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  1. Could kick myself for getting the Palace one wrong. But did lucky guess another two so I'm happy.
  2. Everyone please get tested !!! The UK is taking the coronavirus seriously: New testing is now being conducted without the need to leave your house, so no hospital visit necessary. All you have to do is mail your stool sample to: celtic PARK 95 Kerrydale Street Glasgow G40 3RE ADDED NOTE: Large samples give a more accurate result !! 😎
  3. For the benefit of his mental health he should take a long break and get his shit together first.
  4. Dave King has stepped down as Rangers chairman, with Douglas Park placed in interim charge of the board. And King confirmed fresh investment has now been "put on hold" as the club deal with the coronavirus crisis. Johannesburg-based King announced at the club's AGM in November he would be giving up the role to focus on his business interests in South Africa. He admits he almost had a change of heart as the scale of the virus threat became clear. But he has now made way for motor group tycoon Park to steer Rangers through the crisis. King also announced a task team has been set up at Ibrox to deal with the fallout of the pandemic. "I thank all supporters, club management and the board for the magnificent support I received while guiding the club post regime change to put that specific crisis behind the club," King said in a statement. "The deputy chairman Douglas Park will chair the board during the interim period and a new permanent chairman will be elected by the board at the next board meeting and will be announced immediately thereafter. "I considered the possibility of extending my time as chairman until the coronavirus crisis is over but that is not practically possible. After I returned to South Africa last week from the board meeting, I was mandated by the South African authorities to go into self-isolation for 14 days - which I am presently undergoing." King had expected a fresh round of investment in the club but that has now been shelved. Rangers announced in November they required an extra Β£10million before the end of the season. "At my final board meeting in Glasgow on March 14, the board was close to finalising a new round of funding," King added. "However, this has been put on hold while the board considers the financial consequences of the rapidly evolving global impact of coronavirus. "The subsequent severe developments within the sporting and general business environment - that have now resulted in global lockdowns - has necessitated that the careful financial planning assumptions presented on March 14 are revisited."
  5. Sirius the bearded dragon bopping his head in tune with "Davie Cooper on the wing' βš½πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ The commentary from Ian St John is almost on a par with that tube walker in his bias and calling things wrong. I was at the game so this is the first time in years I've watched it.
  6. Tell us how you feel about them really mate πŸ˜…πŸ‘ Posted on the other thread it's Good Riddance to the sheep molesters. Agree 100% with your post.
  7. Good riddance to the sheep molesters. The first of many hopefully.
  8. πŸ’™βš½πŸ’™
  9. The Valencia team we played in 1999/2000 Champions League was something special. I was gutted they didn't win it. So many good players especially Lopez, Gonzalez and Mendieta. Truly tasty.
  10. Nice to see some FACTS in the sun HE was a bit of a bawbag, to be honest with you.” Those were Ryan Stevenson’s first impressions of former celtic legend Chris Sutton as he came through the ranks at Stamford Bridge.
  11. It's so exciting that you get to start afresh with Netflix. Break your cherry so to speak. πŸ˜‰ So many good shows to watch start with Narcos then watch The Punisher.πŸ‘
  12. Still can't quite believe this... Six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady has signed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after leaving the New England Patriots. The quarterback said on Tuesday that he is ending an unprecedented 20-year spell of success with the Patriots. The 42-year-old then announced on Friday that he is joining Tampa Bay. "Excited, humble and hungry," he said. "I'm starting a new football journey and thankful for the Buccaneers for giving me an opportunity to do what I love to do." 'What can NFL greats Brady and Belichick do without each other? I can't wait to see' 'He eats avocado ice cream' - how social media reacted to Brady's move Brady became a free agent for the first time this off-season, allowing him to speak to rival teams from Monday before the free agency signing period opened on Wednesday. He is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time having won the Super Bowl more times than any other player - in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017 and 2019. Brady has made a total of nine Super Bowl appearances and been named the championship game's Most Valuable Player (MVP) four times - both NFL records. He was named as the league's MVP in 2007, 2010 and 2017, and is second on the all-time list for touchdown passes and passing yards behind New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. The Patriots had not won the Super Bowl before choosing Brady with the 199th pick in the 2000 draft but they now have a joint-record six Super Bowl victories - level with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Report The Bucs have only won the Super Bowl once in their 45 years in the NFL and are owned by the Glazer family, who also control Manchester United. Their general manager Jason Licht was a member of the Patriots' scouting staff when Brady was drafted. "Through this process it became very clear that his desire to be a champion burns as strong today as it ever has," he said. "He possesses the type of rare natural leadership qualities that will immediately impact our entire organisation." Brady will replace Jameis Winston as the Bucs' starting quarterback, with Winston also becoming an unrestricted free agent. The 26-year-old led the league last season with 5,109 passing yards and threw 33 touchdown passes but also 30 interceptions - becoming the first man to go 30 for 30 in the same season. Brady's switch to Florida is the biggest move at the start of free agency, although Todd Gurley, the NFL's rushing touchdown leader in two of the past three seasons, has agreed terms with the Atlanta Falcons after being released by the Los Angeles Rams. Watch: Tom Brady's top 10 play-off moments Analysis Former NFL cornerback and BBC pundit Jason Bell I see it as a great opportunity for Tom Brady and for us. Let's see if he can go somewhere else and be successful. I think it's a good fit, he's going to change the culture of that organisation. It was down to two teams - the Los Angeles Chargers or the Buccaneers. I was leaning more towards the Chargers but the more I look at it, I see why he made this decision. He has great offensive weapons and receivers [at Tampa Bay]. That's one of the things he complained about [at New England], that's what he wants. Tampa Bay were a good offence already, one of the best in the NFL, without Tom Brady, so he must be looking at it thinking, 'wow, I can really light it up and do some good things with this group'. On defence, they got better as the year went on and Brady knows the defensive co-ordinator Todd Bowles well, he's played against him a lot. Brady must be thinking 'I've got a guy who's a great coach on defence, I know what I've got to do on offence and my head coach [Bruce Arians] is an offensive guy. This is great for me'. Yes, he's getting better money. He wanted a good deal and he's got one, in a state where they don't have any state tax and that's warm - it's hard to be out there in the cold when you're getting older. But Tom Brady wants to win, let's never forget that. And this is a great situation for him to do it.
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