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  1. Admit it, someone dared you to put that team on here for a laugh, because I' am laughing my balls off.
  2. They are all rank rotten and need to be shifted and any that are kept will be punted over the next two windows.
  3. Carrot, donkeys.
  4. You😉
  5. First it was Friday then it's Saturday, nothing but selling season tickets, maybe it will be in ten days. There is another thread about a funny foreigner but everybody is laughing at us as usual, well King is calling the shots.
  6. Davy really loves a good lie, well if your going to tell a whopper you may well give it large as some Rangers fans just love being lied to by this arsehole of a man. What Davy really means is after taking off the running costs the remainder will be spent on players which will be the square root of nothing, now that's not a lie.
  7. 35 thousand Rangers supporters mugged.
  8. This transfer window with no money?. It's not going to happen, present times have shown that McLeish started with a good squad and with no money in subsequent seasons the quality degraded with the fans crying out for change only to be met with Murray saying there is no money, PLG was brought in, disaster, Walter came back in and was given about £30 million and success. You need a proven manager and a fund of at least £30 million to work with, to provide a solid foundation to work on to achieve success, not giving an unproven manager half a chance and half a season to prove anything.
  9. He is already judged and is found wanting, just like the board. It doesn't matter how many chances new managers get, Rangers are going nowhere.
  10. The overall problem lies with the board and not the average managers they bring in, they have no money therefore have no right to be running Rangers, as Rangers are a club that requires a squad costing about £30 million to win the SPL and compete in Europe. You just need to look back at our winning squads and currently at the scum squad, it's not rocket science to work that one out. We are going nowhere with this board and if the court cases go badly, nowhere is where we will stay.
  11. You are right there, Rangers lost everything.
  12. We would be better off with Ted Moult ffs, A lumbering centre forward is the last thing we need and if true tells you that we will be signing shite this summer.
  13. Naismith is the shite I'am talking about, but it just goes to show you that rangers supporters are fucking arse holes or taigs that want arse hole players like Naismith back, your post just confirms my judgement.
  14. Exactly, he done Rangers no favours by jumping ship like a rat, he prospered while Rangers lost a transfer fee and the embarrassment caused by the interview, a line needs to be drawn and Rangers need to move on from that period and leave all the shit from that period behind us.
  15. In every cloud there is a silver lining.