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  1. It's just DailyMail shite mate. "...and Premier League fixtures will not be shown live in the Saturday 3pm slot." They never have been allowed to be showed anyway.
  2. That's complete nonsense. Licensed premises pay about £15k a year to Sky for games, and £5k and upwards to BT. Absolutely no chance they're going to cut them off.
  3. You sound a bit like you're resigned to getting the virus and are thinking about how you'll deal with it. I'm determined not to get it in the first place.
  4. If it's unsafe enough that next week's game in Germany is behind closed doors we should be doing something instead of nothing with them coming here. Don't understand why you're taking this position on it. Fuck them.
  5. Just seems like a completely avoidable risk to me mate. If for their own safety and the safety of others they're not allowed to be in a group of more than 1000 in Germany, why are we letting them be in one here?
  6. I wouldn't let them in the country, nevermind Ibrox. Through the airport twice and out and about in the city before and after the game? Madness.
  7. Are you really claiming that as something written by a friend of yours? I saw it two days ago on Twitter.
  8. Can't believe we're 'welcoming' a couple of thousand Leverkusen fans to Ibrox on Thursday. Batshit crazy.
  9. Timeform Horses to Follow Extra did alright on Tuesday, 2 winners and a second. Here's what they've got for today. WEDNESDAY 1.30 NH ENVOI ALLEN 2.10 NC CHAMP 2.50 HCH STRATUM 3.30 G1C CHACUN POUR SOI 4.50 HCH BLACKO 5.30 NHF PANIC ATTACK
  10. Some of the stuff they say off the cuff on RTV during commentary makes me go, 'Whit?' sometimes. Ross County at home on 29.01 this year. One of them says, "Yes Alfie attended the Rangers Burns Supper at the weekend and by all accounts he did very well there." I'm thinking, that's a wee Glasgow euphemism for 'got pished'. Why are they telling people that?
  11. No, I don't think they ever did. It was just an anecdote that someone who I think was PL came out with during commentary on RTV one night. It most probably was Boyd he was talking about.
  12. It's Lovenkrands I can hear telling the story, must have been telling it on RTV commentary some night.
  13. See to go to a step further, Gerrard sends a minion to say to Traynor, "The gaffer wants to see the programme before it's sent to the printers." But he'd never do that. Wallace and Smith probably would have in the middle of this fucking circus mate.
  14. Who was the player, I can't remember. Had scored 10 in 7 or 8 and Walter called him to the office, asked him how he thought he was doing. "I think I'm doing alright boss." -This is Rangers son. Alright isnae fucking good enough.
  15. Think Gerrard's statement was a bit of a shot across Traynor's bows. He was basically saying the media 'team' weren't doing their jobs properly. There's obviously the other side of the coin that says Gerrard isn't doing his job properly if his captain comes out and says shit like that in the first place though.
  16. But look where we are now. Gerrard looks like he's questioning his future at the club and Alfredo could be sitting thinking, "Stupid bastard, I could have helped win that game." Some punishment getting told you don't have to work and you still get paid the same.
  17. To be fair Gerrard could have fined him, kicked him up the arse and demanded a performance off him. Instead he left him out the team. I don't get that at all.
  18. If I look like that when I'm 58 I'll be pleased as fuck.
  19. The shower of shit that went off at half time laughing and joking with celtic players a few years ago was marginally worse. I don't think even the current team would do that.
  20. I've got this nagging thought in the back of my mind that Alfredo is trying to play the coaching staff. Wee unnecessary yellow here, week off. Chance to go back home for a while.
  21. Harsh but true. Haven't got to the point where I'm calling Gerrard a cunt though, at least not yet.
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