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  1. I was 7 at the time, and had been pestering my parents to go to the football with my older brother,but i was always fobbed off even so i was being allowed to go to one of the minor games, in the future, that changed after the tragedy it was to be another couple of years before i was lifted over the turnstiles of the west enclosure, as a kid you dont understand these things you have your own selfish interest at heart, as you grow up the enormity of what happened starts to unfold as the years go by and you form a better appreciation of what happened so much so that i cant listen to elton john sing ing this song, i first seen this clip on the Rock and Roll years many moons ago but i have lifted it from youtube, it chokes me , its on the first 5 minutes
  2. We use the word " ken"in Ayrshire to mean ( do you understand) ken whit a mean.
  3. The Enablers will start topping themselves when Rangers go a couple of points in front,and when we beat them first old firm. grab, deckchair a case of beer and sit next to the kingston bridge,
  4. Why do Rangers fans still buy this rag, i mean Andrex is much softer
  5. No just a Loyal family friend who has watched the boy Grow up, why the Negative comment
  6. No just a Loyal family friend who has watched the boy Grow up,
  7. I cant make the Game today my wife has a serious illness but i will be glued to the box, as my mates grandson will be on the bench i hope he gets a runout,i have spoken of this lad before and he is something special his name is Billy Gilmour, he was kicking a ball in the womb i think. He is from Ardrossan a well grounded young man, he lives eats sleeps football, He is 15, and has always punched above his weight playing for older teams, his family are the same, he also has a talented Brother and cousins, i personaly think he can become the Scottish Gareth Bale, he is also surrounded by the right people, so good luck Billy this will be the proudest day for your family and friends..
  8. Just signed up for my inlaws 4 signatures and the petition is sitting at the same figure 39,544
  9. Ten members of my family have signed, too many old timers frightened of computers unfortunately, this is a godsend for them being able to do it on their behalf.with consent
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