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  1. danger ranger

    Saido Berahino

    Just shows you how bad he is, all that money he has by not scoring and he pays 5 grand for a ride, a total loser.
  2. danger ranger

    Saido Berahino

    He couldn't score in a brothel.
  3. danger ranger

    Miller to Aberdeen

    Professional player chases money SHOCKER!!!.
  4. danger ranger

    Liverpool pumped (bear with me)

    Clocked the satanic towel in the celebration shot, for their 13th win.
  5. danger ranger

    F*cking sick of it

    I have seen posts on here slagging them off as rubbish and yet in the last two years they have got stronger and have knocked fuck out of us too many times with an ordinary squad of players and here we are back to square one with another rookie manager with Rangers fans again giving it large with embarrassing boasts. The op said we are coming and they know it, really, hows about shutting our big gubs and really just get on with it, the fans are just as bad as King and his embarrassing house of cards war cry when in truth he has folded his shite cards before the game has even started.
  6. danger ranger

    F*cking sick of it

    You could see merit in anything you want to, but unfortunately reality won't budge. This is last chance saloon, way back in the 1970's it took Waddell about 5 years to wrestle the league off them and that was with a European and domestic cups in the locker, no way is this going to be easy.
  7. danger ranger

    F*cking sick of it

    Oh but it has been accepted, to the point of being obsessed with them winning 10ir, instead of building a sound foundation over the last 3 years to challenge them, complete failures from the boardroom down and the fans are just as guilty backing them. The plan this year seems to be stop 8ir by bringing in a high profile rookie manager with ageing but experienced players and the fans again are getting carried away, it might work at the cost of standing still, last chance saloon?.
  8. danger ranger

    ***Rumours thread***

    He has just recovered from a heart condition and is coming to the famous for rehabilitation along with Rossiter.
  9. danger ranger

    ***Rumours thread***

    We do, its called the hard way.
  10. Stealth, we are signing players that are passed it, but lets hope thread, well it maybe third time lucky, if the wind blows the right way, if they don't get injured or pissed off at getting beat by the scum and do one to a doctor far away.
  11. danger ranger

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    We really are getting desperate, bringing back treacherous over the hill players here for a final payday, lets get it straight, they play for money not us and we foot the bill. SG is his own man, ffs, funny that he likes over the hill exRangers players, but what the fuck let's go for 55 😉
  12. danger ranger

    Where's Murty gone?

    Hopefully to fuck.
  13. danger ranger

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Another pension plan by the backward thinking Rangers, 36 years old rat bastard, he has been a rotten selfish bastard all his life, bleeding the goodness out of everywhere he goes including grannies. I hope he gets a career finishing injury. This board and Allen and now seemingly SG bringing in has beens, they are bereft of any money or ambition and panache, we just need to look over the last two years and the failures of signing old finished players, no lessons learned by Rangers just more of the same old mince served up to the fans who are footing the bill for all these failures, it would make you fucking sick.
  14. danger ranger

    BBC Article

    Moh going to the chapel last week is also part of the campaign imo
  15. danger ranger


    Thank fuck he isn't black.