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  1. Cracking flag yesterday. I work in the Arnold area.
  2. Don't be trying to get the resident mong to post anything resembling sense mate.
  3. Anyone can see just by the timing of this that they are literally shit scared we are going to win the league and they waited until we start back (albeit in the Cup) to try and put us off. Hopefully this has the reverse effect and we use it to nurture a siege mentality that coupled with the Club fighting back will see us march onwards to 55 in May.
  4. The new handball rule along with var is killing the game of football.
  5. I'm desperate for two tickets for this. Coming up from Nottingham for the weekend and was hoping to attend. Anyone help me out ?
  6. I was giving the Chiefs it tight early in Sunday's game. They are so explosive in offence I wouldn't back against them going all the way. Probably get shut out for 10 points v the Titans now. 😝
  7. Shitebag who hides behind his laptop. I certainly hope the Club reply in kind to his disgusting and in the main untrue article.
  8. They are looking good. Credit to the Chiefs for their performance tonight. I had them "choking" earlier but boy what a series of plays 7 TD from 7 possessions. Quality stuff.
  9. Quality left foot drag to stay behind the line of scrimmage by Mahones. Superb football.
  10. This could be a cracker. Texans not going for it on 4 and 1 could prove crucial.
  11. Tut tut https://apnews.com/2321288353f2afb9bbbd7f60e39ae07a
  12. Chiefs receivers VID-20200112-WA0019.mp4
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