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  1. Callum_rfc

    New Allocation - Atmosphere?

    Out of interest, did the players turn their backs and clap the Rangers end when the mhanks done the huddle?
  2. Callum_rfc

    Spoonburners e-mails out

    Never got any post split away fixtures. Any spare tickets pm me please.
  3. Callum_rfc

    Aberdeen emails

    Never got one. If anyone doesn’t fancy it pm me
  4. Callum_rfc

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Heard it here first😉
  5. Callum_rfc

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Seen on Twitter apparently that’s the starting line up
  6. Callum_rfc

    Scum Tickets

    That’s fine mate
  7. Callum_rfc

    Scum Tickets

    I’ll take them mate
  8. Callum_rfc

    ST Question

    Everywhere apart from the govan rear is an adult ticket at 16 as far as I’m aware, could be wrong though.
  9. Callum_rfc

    Old Firm Plans

    What time does the louden open against the taigs?
  10. Callum_rfc

    Full match from last night

    Anyone know where I can find the full match?
  11. Callum_rfc

    Fraserbourgh ticket information - OUCH

    I’ll take them
  12. Callum_rfc

    Killie and Tarriers Payment.

    Nothing for killie but just got taigs email.
  13. Callum_rfc

    Ticket office queue now

    Is this just for pick ups?