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  1. smartypants

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Welcome Jon
  2. smartypants

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Don't think it should be Wallace but you're right about the slap in the face.
  3. smartypants

    Kirkwood/Murty problem

    Its not as simple as that though. It could be argued that the current success of the youths is down to the work Murty has done since he's been at the club. (not saying it is though)
  4. smartypants

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Good point, Wallace and Miller probably felt emboldened after the Pedro fiasco earlier in the season.
  5. smartypants

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Wallace and Miller had played in some similar pumpings in the last few years. What gives them the right?
  6. smartypants

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

  7. smartypants

    ***Rumours thread***

    Ffs ffs
  8. smartypants

    So with Stevie in France....

    On the gear wae Davie Weir
  9. smartypants

    Tavernier's 'mutilated' dug

    Couldn't give a flying fuck about this. It's clearly a hobby of his and its not as if he's clipping the dogs ears himself.
  10. smartypants

    Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    I don't disagree, my point is I think the club and Warburton had came to some sort of verbal agreement about them leaving and it somehow went to fuck. It's why I don't think they deserve the snakes/rats tag.
  11. smartypants

    Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    When though? And why then the clusterfuck with Warburton denying it at first and the board contradicting themselves with the dates in the statement?
  12. smartypants

    Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    I've got a wee bit of a theory on it. Might be completely wrong and am happy to be shot down.. I think sometime around the Hearts pumping, the board told W&W they'd be sacked or resigned at some later date. When Warburton was spotted at Nottingham they saw an opportunity to cut their losses without having to give them a payout. It could explain Warburton's initial bewilderment when the news broke he had resigned. Could explain why the statement from the board was confusing as there seemed to be a discrepancy in their timeline of events. Iirc they claimed W&W had resigned on a certain date but they had took training on days after. Might also explain why they went to the LMA with a grievance.
  13. smartypants

    Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    Link to this please? What's your take on the original events? Do you think it's as straightforward as them being caught engineering a way out of the club? Do you think Weir is deserving of being called a cunt/rat/snake over this?
  14. smartypants

    Lucas Leiva (Lazio)

  15. smartypants

    Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    All of your points on how he left are conjecture which over time, has turned into 'facts'. Davie Weir is a good bear and was an absolute class act for us for years. None of us know exactly what went on but I wouldn't trust this board as far as I could grogger so would be willing to at least give him the benefit of the doubt.