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  1. So you love Celebrity Taigs but get all offended when Sky Sports make Man City favourites for the Champions League. Nae bother wee man.
  2. I've had a wonderful day watching it all unfold. Well done Woakes. A masterclass from him today. 🏏
  3. My BB record was way better than that. How I never got scouted remains a mystery to me tbh. Probably because I was a mouthy wee shite.
  4. Fucks sake. I'm moaning about a tight/sore Achilles tendon and your the fucking bionic left leg man. Get well soon mate. 🥺
  5. Aubameyang should be forever known as the man who got a new deal because the Club sacked 55 members of staff to fund it. Disgusting tbh.
  6. Woakes and Buttler going on the attack. 124 more needed. 5 wickets left.
  7. Tiniest wee nick off Stokes glove and he is gone. 4 down and still require 170. Pakistan looking good for the win. Although the constant appeals and screaming is slightly annoying.
  8. Wee bit disappointed at Yasir's huge lbw appeal which clearly hit the bat. Desperate to get Stokes out....
  9. Swinging back the other way now. 😅
  10. Finely balanced. Prediction is 53% in favour of England. Vital they get to 100+ with at least only two down. I'm expecting more from Stokes this 2nd innings as well. I've not been surprised by how well Pakistan have competed. Pleased to see the skills they have shown.
  11. Lost my link so had to listen to Radio Manchester's commentary. Delighted. Bring on the Lyon. ⚽🇬🇧💙😎
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