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  1. The OP has had mair baws in his mooth than a hungry hungry hippo
  2. Billy Davies and Gordon Dalziel dream team
  3. As an aside McCoist really does my nut in these days. Shit pundit, shit insight into the game and shit attitude towards us. Tried to give him the benifit of the doubt but he has no redeeming qualities these days
  4. Aye you're probably right. Post was more in hope than expectation.
  5. It's pretty clear he wants to go to the EPL. The only way I can see him staying is if none of the big six come in for him. Gerrard might be able to convince him another season will get him his big move.
  6. We're in discussions to bring him here this month according to stv news.
  7. Can't remember all this indignation after the Hibs game at the start of last season when Stokes got away with assault twice. Gordon Dalziel is an absolute cunt by the way.
  8. smartypants


    Sky sports news laying it on thick. The shettleston harriers must be spewing
  9. @born a blue nose is a grass Pass it on
  10. Still absolutely fucking flying Enjoy your night troops 👍
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