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  1. And did you not get too drunk like you were told. Finish the story ffs.
  2. Nobody. The worst treated player in recent memory, maybe long memory. Great player and forced out of Scottish football. We know how to run a good league. NOT.
  3. Think we all need to accept that 2/3 seasons is prob what we will get out of above average players. The money is too good in the better leagues and the standard of footie is better. Much is said of, “ yeah but he,ll get Euro footie, but that is just the platform to getting noticed although even without that, internet coverage is now superb. We should learn to enjoy while we have them and understand when they leave, hopefully at a profit, we will welcome another for 2/3 seasons. We would do the same in our own employ ( well I would have 5/6 years ago), so in this very, I want everything now soc
  4. I love the way you think Magic. Can you not conjure it up to happen. Please.
  5. Just read this and I,m a wee bit confused. You appear to be saying for most of his career he might have been lucky caus his body was always in the way when maybe it shouldn’t albeit that might have meant him conceding a goal. Now correct me if I’m wrong but is that not what goalkeepers are supposed to do? Just a thot but think I’d rather have a lucky keeper who always seemed to be in the way of a shot, luckily, than a goalie who always seemed to be picking the ball out of the back of the net, unluckily.
  6. Thot he was already an honary board member. Just saying.
  7. He mentioned our name. Enough said.
  8. I thought that might be case but work a deal. Think about the fans. The tv companies need us as well. I’m just ranting and looking for Eutopia. All clubs should be looking for best for fans.
  9. I renewed. Was never an option not to. Missed most of last season due to illness but still renewed. It’s in our make up. I, however, do think the club could do a bit more for us season ticket holders. We get to see home games and I can get it on my telly so don’t need to be bothered balancing laptops, tablets, etc. Why can’t we get away games (streams tend to be shite). RTV cover all games, I think, so why can we not get these. Don’t know if there are sfa rules, or we might have to pay home team, but get it done. I,ll gladly pay a few quid whilst realising the sheep, et al, are benefitting. Wh
  10. Should have added, why not play st. J with a weakened team but free of Corona.
  11. I’ve just started reading this thread so don’t know if this question has been answered. However, if their next game is postponed how can they definitively say the following games will be played?
  12. Used to love him, now he is just a dick and definitely fake. Lining up his forever wage from sky.
  13. Surely Budge would have that sussed. It can only be about coming to a compensation agreement. Then the fun should kick off.
  14. Liewells first defeat. Hopefully more to come.
  15. Don’t know if it’s been said before, only read 1st and last page but do you think a new rule will be made up quickly and give us a 10 pt penalty before season starts.
  16. Ta. So fun and games then. How many clubs will be asking if Rangers will still fund an investigation?
  17. I’ve asked before but no answer. If they are awarded compensation I assume it comes from spfl pot. Do the member clubs need to vote on granting that compensation from their own pot or do the spfl board have the power and mandate to give said compensation.
  18. That’s what I’ve got. When can you press the ‘go’ button.
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