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  1. Actually will be from there, pretty sure she picked them up from the Czech Republic
  2. Was wondering what bizarre or wonderful Rangers merch anyone has. I got this years ago from my mother on her travels...
  3. But with that attitude, forcing less people to take up the whistle we'll never get out of that cycle.
  4. Referee's are not full time in Scotland and this means that there will be no substantial improvements. A full time referee in England is on roughly £100k a year, something that the SFA will not pay. Depending on the interpretation given on the law the referee's will act as per instructed by the SFA. My own thoughts of Morelos high card rate comes down to two things, his aggressive style of playing (which i wouldn't change) and his inability to speak English. As this language barrier is in place, then referees may feel the only way to communicate is through cards. VAR requires three referees in
  5. Sell him for anything over 6m, money talks and the player will want to walk. Big transfer offer usually follows big wage packet. Dont want him downing tools and his value crumble
  6. I have issued a select number of statements to give supporters a reliable update on the progression that your board committed to almost two years ago. Some of the content relates to a subject matter that the Club would normally only deal with at our AGM or results announcements. However, under the circumstances, I feel that inclusion is appropriate to ensure that supporters are properly informed and don’t have to rely on uninformed media speculation. For the avoidance of doubt, I repeat the key elements; We would invest sufficient resources to ensure immediate promotion to the S
  7. Fod-6- Not much to do except pick the ball out of the net, made some saves he was expected to make Tav- 4 - Out of position for their first goal, offered nothing going forward and at times looked exhausted. Wilson-6- Some crucial tackles and interception but communication skills alot to be desired Hill-7- Seemed to play the game with some ease, read the game well, some no nonsense defending at times when required. A better fit along side Wilson Wallace -6- Won the penalty, some good running, however against players like McGinn and Hayes his positional awareness needs to b
  8. So whose head would roll for something like this? Or is it a case of Corporate discipline meaning fines? Also im not 100% clued up, was the land public before sale?
  9. The fourth official sets the added time but i think it was to stop us pumping more past hibs, get the match fee collected and get home!
  10. Hibs have put a defender in midfield to stop our passing style, they've gone for containment and counter attacking rather than play football themselves. That being said our wingers need to come more and attribute more in the game and we should rip them to shred, wide play will sort this out
  11. Vote for who you want, not who some random poster on an internet forum wants you to not vote for. Joys of a democracy
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