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  1. To the pound note.
  2. There comes a time when every Soldier must lower their flag. You Sir, have done that with honour. Thank you for your service, stand easy.
  3. Cheerio ya rancid bastard.
  4. I fucking hope you are right
  5. Put money on the scum lying down to the sheepshaggers to ensure we finish 3rd
  6. Miller is already working with the 20's.
  7. Me too.
  8. Miller to take over the 20's Murty to 'assist' Pedro.
  9. Fuck sake - I was drinking with this guy and his missus in the Ibrox Bar Benidorm a few months ago. Rest in peace big man.
  10. Fucking ridiculous .
  11. I think that we will see a big influx of foreign players who will be cheap and better than what we have. They will be itching to come to a big club like Rangers and I am sure that Pedro has built up a lot of contacts abroad. Exciting times? fingers crossed!
  12. Maybe Rossiters 'injury' will go away now we have a new Manager.
  13. Just wax the bastard.
  14. I have never reported anyone.