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  1. smartypants


    We're in discussions to bring him here this month according to stv news.
  2. smartypants

    No further punishment for Morelos

    Can't remember all this indignation after the Hibs game at the start of last season when Stokes got away with assault twice. Gordon Dalziel is an absolute cunt by the way.
  3. smartypants


    Sky sports news laying it on thick. The shettleston harriers must be spewing
  4. smartypants

    Ryan jacks a fucking Protestant!!!!

    @born a blue nose is a grass Pass it on
  5. smartypants

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    Still absolutely fucking flying Enjoy your night troops 👍
  6. smartypants

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    3 EPL matches on sky one today.
  7. smartypants

    Player Nicknames

    Tefal napper my clel hell
  8. smartypants

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    Hivs cutting our allocation towards the end of last season and the subsequent sneering from the media at our complaints gave the board the idea imo.
  9. smartypants

    Rangers tv

    Get your grandson round to sort it 👍
  10. Jamie Murphy sounds like zed from Police Academy
  11. smartypants

    We have to capitalise today, close that gap.

    OP's just jinxed it
  12. smartypants

    Brenda rodgers

    Diddy Aghast