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  1. Never played it online. I've only been to the real bingo once, just sat close to tears laughing at it. All these people shooshing me for laughing at them with their dauber pens and the speed it was going at. Every cunt in a orderly queue at the bar as well, an alternative reality.
  2. Yeah, only play them when they send me a bonus. Sit for half an hour and cash out when it's done.
  3. RM Betting Thread Challenge 2020. Everyone come back this time next year with a profit off the bastards.
  4. Haha. Me too. -So did you make any New Year Resolutions? "No, but I'm fucking changing the things I bet on and the way I put bets on."
  5. Rod Stewart charged with battery. 😎 https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jan/04/rod-stewart-charged-alleged-altercation-florida-hotel
  6. Had a look at my 365 history and I'm £185 down for 2019. Doesn't usually happen, I'm usually up a couple of thousand. Sitting a bit pished trying to work out what went wrong and the best I can come up with just now is that there aren't really any trainers on the up-and-up. The guys at the top are still there, but it's harder to get a price on their horses. Anything say Nicky Henderson, Alan King, Phillip Hobbs or Colin Tizzard sends out at a good price is going to be hard to find. The guys in the middle are still there, people who you'd have thought would be on the up like Greatrex, Lacey, Olly Murphy and all these people with strike rates of about 10-15% are still where they were. Scratching my nut wondering where the next Archie Watson, Joe O'Brien, Hugo Palmer or David O'Meara is coming from. Need a new strategy for this year. [/mindspew] 😃
  7. Oh aye, real assistants and real 4th officials too. Let's not forget there were three others who were complicit in all this.
  8. They need to start bringing in refs from outside Scotland for games. Not just OFs, if cunts like Clancy can't swing an OF for their team they'll be doing it on Tuesday nights at St Mirren Park instead. Corrupt bastard.
  9. What? The problem we have is that that's what happened and the ref didn't give it.
  10. Yeah, it's £130 up. Withdrawals (negatives) x3 £380 Deposits & Reversals (positives) x5 £250
  11. I don't know where to go with this. A John Lennon joke would probably fit.
  12. Jumping up and down shouting "Fuck off, fuck off, what the fuck was that!" Then spoon burning bastards who were left booing Barasic's every touch as if it was his fault their player had been sent off. Was surprised to see SG shake hands at the end after that, don't think I would have. But he's got a lot more class about him than I do.
  13. Not better without Davis, just have a squad that can step up and make it look like we don't need key players when they're not about. Basically what SG was saying in his presser yesterday.
  14. Certainly think it's worth a couple of quid. Cheers for the heads-up. 👍
  15. That would be a resigning matter for a Rangers manager.
  16. Haha. This has come in slightly since last night.
  17. Liverpool fans singing, "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" at around 85' earlier tonight. That's political and not allowed by UEFA. I wonder if they'll do anything about it.
  18. Surely this is free money, Bercow is bound to say it on Sky News at some point as a joke. Paddy Power btw. Unless they've bunged him a few thousand not to say it. Stuck a fiver on it for a laugh anyway.
  19. You're spot on mate but I think the reason would be 'impartiality'. It has to be a couple of other people who are employed by the football authorities who are helping the ref, otherwise you could get all sorts of shite about what sort of angles and all that were being shown by the TV company to the ref at the time.
  20. I know we can't afford VAR for every daft league game every week, but we should look at having it in place for some games. Cup finals, maybe semi-finals too. Maybe league OFs too although we'd probably have to come to some agreement with that mob about funding it.
  21. The way Gerrard has managed to get inside AM's head and sort out his discipline in such a short time is nothing short of incredible. The mark of a great man manager imo.
  22. When they banned TLB from the touchline at Hampden for that game years ago and that cunt Mjallby led them out in a tracksuit it summed up their complete lack of class for me. "Aye you lead the team out Johan, but fuck them, wear a tracksuit. That'll fucking show them."
  23. Not sure this will win, but think it's worth a look. TOROLIGHT 6.10 Kempton is a stable switch from Richard Hughes to Nicky Henderson. NJH has run it over jumps but this is him sending it out on the flat... he's got a 33.3% strike rate with stable switches running for the first time on the flat and a return on investment of 167%. Have bet on DEBBONAIR in this race as well though.
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