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  1. Nice One..
  2. Fixed that..
  3. Certainly hoping Hamilton win today.. Been to a few AA Meetings that take place in their Stadium. The owner is very proactive for Recovery be it Alcohol Drugs or Gambling.
  4. To be fair his crayon-manship is 100 times better than the lego eaters..
  5. Had the sheep molesters won the scum would probably have demanded and been granted a replay for that minor footballing incident. Zero intent and just proves that tierney has one hell of a glass jaw..goes well with the brass neck that all the taigs have..
  6. Did he not also have a solution to stop the Islamic terror threat as well ??
  7. Big heavy mob prowling about with Leicester tops on..
  8. I think he went to see that wee guy Calum when he was going through Leukemia treatment. Class act..
  9. I was just in tears watching this..The bit when he meets up again with the wee Calum near the end would bring a tear to a glass eye and it would be a dark dark hearted man that can't get a bit misty eyed watching this..Farewell Zabba..
  10. Congratulations to the FA Cup specialist's..
  11. Just ready to post that if this Cup win keeps Wenger in a job then it's good news. Plenty more ATV meltdowns to look forward to next Season just before Christmas usually..
  12. This reeks of the Rangers Bond Scheme..I would never criticise the excellent work for this fantastic cause but having a list of folk who forked out £50 (or more) but leaving the rest of us who have donated regularly could be deemed divisive by some..Thankfully I have thick skin and will continue to donate.. 5 gingee bottles takes a lot of work these days...
  13. Shhh It's only taken the mhedia over 30 years to begin examingning the beasts from the East..It might be another 30/40 years until the full truth comes to light. No one does cover up's better than Catholicism and cfc
  14. City could if they want score 10 today v watford..
  15. Super slo-mo shot is a belter..