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  1. @Blumhoilann On a side note, the other day I had your user name in my head and couldn't work out why or what it was. Asking myself, "Is it a malt? No, that's Bunnahabhain you daft bastard." Was only just there when I saw you'd posted on this thread that the torture ended. This place gets right in your head sometimes. 😄
  2. I think the problem we have is that the board can't issue a list of songs we can sing. We're dealing with a bunch of people who are intent on finding something to be offended about in anything that's sung or chanted. We're getting done for a song in an early Europa qualifier against a bunch of nobodies. It was at a stage in the competition where there was minimal (if any) UEFA/Europa League branding in the stadium, and the only media channel that broadcast the game was our own one.
  3. https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/disciplinary/disciplinary-cases/index.html
  4. Having said that, if I had a wife with a cupboard full of miniatures I'd quite like that.
  5. That sounds terrible mate, thanks for the heads-up. Bastards.
  6. See when you think of how much we believed in Kenny Miller as still being a decent striker for his age, Defoe puts the guy to shame. Different class altogether.
  7. FFS. You could spin that the other way and say: Rangers spent more on policing for security for both home and away fans than any other Scottish club last season.
  8. All a bit strange really. And coming the day after McDonnell said he was up for IndyRef2. If this is their plan to supplant the SNP it's a fucking disaster.
  9. 10/1 winner in the last at Salisbury tonight. Won LTO at Windsor over 4f less in the same class, was carrying 3lb less. Couldn't understand why it was 10/1, Beckett does alright with his 3YOs at the track. Would have posted on here if I had any confidence just now.
  10. Think I'd be better off throwing darts at racecards just now. Stuck on a line tonight, 4 horses trebles and a four. Two winners at 9/4 and 12/1. Did two singles after that, both second at 7/1 and 10/1.
  11. Mr Yousef trolls us on Twitter. Often. If they absolutely had to invite a member of the Scottish government to Ibrox, surely there could have been a better choice, somewhere?
  12. The guy in Priceless in Finnieston laughed at me when I told him I wanted a top-end cooler. "Fuck sake, don't be daft... it's a cold country mate. I'd dae it if I was back in Pakistan but this is Scotland. Just get a basic heatsink and screw a few case fans on. Clean all the dust off every wee while and make sure you don't block anything." He was right. Love people in shops who tell you the truth when they could make themselves a few quid by telling you a load of shite.
  13. Seems a bit much to be honest.
  14. No, eez moy importante for pride of club for making piss on tree to happen. Your mask just slipped mate.
  15. Good bear I used to work with bought a flat in celtic Street in Maryhill. "Whit?" -Aye, it's just temporary. My ticket's still registered to my maw's address mate.
  16. Aye they would say that. A win's a win, who gives a fuck about their excuses.
  17. And even Ashley wouldn't have Newcastle merchandise sold beside The Strawberry.
  18. Good to see Donald McCain in form again after that shite with the equine flu, it's taken him months. William Of Orange makes it 5 winners from 14 over the last 9 days, 36%.
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