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  1. That fact never stopped them in the past, looking at the present board members and how they do business it's definitely not going to change a habit of a life time. The term local assistant job is a non entity, made up nonsense. European sides have no problem in seeing off Scottish sides and they know nothing of Scottish football, every year!!. Along with the DOF it will end up as jobs for the boys when the only person that really matters is the manager and how well he does his job, just look at Hearts and the chaos surrounding their DOF and the manager at the weekend, nuff said.
  2. The fact he quit his job at Clyde tells me he is the local coach regardless of all the shite going on about McLeish.
  3. Don't think he will, at the presser before the Hamilton game he mentioned their place in the league, scoring rate and goals conceded, in other words telling everybody we should beat them. He seems a manager that knows what his side is capable of and won't except excuses.
  4. If Waghorn had taken most of his good chances at goal this season he would be easily on the road to 30 goals by now!!. Griffiths as an example is quite simply a second rate striker who couldn't make it in the English championship yet scored 40 goals last season, whether we achieve it or not it's an indication of a title winning side. Its not so much ultra high scoring but scoring important goals and putting them away when he should and he hasn't been doing that. 4 weeks ago this forum was calling for every players head, now it's aw give them a second chance or even praising them to the high heavens. It will be interesting to see what changes the new manager makes, at the moment he has hobson's choice, come summer may be different.
  5. Leigh Griffiths managed 40 goals in a lack lustre scum team, a second rate Wolves striker, same as Miller. But go ahead with your head in the sand, we need high scoring dynamic strikers not just for playing in Scotland but Europe, just like you, most Rangers fans have become lost in this "we have no money excuse" as if it somehow lets us off in excepting second rate strikers. Garner looked out of place on Saturday and likewise Dodoo when he came on, made no difference to the performance, it's early days, maybe the new manager can get the best out of them, time will tell, but on this seasons performances all the strikers have been below par and ultimately can only be tested against top opposition, granted that will be in old firm, crunch games and European games and the final decision on what strikers will come from the manager and not from forum posters and the manager has to make the correct call.
  6. Why keep an average player when he will only keep a good striker from being in the team and that goes for every player at Rangers. We beat a shit team yesterday and we play shit teams just about every week, our future strikers need to be averaging 40 goals a season and the midfield contributing a lot more than they have been, at times Waghorn is too slow to react and clumsy with it and that's playing in Scottish football!!. We will probably be playing in Europe next year, we need to move on and get suitable strikers.
  7. Waghorn hasn't got the finishing that's required, also his touch is too heavy with bad control under pressure, perfect example was when he was elbowed in the face due to not controlling the ball.
  8. Never defeated always cheated, Dembele got away with blatant simulation in the second half, Karma's a bitch.
  9. Mourinho cant have it both ways, TV gives EPL teams mega money, Pogba..90 million?. Personally I think it's too many games, but more importantly do the clubs think that way when they can afford a stronger and bigger squad.
  10. That's what I thought, a bit slow like most of the Rangers players today, but obviously playing to a plan to stop the scum getting a rythim going.
  11. He must have been promised a decent amount, because he has to replace a lot of underachievers. Even if we had won the game today there are players who are just not good enough, time will tell.
  12. We should all just calm down, there is still badly needed improvements in the midfield and defence.
  13. He gets away with it because our midfield is too lightweight.
  14. Murty said he had a secret advisor, thinking over the game today and can't help thinking it's Walter Smith, we didn't play that well, awkward at times but stuck to our plan and got the draw and if Waghorn had taken his chances we would have won. Having said that we still need a better players brought in, especially in defence and in midfield we are too lightweight.
  15. Throwing money at our cause in the short term isn't good for us!!!, when every successful team does throw money at the short term to ensure they have a long term. Ashley's retail deal is stopping investment, really or the reality is this board just don't/won't invest their own money but throw away the fans money in bad appointments, court cases etc. The old saying comes to mind, buy cheap in the short term and it costs you more in the long term and still no further forward. So many posters on here have been brainwashed by Kings lies, as a matter of fact they are beyond help and keep repeating the same old mantra, no money, we are all you have, retail deal is killing us, it's Ashley's fault, it's a long term project, absolutely pathetic. For Rangers sake this new manager has to succeed from the get go, if not I fear we will be years behind the scum and remember it took them 9 years to get back at us.