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  1. ClydebankBearWATP

    Pubs for Old Firm

    Quarry Bar in Rutherglen every time
  2. ClydebankBearWATP

    Morelos and windass

    Windass had no touch no fight and no ability to beat a man last night. Candeias should be playing wide right and windass can get to fuck. Ejaria or Middleton should come in for him
  3. ClydebankBearWATP

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    Absolute belters. Interesting also that Docherty features so heavily in the kit reveal. Think he will play a big part under Gerrard
  4. ClydebankBearWATP

    Greg Docherty

    Fitness is massive. Allows him to focus on other parts of his game if he is fit as a fiddle. If your fucked your more likely to make mistakes and technique won't be as good. His passing absolutely needs work, but he is fit and strong, has good feet and a great mentality. Other things can be coached and hopefully the coaching team we have now are good enough to improve him. You only need to look at Stuart Armstrong to see what good coaching, a system and some confidence can do to a young player.
  5. ClydebankBearWATP

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Arsenal to sign bernd leno the gk from Bayer leverkusen tomorrow
  6. ClydebankBearWATP

    Gerrard's captain for the season.

    Honestly Goldson imo. Full of confidence and determination when he spoke today. Assured and I liked when he said he will be getting it across to whoever is playing with him that he wants clean sheets. Like saying he will be playing it's just a case of who is with him
  7. ClydebankBearWATP

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Arsenal about to sign Lucas torreira from sampdoria for 30 million
  8. ClydebankBearWATP

    A message from the manager

    Go on then
  9. ClydebankBearWATP

    Chris Morgan

    If he gets this team as fit as Liverpool's then great
  10. ClydebankBearWATP

    Chris Morgan

    That will be milsoms job I think
  11. ClydebankBearWATP

    UB 17/18

  12. ClydebankBearWATP

    Press Conference Today

    Be good if it was them standing there in the new kits but we couldn't pull that off
  13. ClydebankBearWATP

    Press Conference Today

    Does seem to be right out the blue. Could be Arfield I suppose?
  14. ClydebankBearWATP

    Press Conference Today

    Record on Twitter saying mystery press conference to brief the media at midday?
  15. ClydebankBearWATP


    I wonder what helped instil that mentality in him hmmmm