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  1. I see blackmanredemption is back
  2. Senor Frogs Careful though, the roof always seems to catch fire.
  3. Sort oot the grub Rangers ffs!
  4. James a black and garry carmody are easily the best bears on twitter imo
  5. Free run at goal from the halfway line!
  6. Letting that cunt run past him like that was criminal.
  7. More than likely gambling imo.
  8. Am sure I read his club would be looking for 3.5 million though.
  9. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
  10. Thought we were keeping it shtum frank, there might be lurkers
  11. Think he should get 10 games of the new season at least.
  12. Again what if McInnes flops, how long does he get?
  13. My point is that there's no guarantee a new manager will hit the ground running. At some point we're going to need to give someone a good crack at it.
  14. Say we brought in McInnes and he has a bad start, 1 win in 5 or similar. Do we get rid, rinse and repeat?
  15. He took the barrage well. If it goes to the 3rd he'll probably be favourite