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  1. Somebody famous is going to die tomorrow. Aaron Ramsey scored for Juve.
  2. 5 nil up after 18 mins. Crisis..??
  3. Enjoyed the drive home from work listening to 5 live doing the City game.
  4. 11 grand fine. Yet again they can do what they want and get another poxy fine. But sing bad words and they are shutting sections down. It's a fucking joke.
  5. Expect him to claim the headshot of juice was a sectarian attack and win a damages claim with no charges for his behavior....
  6. Just been emailed by the Notts Outlaws offering me a ticket plus bus travel to and from Edgebaston for Finals day tomorrow. Just a few pounds short of £100. Such a shame I'm skint and working a 7-3 shift. 😥
  7. I'm no paranoid but I know you all think I am...the media have a automatic"excuse line" every time Liverpool lose against anyone. Van dyk should have been slaughtered for his performance but they didn't they made excuses. The over reaction was totally OTT. The Monday night football analysis was bordering on hysteria.
  8. The doom and gloomers and the trolling taigs will be back asap if we don't wake up soon.
  9. Brilliant tackle from Barasic and a belter of a strike.
  10. Away you go and lie down and grunt ya fucking mutant.
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