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  1. Yes Whit?, Get out of jail card, nothing has changed, dream on, we are fucking shite, scraping a win against a shite side doesn't make it, papering over cracks, win ugly, but hey whatever floats your boat.
  2. Why leave the manager out of the equation, after all he manages the the squad?.
  3. Gerrard hasn't got even one decent midfielder, he is the author of this shambles of a squad and now we are back to the Pedro/Warburton scenario. I can't see Gerrard surviving this, everyone is blaming the players but the tactics and player choices are criminal, of course the board don't help either with their inept control of the club, we are a laughing stock of a club.
  4. The only fault I find with your view is there was space everywhere in Hamiltons defence, they were shit and also we need quality all over not just the wide area's.
  5. We have only one tactic, go wide and punt a ball in the box, one dimensional football.
  6. Its a real worry(Grezda) coupled with the news today of Ejaria and other rumours of loaned players, Coulibaly also, we seem to sign players that are too slow and can't pass a ball. I didnt think we would win the league this year, but earlier in the season my hopes were lifted by the Euro Qualifiers and the overall squad effort, but now the pressure seems to be getting to the young players and also showing up the players that just haven't got it, at the end of the day you need the right kind of money to buy the right players to do a job, hopefully in January.
  7. My opinion on Jack is based over the last two years, he is also injury prone. Looking good and being good are two different things and speaking about the whole team, we don't look that bad at times but the stats get in the way. Having said that he didn't do much wrong and I don't know if you agree, its no use one man being good when the team are going nowhere.
  8. There is fuck all there to change a game, the squad isn't good enough and the results at home really shows up how bad we are and tonight Gerrard went for damage limitation hoping for a 1-0 win against a shite team. At half time he should have went all out for goals with the changes made with Grezda and Lafferty, even have started with Grezda with Arfield in the middle and binned that donkey Coulibaly. We needed a win and he picked three defensive Mids, says it all.
  9. He looked good but Rapid didn't really put us under intense pressure.
  10. No, McGregor fucked up big time, nothing to do with attacking.
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