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  1. I just got it at the start of lockdown after only playing Pubg for the last year and a half. It's addictive as fuck. Ground War is good aswell once you get to grips with it
  2. Had two 3rd places in br solos in the last couple of days. It's getting closer.
  3. Ipa > normal beer > poofy Berry flavour cider > rose wine
  4. Quite like the Ground War mode.
  5. Absolutely loved Euro 96. Was 16 and having the time of my life
  6. Looks like Aribo hurt himself there
  7. If that was meant, it was some pass from Jack
  8. Apparently a bust up after the game lennon told christie he'll not be playing for him again. Could just be twitter mischief though
  9. Combined well with Arfield
  10. Want to see a bit more from Aribo today. After a good start he's fell away a fair bit last few games
  11. Punch their fucking cunts in TopCat
  12. The OP is either the finest troll any forum has ever seen or.. Is an absolute shit for brains mongo
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