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  1. Waited 7 years for a result like today's. If it hadn't been for their keeper would have been double digits, looking forward to giving all of the rest a right good doing!
  2. Aribo, Ojo and Jack thankfully had a good game, the rest looked as if it was the first time playing together. Need to up our game big time to reach the group stages!
  3. First touch all over the pitch is really poor. Fortunate that we are playing piss poor teams at this early stage, otherwise we would be up against it big time!
  4. Good workout and fun in the sun, thought Jones looks a great addition as does Ojo.
  5. That's never a football pitch, chuck in three hammer throwers and Steve Clarke's a football genius alegidly!
  6. Super save, super stupid! Don't know what McGregor was thinking, the game was over and he had just made a super save, sums up our season!
  7. Piss poor game, and FFS some chunt shoot them fecking pigeons!
  8. Nothing positive to say about this other thsn. we are still in the competition. Terrible game of football, watched the el clasico last night and you. would think it was a different game altogether!
  9. Played that half to their strengths, hoofball with physical challenges all over the park, Jack has been well below what’s expected, Arfield to high up the park and Morelos looks like he’s playing to get sent off. McCoist really getting under my skin talking utter phiss as usual
  10. No positives with the exception of Kamara. Slow, predictable with no penatartion from the midfield!
  11. I wish SG would stop fcuking around with selection and formation.
  12. At least 6 of those playing tonight should be looking for a new club, not good enough!
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