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  1. When we play the scum - 'Gypsies Tramps and Thieves' by Cher 'We Could Be Heroes' - David Bowie.
  2. Good luck Ryan, all the best and thanks for your efforts.
  3. RBL clubs are always good for a cheap pint and good company plus they will nearly always have the game on. 👍
  4. All the best Kris, thanks for the goals and the memories.
  5. Govanblue / Zetland Donation sent via Paypal, hope the Veterans have a great time.
  6. Govanblue, I have pm'd Zetland for details to donate via Paypal - if you see this first please let me know.
  7. A withering guttersnipe cunt of a man.
  8. These great men and women gave their all to defend and keep Britain united. That wee cunt sturgeon is disgracing their memory and service by trying to do what hitler could not.
  9. Think that they will but for the moment it is a secret.
  10. They should look at themselves when they say 'the whole matter is a huge embarrassment for Scottish football' are they not embarrassed at the way they treated young kids?
  11. Cheers Bro, I think that out of them all - and there are a few crackers, this one has got to be the winner.
  12. Away and take a good fuck to yourself or your priest.
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