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  1. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Pure shite.
  2. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Walker sounds so fucking happy - what a prick.
  3. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Wasted chance.
  4. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Walkers unreal, a clear elbow in the face.
  5. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

  6. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Windy ya bass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Morelos signs contract extension until 2021

    Doesn't seem the kind of lad that would get a contract extension then start pissing about, great news, great investment and money in the bank.
  8. Murty Speaks

    sorry, three.
  9. Murty Speaks

    Murty is too pragmatic for the Scottish Mhedia. Great to hear after all the bollocks the last too useless fuckers used to spout.