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  1. Yeh it is I noticed that after I posted it, still a wee mutant tho
  2. They seem to be destroying teams how excited should we be over this group? What level are the opposition you would think celtic would be better than average, and how good a coach is David McCallum throw in the alkass Cup win and it all looks very promising.
  3. I didn't know any other way to post it just happened to hear it in the car yesterday
  4. Caught this in the car yesterday its even sweeter today from 22 minutes in to roughly minute 25, we welcome the chase https://clyde.listennow.link/1679592
  5. Why are people so quick to shoot a player down? Bizarre behaviour
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/03/26/stadium-bans-fines-banners-uefa-has-dealt-racism-last-decade/amp/ For a bit of comparison
  7. 1-0 away win after playing in Europe mid week I'll take that every time
  8. We have played really well I would of took a score draw before kick off, how good is Gerrards results in euro qualifiers top class
  9. I always keep an eye on their score, hopefully better times ahead along with the partnership with inverness
  10. It looks like he is off! http://instagram.com/p/n9A7iuxdQl/
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