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  1. Morelos missed chances Yesterday.

    For all the good he does on the pitch, he is dismal in front of goal and brutal in 1 to 1 with goalies and that's what wins games goals!.
  2. Ethan Hamilton and Scott McTominay

    Just consider Hamilton, very little money, allegedly defrauded enough to threaten their existence and yet against us they looked like a top SPL side. Just consider Rangers, £30 million/year earnings, 50 thousand home crowds and we looked like a bottom of the league side in application, we made enough chances to win three games in a row yesterday. Being realistic, we are not playing in the EPL and should be able to bring in and play the right players to at least achieve 2nd spot with a proper manager in place, but this board have made an arse of it and obviously have no idea how to run a football club.
  3. Ethan Hamilton and Scott McTominay

    Depends how you define success, we are anything but successful in running a football club and going nowhere. To me, Rangers getting loan players shows the club isn't being run properly, that's easy to work out.
  4. Ethan Hamilton and Scott McTominay

    Sums us up under this board, second/third best and it could get worse.
  5. Twatter press conference Murty& jw

    I can't believe we are talking about a coach being the long term manager of Rangers and a DOF who has never managed a football club running the show FFS. If we have no real money to bring in a top manager then Murty should at least get us 2/3 place for a few years until we are in a position to move for a top manager instead of bringing in, lets say McInnes who would at least get us 2nd position with no real difference to Murty in not winning the title. The end game has to be a top manager and money to win the title and champions league football, although the latter is getting more distant every year.
  6. Just seen the official photos to launch the laces, they couldn’t have picked two more gay looking players, you could picture them at a gay club with chaps.
  7. Dorrans going to see specialist

    Never knew he was missed.
  8. Wallace out till next year.

    What potential he couldn’t tackle a plate of mince and tatties.
  9. McCrorie,Wilson,Alves and cardoso

    Dump a world cup player, for a newcomer, really?. We have won against two pish teams, nothing has changed. Wilson has been found out in the past, your opinion is very short sighted as why did Rangers have to release a statement on why Alves wasn't picked yesterday, still dressing room divisions?.
  10. Mark Allen's Thoughts

    What has a DOF got to do with picking a manager, a managers CV picks him for the job and the only obstacle is the money the board are willing to spend and the benchmark is Brenda’s wage, just for starters. Just like quality players, it requires money, due diligence for this board means second best as a good manager knows it takes money to build a good team and not just for the SPL. I hope to be proved wrong.

    Go now pedro.
  12. Souness

    The plenty as you call them don't pick the team or the tactics or have any input on the mediocre results and turn up at least every two weeks to back the team. We have been shite for about 6 years now and the common denominator is players with no skill never mind attitude, oh, and poor managers, BTW, didn't Souness lose the dressing room at Liverpool.
  13. What if.......

    The writing on the wall was Neiderkorrn, way before the season started and he never heeded it by keeping losers and signing losers, also the board never heeded the warning either, they also are losers who have employed a loser, it's a vicious circle at Ibrox, the blind leading the blind and Rangers are well and truly stuck in a pit of mediocrity. All the losers need to go, patience with losers?, more money to losers?, a lot of Rangers fans seem to be losers on this forum, but that was not the case at Hampden on Sunday as everybody round about me were shouting for his head and had no patience by heading for the exit long before the final whistle, well nobody likes a loser.
  14. Someone please justify his position

    They are running out of players to blame, it's been a divided dressing room for two weeks now, he's fucked.