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  1. There’s no way the league is going to run normally from here. First player gets it and all games involving that club get postponed. There will be a call to extend the league in the interests of sporting integrity (oh the irony). Should get a tour of Japan in the diary now. SPL will be desperate to get to the point where certain outcomes are mathematically certain - I think they’ll struggle.
  2. Have the club said on what basis it was determined that the police were informed? It’s possible (but seems doubtful) that there was something in the employee files. More likely they spoke to the people involved at the time. I really hope we have something rock solid to underpin the previous statement. If it can’t be properly substantiated that will become the story here when it really isn’t the issue. For example and hypothetically, lets assume the police were not contacted. Had the club said in the previous statement that: - there was an alleged single incident with Neely involving inappropriate behaviour; - the boys parents were fully involved in the process and he was fired; - the incident, while inappropriate, was not obviously criminal in nature; - had the club known about his past conduct at Hibs it would perhaps have been viewed differently; - in hindsight the club regrets that another opportunity to get Neely out of football was missed; - the club has nothing to hide and will cooperate with a full investigation, would this be a huge story? By the standards of the time, if this was a single incident and without knowledge of what came before/after, the clubs behaviour would look pretty reasonable to me.
  3. The cases will be contested initially but ultimately settled. No point in settling now from Celtics perspective - might as well see what they’ve got in terms of evidence, drag things out and crank up the pressure (some of the pursuers won’t want to appear in open court). However, I just can’t see celtic letting this get to court - it would all come out - Kelly cited as a witness, past managers etc - they’d all have to appear if called. Having said that seems to me that the lawyer from Thomsons is openly campaigning for settlements - he doesn’t want this going to court either. Will be NDAs all round in the end.
  4. The SPFL (represented by celtic's lawyer) can't take any further action against Rangers because their rules (drafted by celtic's) lawyer) and previous disciplinary process (led by celtic's lawyer) don't allow it, so the SPFL and celtic (clearly acting in consort) try to scapegoat the SFA!! The relationship between celtic, Doncaster and their common lawyer has been dodgy from the start. Lawell attending meetings with Sky, Mackenzie attending meetings between Doncaster and crazed celtic fans, Doncaster issuing statements on behalf of all clubs at the calling of one etc. I'd like to see Rangers firmly turn the attention on the SPFL and Doncaster. I'd also like the club to publicly question why in a country with thousands of lawyers the SPFL needs to use celtic's. Did Mackenzie review celtic's statement? What about Doncaster's letter? What hat is he wearing when he pitches up at meetings with celtic fans and bemoans that no action can be taken against Rangers? Whole thing is a fucking farce.
  5. I had a look at the Parkhead title sheet that's up on the footballtaxhavens website. In my view it doesn't show that Wille Haughey owns their ground. That title sheet relates to the Superiors' interest under the old feudal land system. Superiorities were all abolished a few years ago. The feu has now been converted to absolute ownership. So, the true owner of the ground is the successor to the original feu granted in 1911 - one of the Celtic companies I'd expect - and the Co-op will have a security over that interest. There's plenty other dirt for the Commission to wade through though!
  6. His firm are also appointed as "official lawyers to the Glasgow Commonwealth games". They never shut up about it and are doing the lot. Fingers in every pie.
  7. And the 3rd divisions will be won at a canter. What's your point? We weren't playing there today. Some people (and I count myself in this) thought we should have signed the better players from the next league up. Paid them a fraction of what we are paying these mercenaries and worked our way up. Had we done so, we'd still have got pumped today.
  8. So what are we saying? Rangers should have pumped Utd today? A team built more or less from scratch in a couple of weeks. Perhaps if there hadn't been a signing embargo coming the club wouldn't have dived in to signing some of these guys. Its a matter of mindset. People still think Rangers should be pumping everyone in sight yet a few months ago said they would be happy just to have a club. For most of the game today I thought we competed okay and, at times, passed the ball around okay. The defence is a fucking cluster fuck rapped inside a flaming bag of shit. But, we'll win division 3, move on, sign better players, win the next league, sign better players and before we know it we'll be putting these cunts back in there place again. For now, it hurts, but you know what - I'm glad. Its better than not having a club to give a fuck about.
  9. Think some folk have forgotten where the fuck we are. Just because we signed a few "premier league" players doesn't mean we have the right to turn teams over in the cups. Our defence is a fucking disaster. I'm fairly sure Coisty knows that but due to an illegal transfer ban he can't fix the problem just now. We had, what, two weeks to sign players in the summer - and yes, we signed some turkeys. Had he signe reliable Div 2 players (as many said he should have done ) we would still have got pumped today. Bottom line is this - a few months ago I thought I might not have a team. Everyone got on board with starting at the bottom and building slowly but at the same time people spit the dummy because they get beat in the cup by one of the better teams the country. Fuck right off. And before anybody comments on my lack of posts its because i generally can't be fucking arsed.
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