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  1. So the protestant scum supporters sang IRA songs and the catholic Rangers supporters sing hello hello FFS.
  2. His accountant will have his money well hid.
  3. It was a friendly against a European side who's style is to let you play all you want but you need the skill to break them down and the evidence of the game is we created next to no chances. Looking good is one thing and to be good is another, they are a class side who looked to be strolling the game as a warm up, apart from the latter stages of the second half they never got out of first gear and only reacted to our aggressive play when needed. The obvious lack of chances being created is a worry and even with a new manager it still persists.
  4. Good enough considering who we were playing, they stretched their legs in the second half and reminded us that we have a lot of work to get to their level of play.
  5. Fans backing the manager, I don't even know what that means, the manager stands and falls on his own ability, he either has it to succeed or not and so far he has shown himself to be short of the mark.
  6. It's always been a comic book and anyone that reads it is a joke. The only people that matter is the SFA and UEFA, if they do nothing, then it's all right for everyone else to do it.
  7. We already sack the manager every season.
  8. In suggesting players are good when they have still to prove themselves, including the manager. The threads will only go away when the manager and players actually look like a team, lucky for them that they are playing in the SPL, that should take some of the heat off them, we will see.
  9. I don't need to answer questions about a total fuck up, Pedro and the board need to do that, but since you can see the future do you really need answers.
  10. They were all shite for fuck sake, how come?.
  11. Question What is a pound worth answer What ever you believe it to be worth Your post shows me you think it's worth a pound, not very clever are you, one of the sheeple who can't see further than your own nose, thick as fuck.
  12. He's done nothing but get it wrong since he's been here, he needs to go before the season starts or we will be starting from scratch in three months time, as for Cardoso he wasn't too clever against the pub team from Luxembourg and there is no proof that the new signings are any good.
  13. There is no such thing as tax laws, because if there was, the big corporations would have to pay up and they don't, offshore accounts also prove that there is no tax laws. The only so called tax laws are for the public and they grab our money before you get paid or buy anything. As you say, they only target who they want and do deals with who they want, who controls those decisions, it ain't laws that's for sure. Just like the bank of England its owned and run by a list of names and has nothing whatsoever to do with England or Britain.