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  1. And what do you expect an snp mp to do exactly ? WELCOME TO NORTH GONORRHEA.
  2. Between Burchill's idiotic comments and then this no mark with his utterings what future has the game in Scotland got ? none. When you think of some of the people who used to play for Scotland and look at what is captaining the team now you think W.T.F. has happened here.
  3. The guy in question goes under the name of Rogan Brogan and Trevino he used to post all the time on McConville's blog a real piece of work. John ripped him a new one between yesterday and today I believe he may be a member of the legal profession but a shite definately.
  4. PZJ was putting out various cryptic clues yesterday,if you followed them it took you to a coy in Glasgow with one director James Joseph McGinley. I love reading PZJ when he is in full flow puts up the facts then the dhims flounder when presented with the truth.
  5. That tackle was horrendous! and that is the problem with the game in Scotland it is overloaded with talentless thugs. How the referee never sent that moron off beats me it was a deliberate attempt to play the man not the ball not mistimed an assault nothing less.
  6. Fuck that there is more than enough of the smelly barstewards lurking in here without having them in the team as well.
  7. Make it your last post Declan Fkn trumpet.
  8. Did the mad one say at what time tomorrow? just asking or is it flexi-time, fucking bell end.
  9. Well given that he is now training at the soon to be shut Auchenhowie (or is it ) Warbs must think he is worth a look could be just a stepping stone but who cares if he is half as good as the hype suggests. SNP DON'T SPEAK FOR ME
  10. The man is a charlatan why the club have not involved the lawyers is beyond me. He is doing his best to sow seeds of uncertainty which in turn could put off investors and loose current shareholders money, an excuse for a human being.
  11. They don't make them like that anymore, never mind the ball let's get on with the game.
  12. I used to be quite passionate about the Scotland team especially going to Wembley without a ticket on spec. That said right now I could not give a fuck who beats Scotland, the pleasure derived from knowing the S.F.A. arseholes wont be getting a freebie abroad at our expense is a bonus.
  13. A fine and well balanced neutral post if you don't mind mind me saying
  14. Is Petrie still appearing with the village people? just asking
  15. tin hat time Jinky he could and did rip defences apart