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  1. Can you do that thing they used to do in the Empire cinema in Clydebank? They'd put in about a third of the popcorn then scoosh the hot butter on it. Another third, more hot butter. Then the last third and more butter. Fucking amazing.
  2. That's a cracking way to engage Rangers fans around the globe. Tell them they're second class because they don't have season tickets. He's obviously studied the Manchester United business model.
  3. See to be honest I think it's the toilets that should be job #1. Am afraid to admit I've got a mate who's into his rugby and he always goes on and on about how great Murrayfield is. So he's got tickets for the Rugby Sevens for the Commonwealth Games at Ibrox and he was asking me why I thought our stadium was the best in Scotland. "Are the corners filled in?" -Yes only in two and at the lower tier. So on it went, daft question after daft question. Was sure he'd change his mind seeing the whole place from the Sandy Jardine stand. But all he went on about was the toilets reeking of pish. Surely that's a quick and easy fix.
  4. He's not making an arse of himself at all, he's just at the wind-up. If he gets a rise out of them then job done as far as I'm concerned.
  5. 2.30 Santry 3.05 Mirage Dancer 3.40 Mori 4.20 Sheikhzayedroad
  6. Cheers, have sent them a tweet.
  7. Friend of mine is coming to London with her family around Christmas. She's wanting to take her father to Arsenal v Liverpool on December 23rd and I was thinking I would meet up with them too. Agencies are all punting tickets at over £200 a skull and there's no chance I'm paying £700 for three. Anyone got any ideas? Any help appreciated.
  8. Timeform did alright today with 4 from 6 so am going with them for tomorrow. 2.30 Whitecliffsofdover 3.05 Happy Like A Fool 3.40 Qemah 4.20 Ulysses 5.00 George William 5.35 Gymnaste
  9. Wee cow in the bookies bumped me with a Gibraltar £1 coin tonight. Just seen them on ebay selling for £4. I win.
  10. Was expecting a Sgt Pepper parody song Bronzy.
  11. Haven't seen Willie McCreery sending many horses to Carlisle on a Monday either Edit: stable switch to John McConnell, whoever the fuck he is.
  12. Think the Timeform one is probably best. It just annoyed me how late at night all the trackers send their emails so I made my own one. Wee Excel spreadsheet that pulls tomorrow's runners from and tells me horses that are Uncle Ernie's Italic Horses, Raceform 100 To Follow, Timeform 50 and Marten Julian's Dark Horses... along with any I've stuck in myself. Works just after midnight for the day after. So being that it's just after midnight, this is what it gives me for Monday:
  13. His wee foray outside it on Saturday night was a fucking car crash.
  14. @JohnD doesn't like this.
  15. Mate of mine used to work in a bar and he used to get samples of all sorts of shit. Some Diageo rep came in and gave him a case of Bailey's miniatures. Naturally we knew there was only one man who would appreciate such a thing, so we drove up to Big Amo's house and rang the bell. He wasn't in so we just left it on the doorstep for him.