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  1. He is happy, but still wants more...no resting, always looking forward, brilliant.
  2. Sea Bear

    Scotland fans in kilts and stupid hats

    Though “Flower of Scotland” was always sung, I remember in football when it always used to be Scotland the Brave which was used as the anthem.
  3. Sea Bear


    Thought all cards were reset for the group stages, that everybody starts with a clean slate. Somebody posted on here a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Sea Bear

    Joe Worrall Loan Confirmed By SG

    England U21, highly rated by Gerrard, yes defensive
  5. Maybe hadn’t seen the replay yet, however he does state time and again do not give refs a decision to make. Credit to players and all staff, unbelievable
  6. Sea Bear

    He just gets it!!

    To get that display with 9 men just shows the belief that he has instilled in the squad, years since we could say players play for the badge on the shirt. Today has shown that’s exactly what it means when they step out on the field. so proud of what has been achieved.
  7. Sea Bear

    Halliday & Gerrard

    But all credit to Gerrard in getting Andy to produce solid performances
  8. Sea Bear

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Outstanding, great performance by the 9 left on the field
  9. Sea Bear

    Where to get delayed stream of Ufa match?

    Need another browser, believe it’s dolphin as safari doesn’t support RTV live.
  10. Sea Bear

    The Rangers Archives - Facebook

    He is still going to raffle off some of the memorabilia, with the proceeds going to a Rangers Charity
  11. Sea Bear

    Words of song

    I was born under a Union Jack being another.
  12. Sea Bear

    Pedros Local Assistant

    Going by the presser, seems he happy for Kenny to continue with the under 20s, so he is ruled out currently. As to the attributes being looked for that seems a harder position to peg.
  13. Sea Bear

    ***** The Official Taigs v Rangers Match Thread *****

    A bit of heart and standing up, as others have said feels as good as a win
  14. Sea Bear

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    Yeah he has just been sacked