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  1. Ach, Dudelange's a stupid name for a horse anyway mate.
  2. Like for the Coleridge analogy. Ya mad bastard.
  3. To be honest I think it needs talking about. Nobody can say Tav had a good game, nobody can say he's had a good season so far. If something isn't done, a 'rest' or whatever the message that sends to the squad is that poor performances will be tolerated by the manager, just because he's the club captain. Wheels come off the whole thing.
  4. For me it would depend how much money I had in the bank. Most of them what fucked off had plenty, most of it paid to them by Rangers. Only guys like Fleck probably didn't have anything near as much as the others did at the time. They weren't established in their careers yet so can grudgingly make an exception for them. But hey ho. Onwards and upwards.
  5. Look Jon, you know I like you but I just posted it as a joke. Really wasn't expecting the third degree here.
  6. Remember seeing him boss out Broxi Bear with a fantastic tackle a while ago, in the centre circle and everything.
  7. The cunts on Twitter do my box in. They'll post a nice message then say, "... and I'm saying this as a celtic fan." Fuck off. Nobody cares.
  8. Yeah, I know mate. I was saying something more might need to be done to help his wife and daughter out for the long term.
  9. Something should probably be done for his wife as well. If she was struggling to be able to pay for Fernando's funeral she's going to need more help in the years to come.
  10. There is one. And I'm putting you on it for being anti-left.
  11. Who is this guy? Should I know who he is?
  12. Don't understand this at all. It was a rotten thing to say, but the guy didn't swear or use any sectarian insults or anything like that. What's the charge he's up against? Saying something nasty to someone? Should be thrown out by the sheriff if the PF doesn't realise it's a complete fuck up before that.
  13. It takes a special type of retard not to be able to do satire properly.
  14. @AndrewWilson55 In what areas were we poor? We were up against a well-drilled defensive side. A few wayward passes of course but they had as many of those as we did. They had a back line of tall guys and played well. We broke them down. The performance was fantastic and deserving of the result.
  15. Thought Davis was excellent tonight, not seen anyone mention him much.
  16. Because the auld cunt was Polish.
  17. @Blumhoilann On a side note, the other day I had your user name in my head and couldn't work out why or what it was. Asking myself, "Is it a malt? No, that's Bunnahabhain you daft bastard." Was only just there when I saw you'd posted on this thread that the torture ended. This place gets right in your head sometimes. 😄
  18. I think the problem we have is that the board can't issue a list of songs we can sing. We're dealing with a bunch of people who are intent on finding something to be offended about in anything that's sung or chanted. We're getting done for a song in an early Europa qualifier against a bunch of nobodies. It was at a stage in the competition where there was minimal (if any) UEFA/Europa League branding in the stadium, and the only media channel that broadcast the game was our own one.
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