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  1. Career change is taking him to England
  2. Jarred will be going straight into the English Championship. Very highly regarded in Australia as the best. Only referee that Mark Clattenberg trusted enough to take from Australia to Saudi Arabia for a few weeks without being bribed or paid off as well as his ability.
  3. What is it with Chelsea and players with double barreled names
  4. Bit late for the fishing isn't it?
  5. Anyone any links as per title? For those of us who missed it abroad!
  6. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/291575/Ditch-the-lawyers-says-Aluko Great article, surely as compliance officers they would be trained in the laws of the game with extended interpretation. However if they don't have a footballing background i really can't understand how they can apply this without any kind of bias towards a team they may support. Also if the role is to exist and to be used, based on the current employee in the role, the nationality would be irrelevant so why not go for someone from the US, Australia, England etc they has no perceived bias or supporter of any Scottish club. This would allow for fairer governance within the role.
  7. But with that attitude, forcing less people to take up the whistle we'll never get out of that cycle.
  8. Referee's are not full time in Scotland and this means that there will be no substantial improvements. A full time referee in England is on roughly £100k a year, something that the SFA will not pay. Depending on the interpretation given on the law the referee's will act as per instructed by the SFA. My own thoughts of Morelos high card rate comes down to two things, his aggressive style of playing (which i wouldn't change) and his inability to speak English. As this language barrier is in place, then referees may feel the only way to communicate is through cards. VAR requires three referees in the media room along with training and correctly positioned camera's. If we are to put VARs in all three o clock kick offs and the SFA decide to have six matches on that day, we have a huge shortage of referees (Australia has worked round this, there is no more than one match as any one time). I truly believe there is no conspiracy against us, i also believe we have decent referees, its just the fact that decisions are magnified to ridiculous lengths by the members of the media who have a poor understanding of the laws that create confusion for the fans
  9. http://theifab.com/laws/the-referee-2018/chapters/liability-of-match-officials-2018 Law 5.7 covers this, no liability against match officials. In terms of flagging, flagging does not have to be done, the referee 's have comm's kits. The instructions may have been given this way. Also without access to referee reports (which i believe the club will have access to) we cannot be sure who has given the instructions.
  10. Ive updated the initial posting with more info from last season, seem very average, i reckon we'd need to get the job done at Ibrox as going to Russia is never easy for any team.
  11. FC UFA are making their Euro debuts this season and could be a tough task away from home. They where formed in 2010 Neftyanik Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Ufa, Russia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of FC Ufa. The stadium holds 15,234 people, all seated., i also believe this pitch is synthetic Formerly managed by Andrei Kanchelskis Last season the club finished 6th in the Russian league with Sylvester Igboun top scorer of 7 goals They have beaten Domzale 1-1 on away goals and Progres 4-3 on aggregate to get here Prominently Russian squad, their squad is small, below is UEFA's believed tactical layout of their game against Progres. l In terms of last seasons league performance, the table shows they average just over a goal a game whilst conceding on average a goal a game. Scraping into the Europa by one point and a +4 goal difference for the season. Transfermarkt values of player shows their goalkeeper as their most prized asset. Located closer to Mongolia and Kazakhstan than Glasgow
  12. If his consistency improves hes the potential to be the best attacking midfielder in the league. Last season goals/assists ratio shows this
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