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  1. This is totally different from the McCoist situation. Ally was in charge - Barry won't be.
  2. Excellent as always. Great tune too
  3. Well that was unexpected.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but why are we black armbands tonight?
  5. Thank you again. Usual standards being maintained
  6. More of the same next yr Lee
  7. Great vid, thanx for ur efforts this season
  8. Good luck chaps
  9. Welcome to the greatest club in the world
  10. Hahahaha ya fat waster.
  11. This guys a complete tosspot - a match made in heaven with the tarriers. Hope he stays with them for next year - spunking wages, argues with their "fans" and is a complete roaster of a player to boot hahaha
  12. Oooft! Goosebumps on me goosebumps!
  13. Didn't really expect any different from that fucking mutant and his mutant club.