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  1. Quarry Bar in Rutherglen every time
  2. Windass had no touch no fight and no ability to beat a man last night. Candeias should be playing wide right and windass can get to fuck. Ejaria or Middleton should come in for him
  3. Absolute belters. Interesting also that Docherty features so heavily in the kit reveal. Think he will play a big part under Gerrard
  4. Fitness is massive. Allows him to focus on other parts of his game if he is fit as a fiddle. If your fucked your more likely to make mistakes and technique won't be as good. His passing absolutely needs work, but he is fit and strong, has good feet and a great mentality. Other things can be coached and hopefully the coaching team we have now are good enough to improve him. You only need to look at Stuart Armstrong to see what good coaching, a system and some confidence can do to a young player.
  5. Arsenal to sign bernd leno the gk from Bayer leverkusen tomorrow
  6. Honestly Goldson imo. Full of confidence and determination when he spoke today. Assured and I liked when he said he will be getting it across to whoever is playing with him that he wants clean sheets. Like saying he will be playing it's just a case of who is with him
  7. Arsenal about to sign Lucas torreira from sampdoria for 30 million
  8. I don't know. Your better asking crispy lips who he could take and coach into a better player. If he sees something in Stuart Armstrong and James Forrest I would guess he would say Morelos, mccrorie, Docherty, candeias he could probably even get something out of cummings. Right now on form none of them but clearly he can take players that are performing very poorly that we wouldn't even take in our team when he took over and elevate them to a much higher level that they are now much better players and do play and start and do well. We can only hope Gerrard can do the same because there is no chance were getting rid of our whole starting 11. Maybe 4 or 5 plus fringe players is the best we can hope for.
  9. Yet they were outplayed by a mark Warburton team. The point still stands that a good coach can improve players that are playing shite. Even if Gerrard were to improve the players here too a point that would have us in comfortable second right now and probably within touching distance of the papes.
  10. That's pish and unfortunately you only need to look across the city to the Scum to see what a new manager can do for players performing to a shite standard
  11. Like I said that's without any other income generated.
  12. So are we looking at being essentially debt free plus getting 6 million?
  13. Could look at it as 15 million from season tickets, 6 million from share issue and 3 million from hummel before any other income is generated. 24 million isn't to be sniffed at
  14. I find it odd that he would hold a press conference just to explain the TOP ruling and share issue that could be done in a statement. Imo he would only be holding a press conference if he was delivering really fucking good news so he's at the top table looking like the messiah
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