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  1. Anybody who has been to Greendykes in Edinburgh will not be surprised about the prick that attacked LW and the lassie
  2. Typical Hibs , no fucking class whatsoever just a bunch of Ned's , Junkies and Whores
  3. That's why I hate those Junkie Bastards with a fucking Passion
  4. What is the latest score
  5. Does anybody know what Scotland's Autumn Internationals are ?
  6. That was Batista , I think
  7. McCliabilty is more apt
  8. These bheastly fuckwits have no shame
  9. Upside Doon Broon is the most overated retarded fucking halfwit to kick a ball
  10. Wes will finish up at somebody like Scunthorpe or Plymouth etc for ,about 3 Million
  11. Get yerself to fuck
  12. Fuck sake Ally it's 2017 not 1987
  13. Goodison Park rematch ?
  14. Dory whallop the bugger with a frying pan