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  1. Murty not relieved. Board contempt or not

    Murty still being here shows this board up for what they are, FUDS.
  2. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    No only useless bastards that are sucking the life out of Rangers.
  3. Murty is sorry.

    Being sorry is for losers.
  4. It's 10 am...

    Do you think we are going to do well in the last five games, the squad and the manager are shot to pieces, he probably will be as its too late to change.
  5. Is FDB the right choice?

    Here's never thinking that they were the beggars.
  6. Is FDB the right choice?

    Aye, lucky Crystal Palace.
  7. Is FDB the right choice?

    He is not fit to coach youths after his obvious lack of leadership and tactics with the first team, he has to go.
  8. never a centre half

    The games a bogey, totally useless in every department, the big question is where do you fucking start, that's the 64,000 dollar question, because some fans on here haven't a fucking clue never mind the Ibrox board and making Park the man is just as laughable as the performance today.
  9. never a centre half

    A 4-0 fucking and some so called fans on here talking up some players ffs.
  10. never a centre half

  11. Murty Speaks

    He has done the board a big favour, time to go.
  12. FAO Cream Puff

    Allardyce never built a side at Palace, he wasn't there long enough, FDB made a howling cunt of it.
  13. Hibs only 4 points behind with a game in hand

    The reality isn't much better.
  14. ***Official Motherwell v Rangers Thread***

    Don't know why posters are so shocked, its the same every week and depends on how much the opposition wants the game rather than how Rangers play.
  15. Board On Their Knees Begging Walter To Return

    Its amazing how some Rangers fans(mostly on here i might add) keep saying they are shite and ignoring the fact that we aren't as good as them and they have loads of money to stay in front while we as you pointed out are going to shark loans to stay afloat.