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  1. He is now coming out with the players were too tense and he had to talk to them nicely before the game ffs, it's a old firm game, he said that they were not in the right frame of mind. This pedro is full of shite and the more he opens his gub makes us look like...well like the fools we are.
  2. We have the perfect excuse, there is no money for good players or managers and be thankful for what you have, second rate players can come here and make good money for 2 to 3 years and not give a flying monkeys, same goes for the managers we bring in, they can string out a couple of years and leave with a years wages if we pay them off. Your right about Pedro, would you see Rodgers laughing and joking after being made to look a complete cunt, no way, he would be scowling all the way down the tunnel, the sooner Pedro goes the better before he does any more damage. I don't blame Pedro or Warburton first hand, I blame this inept board for giving them the most important job in Scottish football to complete no mark managers and they have made Rangers to be a laughing stock, everybody in Scottish football is laughing their cocks off. The pressers are embarrassing, Pedro talking like he has a CV like Mourinho and then delivering up a pub team selection and tactics, strikers who can hardly score and he plays three of them!!, a midfield of Holt and Halliday, we are in a bad way and Rangers fans were talking of winning the cup and now their talking about beating them next week FFS, the day dream believers are also talking about being in Europe next year and we are utter dross.
  3. He was reported to be on mega money in the middle east, don't think he would turn his back on good money to come to a 2nd rate club like us for 300 grand a year.
  4. Soft loans are debt which either have to be converted to shares, until then they are debt, also if the loanees leave and want their money back its debt, plus the debt run up from previous years, where have you been hiding for the last 5 years. Also if Ashley wins the retail court case we will be further in debt due to being sued.
  5. We are up to our eyes in debt, there is no chance of further investment, if about 20 million was borrowed we would be about 40 million in debt with a higher wage bill, what we have at the moment is as good as it is going to get for years, you better get used to being 2nd best. This manager has accepted that fact otherwise he wouldn't have taken the job, 800 grand/year for a unknown and untested manager who gets Rangers job, any decent manager would have told them to do one.
  6. Can't believe fans want Hyndman, he has been pish for weeks.
  7. He got lucky at Aberdeen.
  8. If he is given a paltry sum for players in summer he would be better off resigning there and then, I also think he will be away by Xmas.
  9. It's not getting beat by the better side that shows us up for being 2nd rate it's the embarrassing way we do it, that has to stop before we can get better. I wouldn't hold your breath for next year it will be more of the same, there is no way he can get rid of that squad and bring in a new one, he will be lucky to get 3 or 4 average players, ok they might secure 2nd spot. It's not so much as slagging Pedro off but the whole set up that has brought him here is the real problem, that was a shambolic and embarrassing effort today and if a big investor comes in before summer, his first job is to ditch Pedro and this squad of players, we are going round in ever decreasing circles.
  10. It's another manager brought in to bring on the mythical youth and work with no money, the games up for the foreseeable future unless real money and a decent manager is brought to the club, believe me nothing is going to change, how can it!!.
  11. The story of the season, bad strikers/players can't finish so why play all three of them and an inadequate midfield that can't provide chances, he got the team selection wrong and its not the first time. He let himself down by playing average players, well he has seen enough already and should have played a more cautious game. He is just here and has to deal with these players, come summer and no money he will still have the majority of this squad and more average players coming in, whats he going to do then?. Only dreamers and fanboys quote possible wins on chances, in the real world its teams that take their chances win, today was a total embarrassment the latest in a long line of them including the manager.
  12. What's going to happen in the summer that will change Pedro from making a cunt of the lineup, once a cunt always a cunt. It's unbelievable that Rangers fans won't face facts we are a second rate club and it's going to be that way for years to come unless we have a complete change, just too many embarrassments.
  13. He has the mobility of a walrus.
  14. The only thing Predro doesn't get is how to handle a football game.