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  1. They should just get rid of the UN and all of its agencies and get tgb on the case. Kings among men.
  2. A 365 mastercard? Fuck taking credit off a bookie.
  3. Fuck that, they'd recover within about a year from something like that.
  4. Chinese guy walks into a bar and sees there is a black man tending the bar. "Pint of Raga prease Nigga!" Barman says to him, "Look that's offensive to me, you can't walk into anywhere these days using racist terms like that. In fact, you get behind the bar and I'll come in and say something equivalent to you. Then you'll maybe get it." So the barman takes off his apron and gives it to the Chinese guy who walks behind the bar and waits. Barman goes outside, comes in and shouts, "Pint of lager please, Chink!" -"Am solly, we no serve Niggas in here."
  5. For the purpose of helping your joke. How many letters?
  6. . Double post.
  7. Guy's walking down the road and he sees a sign in a shop window. "Handjobs £2, Scotch Pies £1." So he walks in and asks the lassie behind the counter if she's the one that does the wanks for £2. "Aye that's me." -Well wash your fucking hands hen, I'm wanting a pie.
  8. You started a thread called "Joke Time" and failed to kick it off with an actual joke. Am close to coming out with an insult, but I don't do that.
  9. Old Uncle Urnie usually does alright at The Curragh, GRADE A SELECTIONS Curragh 2.05 Dawn Delivers, Magical, Rince Deireanach, Scoil Naisiunta 3.10 Sea Swift 3.45 Peace Envoy, Spirit Of Valor 4.15 New Terms 5.20 Muniza GRADE B SELECTIONS None GRADE C SELECTIONS None ITALIC HORSES Curragh 3.45 Mubtasim FANCY FORECASTS Curragh 2.05 Boragh Steps (B) 4.15 Surrounding (B) 5.20 Kamili (B) MARTEN JULIAN DARK HORSES Curragh 5.20 Famous Pearl (Ireland) RACEFORM 100 TO FOLLOW Maisons-Laffitte 4.10 Al Wukair TIMEFORM 50 TO FOLLOW None JOHN GIBBY WELL-HANDICAPPED 3YOS None
  10. Nice one picking out Bernardo O'Reilly mate. Wasn't on it but impressive win by 6L in a 7f Maiden at 18s!
  11. So they're obviously going to spread the football over three channels so that you have to pay £26 to get all of it, and then you're thinking, "fuck it, it's only an extra £1.50 for the rest of the channels." Arseholes.
  12. Think Kevin Ryan's Rural Celebration should win the 4.25 at Ayr. Stable change from O'Meara a few months ago and Ryan's had it out once in a Class 1 at Ayr since he got his licence back. Beaten by a length and a quarter. Surprised to see 5/1 available in a Class 3 Handicap at the same track, only thing I'm concerned about is the 10st it's carrying. Having a go anyway.
  13. Thought it was dogs at Belle Vue.