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  1. lanarkshire_bear

    Pressure from taigs

    I've just checked and the BBC website does still say "Ex-celtic coach".
  2. lanarkshire_bear

    Flats oot the front

    That's true mate. "I Fought The Law" was based on the lead singers experience trying to get pocket money from his Barrister father before being sent to boarding school.
  3. lanarkshire_bear

    Have that shower of bastards been sacked yet

    Listening to Adrian Durham earlier; he said he watched the full game and his opinion was that the performance of the Rangers players verged on unprofessional. Can't really disagree with that.
  4. lanarkshire_bear

    Have that shower of bastards been sacked yet

    Was that not Gullane Sands mate?
  5. lanarkshire_bear

    Patience needed

    That was the first time in years that we stood toe-to-toe with that mob, and but for two moments of piss-poor defending and some incredibly bad finishing, we would have beat them or at least got the draw. I can see what Murty is trying to achieve and while I'm as gutted as any other Bear at the result, this match showed us where we need to strengthen and the fact there was no strength in depth due to injuries. I mean, look at the bench Murty had available. Other than Cummings, who was at his disposal who could have changed the game? Rodgers had Armstrong, a Scotland International, and three class loan players in Musonda (Chelsea), Roberts (Man City) and of course Edouard (PSG ffs!) who came on and won it for them.
  6. lanarkshire_bear

    Absolutely bottled it

    Apart from Cummings we had no-one on the bench who would have made a difference, especially in midfield. Both Windass after the goal and Goss went missing. Then we lose Bates and Cardoso costs us a terrible goal. I don't think we bottled it but it exposed exactly where we need to improve.
  7. lanarkshire_bear

    Rangers Observer On Wilson

    Another thing that bothers me. Imagine you're an MLS fan in the US. You're researching a new player who has signed from us and you click on the Rangers Observer. Way to go to make us look like petty, snide, small-minded arseholes to one of the largest football markets on the planet. We should be publicly disowning that shite and stick to wishing DW all the best at his new club.
  8. lanarkshire_bear

    Our media team

    One for the Stephen Hawkins Loyal ?
  9. lanarkshire_bear

    Our media team

    It's the public face of the club and should be managed professionally. A typo is a mistake, getting the details of the game wrong is a fuck-up.
  10. lanarkshire_bear

    Fraserburgh game in Barcelona

    They're still smarting at the fact their dream team drew 0-0 with us at Ibrox :) For what it's worth, I'd report what you saw to someone at the club because it's just another unjustified dig at us. Our problem - if you can call it that - is we're not desparate to be pals with everybody. Nor do would we delude ourselves that 6 and 7 nil batterings in Europe are ok, as long as Messi talks about the brilliant atmosphere in the ground. I can only speak for myself, but when I was there no-one cared what team I supported. Only one barman had anything to say, but that was due to the poor behaviour of the Rangers fans he claimed he had experienced. If I recall correctly, we took more away supporters to the Nou Camp that last match than any other European team, plus the thousands of Bears having fun in the city itself. A few Bears pee up an alley or sing loudly and it gets reported like it's the worst thing to happen since the civil war, yet the place is full of suspciously young prostitutes who have obviously been trafficked there yet the police drive past like these girls are invisible. Anyway, I took the time to explain to the boy (he was Turkish) the difference between Rangers and celtic, and I'm pleased to say he changed his tune.
  11. lanarkshire_bear

    Fraserburgh game in Barcelona

    There's plenty of sports bars on / just off Las Ramblas once you get about half-way down. There weren't any pubs for Bears, but if they are showing Sky Sports I never had any problems getting any bar to show the Rangers games.
  12. lanarkshire_bear

    Jamie Walker says he could get a ‘bigger club than Rangers’

    Non-story. He was never worth a million in the last year of his contract. If Hearts would rather let him go for nothing then let him sign for us at a reduced but fair offer in the circumstances, then that says more about how they are run by spite and emotion.
  13. lanarkshire_bear

    Two hundred percent

    "lumbering French international centre-back Jean-Alain Boumsong"
  14. McKay wasn't going to sign a new contract (and we knew that when Warburton was here so we had to punt him when we did to maximise his dwindling value) so how he is treated after that isn't a concern of mine. I don't see how this one can realistically be used to criticise Caixinha. I agree the jury is still out on him and he needs to produce the goods immediately but given the piss poor attitude and performances of the set of players he inherited, if I discovered he was actually breaching their human rights Guantanamo style I'd be cheering him on.
  15. lanarkshire_bear

    Once Pedro wins us the league this season

    When Pedro wins us the league you won't be able to get near the Erskine Bridge for Celtic supporters. There will need to be a ticket machine dispensing numbers like the end bit in Beetlejuice :)