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  1. Damn low odds on it though..It's a certainty..
  2. Fixed that with a prediction..
  3. Must be worried his money will stop when the record is NO MORE...
  4. GB will be all over you in no time...
  5. Back in 10 days..
  6. My error..
  7. Glad this chap has taken the time to state the FACTS..But such things matter not a jot to the obsessed haters..They will continue to howl at the moon and likewise bawbags like tom english and his chums will still repeat lies until the Rangers Board take them to task..
  8. And why is he calling Rangers fans the C word..???
  9. Declan dragging Bernadette and the waines down to the DWP demanding that all or half of all benefits is redirected to this Noble and Moral Crusade..
  10. Fixed That..
  11. The sooner we hire the boy who works for Linfield the better..
  12. I was passing a bookies after giving blood..Checked my pocket and put the £3-30 I had in smash into the machine and took Rosenberg to win 2-1...16/1..
  13. Rob McClean can't help himself with his dig 10 seconds in about the Orange Day..and it did annoy me we didn't put 10 past the sheep shagging fuckers that Glorious Day..