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  1. Those cunts on BT sports are just as bad.
  2. Give us a goal or two tomorrow Kenny and it is worth it
  3. Declan? are you fucking serious? FFS
  4. Who?
  5. Fantastic work Moonlighter
  6. Get well soon Andy. No Surrender.
  7. Cunts are trying to tie Rangers in to the child abuse.
  8. Sad to hear that someone who once wore our shirt is facing a tragedy. Condolences to Trevor and his family.
  9. Sorry for your loss Bro.
  10. Give your neck a wee twist, I done it once and never looked back since.
  11. Fuck playing Pedro at chess.
  12. What a shame we did not win that day! Would have still been celebrating!
  13. To the pound note.
  14. There comes a time when every Soldier must lower their flag. You Sir, have done that with honour. Thank you for your service, stand easy.
  15. Cheerio ya rancid bastard.