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  1. Wesley said goals record even for a winger is awful
  2. Source if he ever had one. Seeing as everything is so hush hush these days.
  3. Be interesting wether he was at the wind up or baws booted and told to take it down 👀
  4. Some Random on twitter saying Skov Olson is done barring a medical and will be done by Friday at 11
  5. All well and good saying that but clubs cant halt everything bar pumping money into the team so it wins. Everything going on from the new website, to branding etc etc even if it seems "shite" and nothing to worry about is to enhance the image and brand of Rangers which in turn will benefit the team even if its in the smallest way with regards to sales or viewers etc etc. The team is the most important thing but if that was our aole focus for the last few years we would be in a lot worse shape as a club.
  6. I actually have faith in Ross Wilson to find us what we need, they know we need to upgrade in midfield and right wing qs it stands. Im sure they are working on it.
  7. New one looks much better, bolder, stands out and the lion is much clearer, doesnt look like melted wax. Just gives something new for the bed wetters in our support to bitch and moan about though
  8. Arsenal seem to of really turned it around since brighton. Arteta really putting his mark on the team and how they are playing. Can see pepe coming on later and getting a goal
  9. From what i have seen that isnt it though, its the stuff in training and behind the scenes thats doing him no favours at all.
  10. Arteta isnt that type though to put up with his shite. He wants players 100% in and committed and his off field ahite doesnt fit. His stock is also high, i think Joe Willock is on an upwars trajectory, goals and assists and is a better ball carrier. Put it this way if guendouzi goes and partey signs i would be delighted at that kind of business
  11. Doesnt score, doesnt assist. Hes okay and true hes talented but hes an arrogant wee prick. Rude and disrespectful to staff and thinks hes the bollocks. Had the same peoblem at lorient that got him froze out for a few months. Nasty streak on the pitch is fine but being a prick and disruptive off it is a different thing. Arsenal can cash in and address needs now.
  12. Thomas Partey to Arsenal and Guendouzi away to highest bidder/swap deal
  13. Castore sell in bulk to SD, that initial sale we benefit from, anything SD sell is fuck all to do with us. Sports Direct isn't a great store but the one on Argyle Street with the USC, Under Armour bit tied in sells all your designer gear, i wouldnt be surprised to see castore end up in flannels to be honest which Mike Ashley owns. Sports Direct stock the biggest clubs in the worlds kit, if nike or adidas were our sponsors we wouldnt expect them to not supply sports direct. Were not going to start seeing castore hoodies etc beside lonsdale trackies. SD is a vehicle to sell our football merchandise on the high street and to a wider audience. Liverpool, Real Madrid etc and nike and adidas arent devalued because they are in Sports Direct and they have theie own stand alone stores. Castores premium wear will be in their high end own shops and retailers and we will probably feature in them too. Sports Direct leaves a sour taste in the mouth but it is about business and distribution and reach and most importantly they are not in control anymore. Castore is.
  14. Saw a daft comment and thought i would fire it up for a laugh 😂
  15. 🤞🤞 the boy looked really good v hamburg the other week, different from what we currently have. Guessing zuniga is incase he gets promoted
  16. 😂😂 you know exactly what i saw dont you 😂
  17. Really really really trying to sell Willian of Chelsea on a move up here with a 3 year deal, highest paid player obviously, wether Gerrard and Wilson can sell him who knows but Lampards fondness for us could help being in his ear
  18. Sure its not a name you have heard, throwing us all off the scent with that comment 👀 good try. Were signing him obviously
  19. Gyrano Kerk according to FF we are in discussions for him bit two teams still a bit apart
  20. If hes got a dodgy knee we will definitely find out about it up here 😂
  21. I think something is afoot, H&H twiyter replied to "so there is big news" with "isnt there always, but its u likely to be wrapped up in the same press release" And replied to another saying "i hope so too, i just think it will be spread out a bit" Language used seems to be something is happening but wont be when the kit is launched incase it steals thunder
  22. One year left and talks broke down, he will go to the top wherever he lands imo, boys lethal.
  23. Florian Balogun, probably the best striker Arsenal will have produced from their youth they are looking to sell off in the next few weeks apparently. Feel he could make the kind of impact their striker across the city has since signing for them
  24. It seems madness to me we may be going for dykes, when in all their cost cutting cosgrove is there at Aberdeen even if he would cost a bit extra, has that physical threat and his record speaks for itself. 87 apps, 44 goals and 8 assists
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