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  1. It's the little things like this what sets us apart from any other club on the planet.
  2. There has been no urgency all fuck in game shocking performance
  3. Hi mate. I'm currently working in rugby a few days a week, then coming up to glasgow the rest. Would what be your plan for the games you couldn't make ? 

    1. corbyloyal84


      Lookin ta donate it free for a good cause pal

    2. rossj6


      No worries mate. If any going, can you give us a shout ? 

  4. Just bought my first season ticket in the club deck cd4 £510 well spent obviously being in Corby I'm not gonna get up ta every game so is there way I can donate my seat wen not in use?
  5. Absolutely fucking awful when is this gonna end?? I remember the last days of big ecks reign and how bad that was but this lot are really something else. Do they even care???
  6. At least there will be more people aware of wot a complete and utter joke of a club they are! Brass neck does not even come close they truly have no shame
  7. hope not. you would think with the kit sales we get we would have our own style and not some shitty template
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