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  1. Mark the Tour de France is around July. (2nd I think)The maximum exposure to their twitter/communications would be then. Several big names in UK cycling race for Sky or have done. They also have ties to the Olympic teams. If you are planning a charity bike ride I would try them. (Jaguar also supply their support cars and would be worth a shout)
  2. Uk based. A couple of years ago I got some stuff for Alder Hey to auction
  3. Mark if you are doing a cycle don't forget to tweet team sky.
  4. I meant I had obviously.
  5. Put a wee bit more in.
  6. Mark have you thought about getting Sale sharks or the local Rugby league teams to retweet? Might be a bit of local interest.
  7. Hairy Rz

    SPL Commision - £250K fine to oldco, no titles lost

    250,000 fine. BBC news just skimmed over it
  8. Hairy Rz

    The Boxing News Thread

    Check out Tyson Fury on twitter this week calling out everyone. Conclusive proof too many punches causes damage?