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  1. auchinairn  true blue

    Rangers Fans And The Scottish National Team...

    I used to be quite passionate about the Scotland team especially going to Wembley without a ticket on spec. That said right now I could not give a fuck who beats Scotland, the pleasure derived from knowing the S.F.A. arseholes wont be getting a freebie abroad at our expense is a bonus.
  2. auchinairn  true blue

    Bilel Mohsni - 7 Match Ban

    Anybody interested in this club should care,he was assaulted from behind by an opposing team player if he was still at Ibrox it would have affected team selection the rules state if you lift your hands you are off. What was the thinking behind this decision let Motherwell sell their player free of suspension ? so to answer your question I most definitely care.
  3. auchinairn  true blue

    Ashamed Of Some Of My So Called "fellow" Support

    The problem is there are bears and genuine ones at that on twitter extolling the virtues of the Nuts, on a personal level I think they are foolish in the extreme for supporting them.. The Nat default position was (1) play up a Lab/ Nat coalition English voters who are in a majority wont stand for it and vote Tory =play the victim card we wus robbed lets have another referendum after the next Hollyrood elections. (2) Had Labour won enough seats to form even a minority government make extortionate demands that cannot be granted =revert back to default we wus robbed position. The only saving grace that I can see is that there are some big hitters from the labour party who may stand for Hollyrood next year thus denying the Nat's control of the Scottish Parliament and the opportunity to call another referendum, given the quality of most of the new M.Ps the public will have hopefully seen them for what they are shallow immature one trick ponies.
  4. auchinairn  true blue

    Rangers fans for yes

    How can any bear support a yes vote? the amount of Irish republicans supporting yes should have got the alarm bells ringing. They must think that there is something in it for them otherwise why would they bother.