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  1. When a red card that changed a game like that is rescinded there should be something else happening. Have no idea what tho. Maybe they could order the ref to go round to Lennon's house and boot him in the balls or something.
  2. Funny how? Let me understand this, it may be a bit fucked up maybe. But I'm funny, I'm funny how? I'm funny like I'm a clown who's here to amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to amuse you? What do you mean funny? Funny how? How am I funny?
  3. Fuck that. Uncle Watty has done his time and done it well. Let him enjoy his retirement.
  4. That fake Big Sam twitter account was fucking hilarious. After a win the guy would tweet stuff like: "Once again Big Sam opens the legs of fear, parts the labia of doubt and feasts on the clitoris of triumph."
  5. He's still worth a start and is still a good player. But as others have said on here, I hope there's a plan in place to phase him out gracefully over this season.
  6. It seems a bit ridiculous to type it, but Laudrup and Davie Cooper would surely be up there with the best. Decent CBs are a pretty rare commodity these days and with the good ones going for £25-£40m now you have to wonder about Butcher and Gough. You could go on all night wondering about this
  7. You'd have to weigh that against how fit top players are now and how fit All really never was.
  8. Am a wee bit afraid of Tony Martin's horses these days. But have jumped on, cheers for the info mrwin.
  9. 1. Yeah 2. Definitely 3. Fucking whit?
  10. .
  11. Ground's a bit fucking rough for this time of year. Seen a good few good horses going up and down on the spot on the run in in the last few days. Hope it clears up for Goodwood next week.
  12. They should just get rid of the UN and all of its agencies and get tgb on the case. Kings among men.
  13. A 365 mastercard? Fuck taking credit off a bookie.
  14. Fuck that, they'd recover within about a year from something like that.