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  1. *** The Official Partick Thistle v Rangers Thread ***

    Would love to see us play a 352 as I think it suits the players we have best. Also gives up that 3 in central midfield that we absolutely need
  2. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Called it. Midfield absolutely ran over today. Pathetic
  3. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Get windass off to fuck. Getting ran through in midfield off that fucking rat mcginn again. Get Docherty on right now so we actually have a presence in midfield. Absolute fucking joke. Do your fucking job murty you prick and change it when it's not fucking working. Hope mcginn gets his career ended
  4. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Would start Docherty for this one tomorrow. We really struggle in the midfield against hibs and Docherty would add some power and drive that we've missed in these games. Honestly that wee cunt mcginn usually does well against us because he's a powerful box to box type. Need Docherty to combat that
  5. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    I think it was 08/09 season when they were really in the title hunt with that formation till Eduardos leg break
  6. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    I'm hoping Arsenal are going back to when they had hleb and rosicky on the wings and adebayor and Eduardo up front.Not actual wingers. Like a 4 2 2 2 type of thing. Unreal front 4 though
  7. Mark Allen: My role at Rangers has been greatly misunderstood

    At least Murphy is guaranteed and Cummings is ours for 600k in the summer if we want him. If he can replicate his hibs form for us that is a steal and brilliant business
  8. Mark Allen: My role at Rangers has been greatly misunderstood

    Bump Think this deserves a bump after all the slagging he has taken. Looks to be our best window in quite some time and looks to be righting the wrongs of previous managers. Finalise Cummings, bring in Martin and Docherty and he will have done a fantastic job so far even before clearing out the deadwood
  9. Murty talks about Sean Goss

    Murty isn't wrong. We struggle against teams that sit in big time and we end up giving the ball away cheaply and seem to always be hit on the counter attack. Sounds like he has this boy as a starter in the team.
  10. How Will We Line Up?

    An opinion as I think tav could go
  11. How Will We Line Up?

    I could see tav going for a good offer. Jack wouldn't offer as much going forward but would make us better defensively which we definitely need
  12. How Will We Line Up?

    With Goss signed and Murphy to be done today and Martin possibly on the way how do we think we will line up after the January transfer window? I think/would like to see something like Foderingham Jack Bates Martin John Mccrorie Holt/Goss Candieas windass/dorrans Murphy Morelos What does everyone else think?
  13. How much longer can this board last?

    They can all fucking perish the night for all I care about them. Useless clueless rats
  14. Mark Allen: Full transcript.

    From what I gathered there were few different ways. I'd imagine the mcinnes one was a guy in Scotland that could come In and take the club forward. Mcinnes is the o my option in that regard. I would bet there were European candidates identified but the board didn't want to take that risk. And people like Tony pulis are out of our price range. But you see what you want to see I suppose
  15. Mark Allen

    I'm sure you could suggest a few ?