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  1. So you knew that he nearly killed someone whist drink driving.? Not looking for a response mate.
  2. I worked with Jinky in the 1980s at Lafferty builders and found him to be a decent enough guy and he was always pleasant when I spoke with him. I got talking to Willie Henderson at NARSA in Vancouver and he told me he visited Jinky in his death bed.They were great friends.Jinky was a superb player,one of the best of his generation but like many others the demon drink got the better of him and badly affected his family.. I think Jinky was involved in a car crash when he was drunk and the other driver was seriously injured and it made the papers back then.It was ironic as he got the job of driving Frank Lafferty about as you've guessed it...Frank lost his DL for drink driving.I don't think that drink driving was viewed as seriously in the 1980s as it is now.It certainly didn't stop the celtic fans voting him as there greatest ever player and erecting a statue for him.I guess times and attitudes change over the years
  3. Hibs at one point in the season looked certainties for promotion through the play-offs but given they have several games to make up and face the prospect of six play-off games in two weeks at the end of what has been a very tiring season for them.When you also consider that they are in free fall and could well meet an in form Raith Rovers before the prospect of taking on a very good Falkirk side and that's without even think king about taking on a well rested premier side..Their prospects of promotion don't look good. You could see them struggling next season as well with the likelihood that John McGinn will go and possibly Cummings with Stokes and Henderson back to the tarriers. It' will be very fitting if they get to slug it out with their Dundee counterparts next season considering the parts they both played in sticking the knife into us four years ago.
  4. Perhaps if Ally had time to reflect on some of the decisions he made he would admit that he would have acted differently He was way out of his depth as Rangers manager but his ego would probably have got in the way of self awareness. He is like the rest of us in that he is a human being and does not always make the right decisions. I would like to think that fans will forgive him in the fullness of time.Souness was also hated by many fans when he left to go back to Liverpool but I believe that most fans are supportive of him now, and time can be a great healer. When we win our next title maybe some fans will be more forgiving of him, then again judging by some comments on here, maybe not. He should not be a part of the team celebrations but I hope he has a private celebration with family and friends.In my opinion Ally still loves Rangers.
  5. Ally Mcoist was a poor football manager but he was a great leader in our time of crisis. We needed someone when we were all traumatised by events and Ally stood up for our club and helped to galvanise the fans as best as he possibly could have.I think he was instrumental in refusing to give up our titles and we should be eternally gratefully for that alone. He may have made the wrong choices at the end of his tenure but when you compare what he did for the club as a player and as a leader in time of crisis then in my opinion he will always be a legend in my eyes. He gave me some of the greatest moments and experiences I'm my time following Rangers. If you choose to continue to hate Ally after all he has contributed to the club then the that is your right as a fan. He will always be a legend in my eyes.
  6. No mate ,apparently they are a crack swedish outfit according to the tarriers.
  7. There from Sweden mate. thought everyone knew that.
  8. I know,it seems that bears are not interested anymore.
  9. It was no surprise to me how badly we played.Thats a consistent level of performance under Ally and it hurts me to see how badly our team are playing under him. He does not inspire and he does look out of his depth as a football manager. Aird was absolutely shocking today (like many others)and did not look like a footballer to me, yet Ally kept him on for the full 120 minutes .He brought on young Gallagher with 10 minutes to go when he should have been on much earlier given his promising debut a few weeks back. There are so many problem areas in our team and its not going to get better next season with Ally at the helm. Im not sure if it would be of benefit for Rangers in the longer term if we managed to beat Dundee Utd next week although it does look like we will get a pasting after that dismal performance.
  10. Even better, why not just donate everything to EDs 60th birthday bash at King Tuts at the end of the year and then you two could kiss and make up
  11. Ive been working since 7 am this morning and just got in at 9 pm and I am knackered. Think I will go to bed and read my old New Era book .Happy days sure enough. Goodnight children, dont let the bed bugs bite.
  12. Will check it out. Well Fury ,how do you think the new season will pan out for us.?Personally I am really looking forward to it and I hope Ally turns things around from last season. I think we have a squad that would do well in the premier league although not good enough to win it. Lets hope that we get entertained this season.
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