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  1. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Went to do the same myself but didn't get the bet on in time before the red card, went down to 7/1 after. Waited til it hit double figures again and got a fiver on at 11s about a minute before they scored. Never usually win a button on football either.
  2. Hard luck stories

    @markem This is a humblebrag, not a fucking hard luck story. Well in tho ;)
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You're not looking at the big picture mate. Brendan's brief is to do well in Europe and he'll be under pressure to do just that. I'd like to see them get to the semis before they get knocked out. Whole of his operation under pressure fighting on two fronts. Quite happy for them to hold off turning on him until about May.
  4. The thing is that Hutton, Cuellar, Danny Wilson, even Jelavic didn't amount to much after they left us. So the top(ish) English teams aren't shopping at Ibrox anymore. £9m now or jam tomorrow? Even as a mad gambler I wouldn't take the chance.
  5. Fair dos, forgot about Hutton. And Cuellar went for about £8m too didn't he. Just think we'd be daft to reject £9m for Morelos at the moment.
  6. I don't understand the point in choosing an arbitrary number for what the guy is worth. Our biggest transfer in was obviously Flo at £10m and our biggest transfer out was much less. It's probably on here somewhere: http://www.soccerbase.com/teams/team.sd?team_id=2104&teamTabs=transfers Have a look at the 'out' business we've done over the last 10 years. It's fucking frightening. Not much money at all coming in. Just say we sold Morelos, Allen can say to incoming players, "We can improve you, you will be noticed here if you do well."
  7. Of course we'd need a replacement but we have never sold a player for anything like £9m. And we're not really in a position to turn down that kind of money for a player we paid a million for 8 months ago. £9m is probably about a quarter to a fifth of our total revenue at the moment. With the new scouting setup I'm hopeful a replacement could be found for maybe even just twice what we paid for AM?
  8. Because anything could happen over the next six months, and we might not get offered £9m again even if nothing does.
  9. If that's true that there's £9m on offer I say take it. And find another Morelos. He's not going to be here next season anyway, it's just a question of how much we can get for the guy.
  10. the liewell fantasy - septic are bigger than Rangers

    Six posts in a row just isn't cricket old boy.
  11. Ayr Races

    Think if I was off to Ayr tomorrow I'd be betting on Exeter on the big screen... Going is heavy and some of the fields are very small. Anyway, top trainers on Level Stake Profit are Paul Nicholls with +£32.00 over the last 5 years (11 winners from 43 runners) and Martin Todhunter with +£6.48 (9 winners from 59). Everyone else posts a loss and neither of those two have anything out tomorrow. The Uncle Ernie system I use flags up these trainers for the current season at Ayr: So that would give you: GRADE B SELECTIONS Ayr 2.55 Grand Morning 4.30 Moorstown 5.00 Rivabodiva GRADE C SELECTIONS Ayr 3.25 Progress Drive 4.00 The Delray Munky HORSES TRUMPED BY OTHER SELECTIONS ABOVE Ayr 5.00 Green Tikkana (C), Bertalus (C) I'd tread carefully with those, it's unlikely Lucinda Russell is going to come up with three winners tomorrow. I track Ernie's horses to follow, Marten Julian's and the Raceform and Timeform ones but there aren't any running at Ayr. Anyway, best of luck mate!
  12. Betfair are cunts

    Was just wondering if some of your settings might have reported a non-UK IP to them at some point.
  13. Betfair are cunts

    Are you still overseas, like your RM location says mate?
  14. Ayr Races

    Will post a couple of selections tomorrow night mate.
  15. Betfair are cunts

    @RDB14 If you've done Rfc52's Twitter suggestion let me know, I'll ask some racing people to retweet.