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  1. I think the team we see start this game will be what we are planning on starting the season with. Personally think a 4 5 1 suits us especially if we could get walker in. Fod Tav Bruno cardoso Wallace Candieas pena Jack dorrans walker Herrera/Morelos
  2. Him and dorrans have instantly added a bit of steel and class to the spine of the team which is badly needed
  3. Aye it looks as though he is planning on putting good dangerous crosses into the box looking at this candeias winger guy were trying to sign aswell
  4. Starting to think more and more king just didn't fancy Warburton and didn't give him cash that was available and now Pedro is getting it as King likes him
  5. Don't know about that. Yesterday it seemed to be that his first thought was to turn and drive up the park or cut inside on a run and done it a few times. He was playing good one twos with the front players and getting forward
  6. I think Windass is the type of player who would thrive when he is playing with better players and we are being more solid and dominant in the game. He is not a back to the wall type of player. But in a structured team with better players I think he thrives
  7. Fair enough if we had somebody like weiss coming in who can be more consistent and is more experienced. I can only imagine Pedro has somebody in that mould lined up
  8. Absolute warrior of a centre back that's an absolute bastard. Brilliant 👍
  9. Linked to this Brazilian striker from Pacos Ferreira I saw on twitter
  10. Since it looks like Bruno Alves won't be coming what about Liam lindsay from Partick. Big no nonsense defender that would cost us 500k at most I would imagine that is young enough to be a mainstay for years
  11. Of your cock when they keep a clean sheet
  12. Just need to go look at all his likes on twitter. Think it's fair to say he's on his way here.
  13. This is what I was thinking. He would walk into our midfield and add a presence that we have been missing for the last few years.
  14. Anyone recommend any good Rangers Boozers in Rutherglen I'll be there on Sunday. I know about the quarry bar but apparently can be hard to get inew on OF days?
  15. Reckon there will be tickets kicking about before the game? Seen plenty up for grabs on twitter etc