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  1. Hallelujah
  2. Do you not wonder where it came from and why?
  3. The news of this broke the morning after we got skelped by hearts by a prominent fans group type on twitter. I found that dodgy as fuck.
  4. That whole Warburtons daughter carry on seemed to me like a smear tbh.
  5. Am gonny try mate, when does the good stuff start? Bout half 1ish as usual?
  6. Am gonny smash you wae my inherited mongo strength for that
  7. You got a problem with retards ya bam? My Da's a retard
  8. Kick and no rush mate. Not a shot on target for 80 mins.
  9. Can't string three passes together ffs
  10. Fucking stinking
  11. The Dude opines..
  12. Johnny McFarlane > the dude
  13. Where's this mate?