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  1. danger ranger

    Big Jock Knew

    Same as the urban myth/conspiracy theory on BJK.
  2. danger ranger

    Big Jock Knew

    Write a public article on the chief policeman and see how far you get. She wasn't Lord advocate then, she worked in the Grampian region, I need to go over the case again.
  3. danger ranger

    Big Jock Knew

    Dame Elish Frances Angiolini DBE PC QC FRSA FRSE (née McPhilomy; born 24 June 1960[3]) is a Scottish lawyer. She was the Lord Advocate of Scotland from 2006 until 2011, having previously been Solicitor General since 2001. She was the first woman, the first Procurator Fiscal, and the first solicitor to hold either post. Since September 2012, Angiolini is the Principal of St Hugh's College, Oxford. She is a Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford and Chancellor of University of the West of Scotland. Since leaving office she has led several investigations and inquiries, including a review of deaths in police custody[4] commissioned by then-Home Secretary Theresa May.[5] This is the woman who put a 25 year lockdown on any discussions on the Holly Greg case in the Grampians involving a chief inspector involved in satanic rituals with the said Mongol girl, that's the graffiti that was wrote on Saville's house in the highlands, no surprise there. She is the woman who put a 100 year lockdown on discussing why Lord Cullen was outside the Dunblaine school when the massacre was taking place, 100 year lockdowns are usually reserved for the royal family. This is the reason nothing gets out and you will be locked up if you do look into the real cause of child abuse, just ask journalists who researched the case and were arrested, quizzed and warned off then released having done nothing wrong. You are quite right when you said this is the tip of the satanic ruling classes iceberg, its not the abuse that needs looked into, its the foundation of which abuse is only a tiny part of a much sinister world that rules us.
  4. danger ranger

    Big Jock Knew

    Denying the facts then and denying them now. Note the satanic 666 hand pose, a proven wizard/witch of which paedophilia is an integral part, he was a powerful man who worked, advised and procured children for the highest ranked persons in society, the link with celtic isn't just coincidental. Jingle jangle jingle jangle jingle jangle YINGle YANGle The satanic rule of three.
  5. danger ranger

    Big Jock Knew

    You have a civil duty to report people like Torbett, the failure of Jock Stein to report him caused more harm than good and Stein is responsible for not exposing him is called covering up.
  6. danger ranger

    Rangers charged by uefa

    Both teams have been blamed and Spartak have another 3 cases to answer for, flares, objects thrown and blocking stairways.
  7. danger ranger

    Big Jock Knew

    To quote another paedophile Jimmy Saville now then now then now then
  8. danger ranger

    Rangers charged by uefa

    What about Spartan fans and flares, funny how our media can't wait to get it out there.
  9. danger ranger

    Goldson rested ?

    Doesn't exactly fill me with confidence saying he is better that what we have had, he flaps like fuck under pressure and Katic is so slow and doesn't read the game very well, just like you say very inexperienced. Also the both of them are shit in the air causing the manager to say we need to learn how to defend set pieces better.
  10. danger ranger

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    Is that a tranny band, all victims of child abuse by the catholic church.
  11. danger ranger

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    Whoosh, right over their heads BA, you are wasting your time on here as a lot of posters have just learned how to say potato.
  12. danger ranger

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    He was problematic, I think he was more of a striker than a midfielder.
  13. danger ranger

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    There is two players back at Rangers who left us in the lurch, Lafferty and McGregor and at the time they were called backstabbing bastards, Judas, now the same fans have welcomed them back with open, grateful and complimentary arms, fucking hypocrites to round on another foolish Rangers player to satisfy their lust to hate someone.
  14. danger ranger

    Lack of winners?

    The players we are playing against in Scotland are lucky to be earning £3000/week, why would we need to spend £150k to get quality to beat them?. We had the quality to score 4 legal goals in one half on Thursday night against a team who have been in Europe longer than us recently, I don't think the problem is all down to money, its a very young inexperienced side at the moment, perhaps a bit of experience in central defence and midfield would give us the balance we need.
  15. danger ranger

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    He has a young inexperienced pairing at both CB and midfield who have to play in Europe against really good experienced teams and also dropping in an inexperienced teenager last night, its a hard ask and taking those considerations its amazing what we have achieved and like you said, he badly needs to cut out his errors.