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  1. It will be interesting to hear what BnB has to say about this Sheriff Hogg...???
  2. No surprise whatsoever that the wee cunt got basically let off with the minimum punishment. He might be presented with a medal in an independent scotland one day..He attacked the repressive unionist majority in an act of sheer exuberance and can walk the streets in day light being proud of his actions... The day I can walk the streets wearing an item a clothing with a Rangers badge on it without potentially being attacked will be the day I move down to Nottingham full time..Scotland is fucked and it aint going to get any better anytime soon...Shambles..
  3. If anything it shows how inept and damn lazy Warburton was. We couldnt do the basics at times and he was giving them a day off like everything was fine. Well done Pedro for being Professional and that can only be to our players benefit.bring on the semi final..we are going to be READY..all guns blazing
  4. He wont be happy. This is a guy who apparently has a huge painted mural of himself naked in the foyer of his house. It does however show us exactly how he will look when/if he takes a stroke..
  5. You can be sure he is not going to change. Horrible wee bully who has nothing to back it up apart from the taigs in the media who seem to lap up his behaviour and excuses. If a fairly level headed guy like Duffy is loosing the rhag with him then he deserved it. His jumping about the back of the melee shows just how much of a coward he is..
  6. Hallidays days must be numbered..he is paraphrasing mcstay now.."buzz about the place..??"..tut tut..
  7. Just caught the news about the new T20 competition the ECB are to announce tomorrow..Initial reaction is BOOOO..Might change my mind when I can digest the finer details of the Competition..But slightly suspect that the ECB have already warned the Counties NOT to comment..??..
  8. I am surprised you didn't go for Slovenia..
  9. The Ulstermen are more than holding their own v Norway..1 up . I am on here to get the news of Slovenia scoring...Until 9pm then it's Depeche Mode..Yesss..2 nil for The Ulstermen now..
  10. Why not see if you can get a wee bit of A2M in instead of watching the taig 10..??..
  11. 0-3 Win for Slovenia will suit me lovely...It's the Ulstermen I will be watching..
  12. I hope this is more tarrier FAKE NEWS..
  13. That undercard fight went on far too long..Ref or the boys Trainer should have stopped it..He took a battering..
  14. If you don't complete that outfit with some Brown Brogues then you're not a Real RANGERS man..