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  1. Strikers that have never scored for us....

    Lee Feeney
  2. Ibrox roofs - building warrant granted

    Sufferin' succatash!
  3. Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    He's clearly using them as a comforter. Big fella misses us already.
  4. Kris Boyd On Summer Signings

    Boyd is an hypocritical pea brained waster
  5. If only...

    That hibs game still sticks in ma craw. Can't remember being more sickened at the football tbh.
  6. Hate having it rammed down my throat
  7. Jordan Rossiter

    Am sure I read somewhere he has some issue with his spine which in turn affects his groin. Not a straight forward injury.
  8. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Fucking goal!
  9. Pena

    Check this bheasty bastard.. http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363
  10. There seems to be de ja vu on this forum

    Paul Sergio
  11. McInnes- is it now or never?

    The OP rakes midgy's
  12. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Butcher already at it
  13. Another Good Bear Gone

    Condolences to you and the family kev. All the best
  14. 3-3 v Morton

    Raging if true
  15. Bluenose 2

    More of blondie?
  16. Slovak coach hints at underhand tactics.

    The OP has questionable parentage
  17. Scotland v Slovakia

    Black man redemption / wade wilson
  18. Anyone else get this?

    The OP buzzes gas
  19. Third Kit..

    Where's the best place to buy it from that ensures Mike Ashley gets a few bob?
  20. Jim from coronation street

    Ah killed a man elizabeth AH KILLED A MAN!
  21. Cardoso Celebrating A Great Tackle

    Punch his fucking cunt in