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  1. 13 players within 2 strokes of the lead...wow. Just shows you how pampered and spoiled golfers are. A wee bit of wind and drizzle and they are all mostly struggling. I really want Fleetwood to win it. But he just drove way right.
  2. It was pretty poor tbf. But I've been driving since 10-15am...
  3. Just got in the door. Only took me 5 hours today including a stop at Scotch Corner after my tyre pressure warning came on. But really I just have to say "jammy dirty mhanky lucky bastards" I can only take the word of my fellow Bears who whilst accepting we have already gifted those Cunts the league that yet again they get refereed differently from us and that the 6 minutes injury time was a mystery...
  4. Millwall win the mora and it's anyone's trophy...what a semi final line up..
  5. It wisnae much of a reel in though was it... I was chuckling away at your post.. No seething or gnashing of teeth.. Practically just jumped into the net then jumped back out..
  6. 2-3 full time. Hartson is nearly in tears. What a right run of bad luck and heartache he has suffered recently. Thank you City for keeping the quadruple dream alive.
  7. Wee Rhys loved all the swearing. And he turned to me 5 mins before half time talking about world class players...and how they take risks..but he felt the Rangers players won't take risks. I turned to him and said "your spot on wee man. Plus we have a born losers for a captain who is shit scared of his own shadow. A 10 year old boy can see what is fucking wrong with us. Mind you at the very least he has learned that "supporting your team is for life ...not just for Christmas" Couldn't believe he has asked to come back again. So we will be back.
  8. Huge thanks to @Womble72 for sorting me and Rhys out for tomorrow the wee man is buzzing to see the Rangers. And also meeting me halfway between our respective dwellings shows he is a True Blue Bear. Greatly appreciated Sir.
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