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  1. 9 hours ago, Courtyard Bear said:

    Yes because if we don’t then things have got that bad that we are fighting in the streets over food, millions of families turfed out on the street aka complete breakdown of society. 

    We should simply let the virus run it’s course get on with our life’s and the ones that don’t make it to the others side then I’m sorry for them. But this is simply a numbers game now and the economy comes first or it will be a generation if not more before the country is back on its feet. 

    Absolutely ridiculous post. You should be ashamed of yourself for that as should everyone who liked it.

    The lives of the old are worth as much as the lives of the young. The lives of the poor are worth the same as those of the rich.

    The economy comes first? Have you fucking lost all sense mate? Fuck sake.

  2. The thing that sticks in my craw a bit is their blanket 50% wage cut or redundancy.

    Cut the players' wages by 75% and save their normal people the hardship. Why the fuck should someone on £25k a year have to absorb the same pain as someone like Naismith who's likely on something like £25k a month. 

    Still, fuck them.

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  3. 8 hours ago, glasgow argyle said:

    Horse racing in u.k. suspended from tomorrow,  not sure about R.O.I.

    They're deciding in Ireland tomorrow, as it stands there's Dundalk on Friday, Thurles on Saturday and Downpatrick and Naas on Sunday.

    Saw a few high profile people like Gordon Elliott calling for it to stay on.

    See if they cancel the dogs as well I'm jumping off a bridge.

  4. 10 minutes ago, esquire8 said:

    Callum Hudson-Odoi and Arteta having it is enough for the Premier League to be cancelled for the season. Why the SFA will wait till at least one person contracts the virus to cancel it I dont know. Just scrap all sporting events till this is over with. Having that game last night with a full crowd was stupidity as well. 

    I don't get these manky cunts. Millionaires and they're diseased.

    Sitting here with two bob and a balloon in my pocket and I'm fine.

  5. Just now, Sweetheart said:

    I don't know who the source info was for the article. 

    It's just DailyMail shite mate.

    "...and Premier League fixtures will not be shown live in the Saturday 3pm slot."

    They never have been allowed to be showed anyway.

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Sweetheart said:

    EVERY football game in England 'WILL be held behind closed doors with NO games to be shown in pubs and matches to be streamed live to ticket holders... and plan could be implemented as early as THURSDAY'
    Every football game in England will reportedly be held behind closed doors
    No games are to be shown in pubs and will be streamed live to ticket holders 
    Government plans to combat coronavirus spread could be unveiled on Thursday 
    A Cobra meeting is expected to move the official response to the 'delay' phase 
    This will result in a crisis plan being unveiled for football, according to The Times


    That's complete nonsense.

    Licensed premises pay about £15k a year to Sky for games, and £5k and upwards to BT. Absolutely no chance they're going to cut them off. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

    If I’m being perfectly honest, if I could, I would move to Germany tomorrow, despite the numbers, to ride this out because they have double the critical care beds than the UK does per head of population and over three times as many in Scotland.

    You sound a bit like you're resigned to getting the virus and are thinking about how you'll deal with it. I'm determined not to get it in the first place.

  8. Just now, McEwan's Lager said:

    It depends on what risks are acceptable rather than avoidable.

    I‚Äôm certainly not in the ‚Äúit‚Äôs only a flu‚ÄĚ camp, but there‚Äôs only 1 case of Coronavirus in Leverkusen itself for example, while there are 3 in Glasgow.

    I’m reasonably relaxed about tomorrow, despite worrying about the whole thing in general. Their fans all likely work for Bayer anyway so hopefully they are all bathing themselves in high duty pesticides or something.

    If it's unsafe enough that next week's game in Germany is behind closed doors we should be doing something instead of nothing with them coming here.

    Don't understand why you're taking this position on it. Fuck them.

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  9. 1 minute ago, McEwan's Lager said:

    There’s something like 800 cases in the NRW out of a population 18m. I know it’s not ideal to have anyone potentially with it coming in but we are hardly letting all of Hubei in. Besides, Scotland announced its first community transition today.

    The boats well and truly sailed and a few hundred Germans, who statistically probably 1/17 of a person travelling has it, aren’t going to make much of a difference.

    Just seems like a completely avoidable risk to me mate.

    If for their own safety and the safety of others they're not allowed to be in a group of more than 1000 in Germany, why are we letting them be in one here?

  10. Just now, Bears r us said:

     Allowing their supporters to Ibrox, must be one of the most stupid things that football clubs/authorities have done surely. Nuts decision. 

    I wouldn't let them in the country, nevermind Ibrox.

    Through the airport twice and out and about in the city before and after the game? Madness. 

  11. 12 minutes ago, roboscot said:

    From a well respected friend and intensivist/A&E consultant who is currently in northern Italy

    Are you really claiming that as something written by a friend of yours? I saw it two days ago on Twitter.

  12. Timeform Horses to Follow Extra did alright on Tuesday, 2 winners and a second.

    Here's what they've got for today.


    1.30    NH           ENVOI ALLEN

    2.10    NC           CHAMP

    2.50    HCH        STRATUM

    3.30    G1C         CHACUN POUR SOI

    4.50    HCH        BLACKO

    5.30    NHF        PANIC ATTACK

  13. Some of the stuff they say off the cuff on RTV during commentary makes me go, 'Whit?' sometimes.

    Ross County at home on 29.01 this year. One of them says, "Yes Alfie attended the Rangers Burns Supper at the weekend and by all accounts he did very well there."

    I'm thinking, that's a wee Glasgow euphemism for 'got pished'. Why are they telling people that?


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  14. 2 minutes ago, Redwhiteandblue said:

    If it was Lovenkrands, then it must've been Boyd as he's the only play I can think of that would've been able to score 6 in 10 during Walter's second spell, but I'm not sure that Boyd and Lovenkrands ever played in the same team??

    No, I don't think they ever did. It was just an anecdote that someone who I think was PL came out with during commentary on RTV one night.

    It most probably was Boyd he was talking about.

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