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  1. We need an enforcer

    Most of Pedro's games have been the same and won't change any time soon, they also seem to be playing in each other's space at times, especially Dorrins who is always chasing shadows after poor marking and tackling and we have nothing on the bench or the squad to rectify the problem, I know Rossiter there!.
  2. What Need To Change/Remain?

    Even if we keep Pedro it's still going to cost us £10 million at least to bring new players next season, that's the way of it. If we don't have that kind of money then I'am afraid we are finished as challengers and will be ballast along with the rest of the teams.
  3. Cardoso and Candias

    Both are not good enough and won't make it.
  4. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    Neither could Rangers football club.
  5. Pedro: Time to go?

    Or you can bury your head in the sand and not except that it is over or face facts that we are abysmal in front of goal, weak in midfield and losing stupid goals in defence, that's the facts that it was over for McCoist and Warburton and very soon it will be over for Pedro, then the board(whose time should be over) will appoint another donkey and we will start all over again, deja fucking vu.
  6. Naismith

    It's bad enough with Naismith selling his arse, but desperate Rangers fans selling theirs?.
  7. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    The game passed most of the team by, with nobody in the midfield to stamp their authority on the game, we are still at square one and the performances against other teams have been mostly mediocre including Pena.
  8. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    He was taken off in the second half to make way for a so called striker, then brown controlled the game, so he must have been doing something right.
  9. Pena, Candeias and Hodson

    Pena was marking Brown and it worked for the first half, when Pena went off Brown controlled the midfield.
  10. Pedro: Time to go?

    He has been backed and has made a mess of it, signings, tactics and line ups, the guy is a dud.
  11. Pedro: Time to go?

    All true, but without money you will not attract good players or a good manager, at the moment we have a team riddled with average players and the results show up that fact.
  12. Pedro: Time to go?

    It will need to BA, never mind sacking Pedro, he might walk at the end of the season as it is mission impossible.
  13. Are celtic really that good?

    They ripped us apart in the first half and could have scored at least three goals if it wasn't for bad final balls and bad finishing, the argument isn't if they are good or not, they are good enough to see off the rest of Scottish football.
  14. Pedro: Time to go?

    Oh yes it is, that's how Rangers got nine in a row, the best go to the best teams with the best pay, those bastards have the money to scupper any future signings not to mention the English premier and the championship, but carry on with your pipe dream. If Morelos keeps scoring he will be away, maybe as soon as January, then who will score the goals, bring back MOH!!!.
  15. Pedro: Time to go?

    They picked two duds, don't forget Warburton. We are now a diddy club, no better than the rest of the shite in the SPFL, the two results against Thistle in 90 minutes proves the fact. The alternative owners with money will need 30 to 50 million just to sort this mess out in their first season with a proven manager which at the moment is a pipe dream and if it doesn't happen I fear Rangers are finished as a force in Scottish football never mind Europe especially with them getting richer every season, its a nightmare scenario.