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  1. Steven Gerrard

    Pish. A bear would have told me to go and fuck myself.
  2. Steven Gerrard

    @Blue Viking, @Walter-of-Smith, @livibear101 Could you please supply some information regarding the schools you attended as a child?
  3. Steven Gerrard

    We could have won the league this season without even having to bother outthinking that fanny though.
  4. Steven Gerrard Y or N

    Don't know who I'd go for if it were me mate, as always I would hope to have learned from my previous mistakes though. This lot don't seem to have that approach.
  5. Steven Gerrard

    I kind of feel for fans of the bigger wee clubs in London. Like Fulham. They've never won a top honour in their history. Who the fuck can turn up every week and support a team like that?
  6. Steven Gerrard Y or N

    They're all being paid very well to do their jobs, they can whistle for sympathy about how difficult or not it might be.
  7. Steven Gerrard

    Walter in the background working 2 or 3 days a month would work for me mate. If he could talk SAF into working one day a month as well that would be perfect.
  8. Steven Gerrard

    Aye that's their job. Doesn't get you off the hook.
  9. Steven Gerrard

    What you doing looking at another guy's knob in the gym?
  10. Big Eck (fucking nauseating)

    Saint Lego of Dunfermline would have pulled the jersey on again without a thought if the new Scotland manager had been 'celtic-minded'. Does Eck really not get this?
  11. Excited for the new season

    This is just nonsense you're coming out with here. Do you think the state we're in just now is a result of not enough of the support wanting it?
  12. Excited for the new season

    Where did you get insight like that from?
  13. Steven Gerrard

    I wasn't comparing him to Pedro, I was comparing him to Graeme Souness like you did.
  14. Steven Gerrard

    Are you at it? Just as a daft example. See when you see him on TV does he sound sure of himself or does he go, "Eh, eh, well, this and that... and eh eh maybe that and this." Souness sits beside him and talks clearly and confidently. Even after so many years out of the game he still knows what he's talking about. Souness MK2
  15. Steven Gerrard

    You do realise that you don't have to get behind this guy until he's appointed manager, if he ever is?