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  1. I have missed the pinned post. I get what you mean. I wouldn't call Morelos a fanny but think the OP meant that he acted like a fanny. He only has himself as Morelos didn't help his own cause for the national team.
  2. Because he got himself needlessly sent off so has not played for about 1 month which I imagine would have damaged his chances of playing at Copa America.
  3. The Gastelum vs Adesanya fight was great to watch. I also enjoyed the Holloway vs Porier fight however Holloway doesn't look at his best at 155 if that fight is anything to go by.
  4. Masvidal caught him with a great overhand punch but I'm a little surprised that knocked him out. The head hitting the canvas was sickening and I can understand him being knocked out due to that.
  5. I missed the game tonight. Is there a download or site where you can watch a rerun of the game so that I can watch it tomorrow?
  6. Craig Moore the goalscorer is a trainer at my gym. Chuffed he is the one to score the goal to beat them.
  7. I seem to remember brown elbowing Holt in the face and then did the same to Miller in another game. Nothing ever got mentioned about those incidents.
  8. When does the shop open? I walk through st enochs square at lunchtime so I'm going to end up skint with the shop being there...
  9. I thought he was ok for the most part but to not even give a foul for the studs up tackle on Candeias when he was right in front of it was shocking.
  10. I have been keeping an eye on The Scottish Family Party. They are speaking out against the whole PC / Transgender nonsense which is good. The only problem is they are a relatively new party but worth keeping an eye on.
  11. It's clear to see goldson got his heels clipped in that incident.
  12. To me, it came across in the fight against Al that Khabib at times was messing about and trying different things he normally doesn't do. In between rounds Khabib's corner kept telling him to stop doing the stand up and get Al down. Khabib did not treat that fight with the same respect as his other fights, probably because of the circumstances to how it came about.
  13. I've been a Khabib fan for a couple of years now. If he gets McGregor onto the ground he will be relentless. I am hoping for McGregor to have the Barboza look, he didn't know what had hit him, he couldn't handle the pace and wanted the fight to just be over in the first round.
  14. Was it just me that noticed aswell in the second half Flanagan tried to do a throw in deep in our half and the linesman was just standing in front of him. Flanagan then had to walk around him to be able to do the throw in?
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