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  1. The problem is pure and simply financial

    I don't accept that the reason we got a half decent result that day was just because they were having a bad day.
  2. nothing that some steel won’t fix.

    Think it was a bit daft to give Wez his new contract last week. He goes into the OF thinking he's amazing and everything's cool. Why not wait til after it and have him thinking a performance is needed? Or even wait til December.
  3. The problem is pure and simply financial

    Money is a factor, but it's not everything. There are other things we could be looking at, things we might have to be looking at instead of spending. Graeme Murty got our best result against them in the last year a couple weeks into the caretaker job, and at their midden too. If GM can do that with a bunch of players he didn't buy and hadn't worked with for that long, why can't Pedro offer anything approaching a similar performance at Ibrox? With a team he's had for 6 months that he's bought 10-11 players for?
  4. Foderingham

    Why not bring the big man in to help with goalkeeping coaching. He's not that busy just now I don't think.
  5. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    Think I'm about even. It's been a shiter. Mon the jumps.
  6. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    Cos it's a fucking mug's game. The guy who started Ernie went to Eton and has two degrees, one from Oxford and the other from the University of Idaho. Even he can't make head nor tail of it all sometimes.
  7. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    I'm not worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as that guy mate, he's on another level.
  8. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    Just to be clear, I wasn't arguing with westenclosure2008 there. Merely offering some information.
  9. Have you often wondered where they would have been?

    Around about the same time there was a tottie famine in Scotland caused by the same fucking thing, blight or whatever it was. People in Glasgow and Edinburgh donated so much money to the Highlanders and Lowland farmers affected that not many people had to up and leave the place. Contrast that with what the irish did for their own people. Which was round about fuck all.
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    Exactly, the bastards deliberately priced that up at 5p more than it should have been.
  11. The Boxing News Thread

    Would have helped you out mate, but we only have enough horses for our own men here.
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    Nice wee win for the bookies then. Fucking bullshit.
  13. The Boxing News Thread

    Without a doubt, he's stalking Alvarez round the ring while A tries to find a safe place to fight back from. Not happening for him.
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    365 just shortened Alvarez from 13/8 to 6/4. To me that means stay the fuck away.