tied a Rangers scarf around his neck would I be exuberant? No I would be fucking arrested the two faced cross dressing cunt that he is.
  12. NO SURRENDER Brothers and Sisters - have a great day, hopefully loud and proud in the sunshine. Stay safe.
  13. I changed the line slightly to reflect our eyes seeing that cunt in a Rangers top.
  14. Can you tell by our eyes that we'll probably be crying forever?
  15. Link?