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  1. It's meant for scumchester but it will do for that pile a shite as well. VID-20180929-WA0000.mp4
  2. Take this or leave this. But I think you need a job or a new hobby.
  3. Was that Tom English that posted that..?? Tears streaming down his face..
  4. It was just a spur of the moment thing. Seen a link on the Official England Cricket website and I've attended a screening interview. Passed the DBS check and the training has been pretty good. After a 7 hour shift at the fanzone in Nottingham city centre I will do 12 hours @ Trent Bridge for England v Pakistan then a nice 7-30am til 3pm shift @ India v New Zealand on the 13th. The fact that's the day before my family holiday to Menorca means I'm avoiding the case packing stress. Biggest worry is the final is the day after I get married.
  5. Nice of the ECB to handicap Hampshire yesterday. Heading to Nottingham Forest's ground on Wednesday to collect my accreditation I.D then into Trent Bridge for the last 2 items of my cricketeer volunteer uniform. 1st shift is Friday morning in the Fanzone.
  6. Only wish they had lost today and still announced yella fangs as the boss.
  7. If anything Willey got excluded because of the hair band.
  8. Archer makes the World Cup squad. As does Vince and Dawson from Hampshire.
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