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  1. Poor game, laboured performance from most of the team. Thankfully we don't have to watch that style of football every week. Just glad that nobody got a serious injury, onwards and upwards.
  2. Fucking brutal football, Gary Holt is the new Stevie Clarke
  3. Brutal playing surface, red card on Aribo, atrocious advert for Scottish football.
  4. Reminded me of Saturday night at the old Savoy on Sauchiehall St, every cunt bumping into each other in the middle of the dance floor, with the big fat burd on the outside getting no attention!
  5. He's not that bad, he's just not good enough for the level of expectation required to play for Liverpool or Rangers.
  6. I understand the sentiment, it's only one game etc, but really if you can't go bat shit crazy over a performance and result like today, then were have you been for the last seven years! Of course the league's not lost, but the opportunity to lay down a marker most certainly was. As for individual ops for each player and the manager, of course it's over the top, simplest way to right that wrong is to win the next game in their midden!
  7. I agree with the sentiment, but surely we are allowed to express an opinion on our own forum regardless of how bat shit crazy some of the comments may be for fear that some dhimm lurking in the background might pick up on it, especially as most on here don't give a flying fuck what they think!
  8. Willing to accept his defencive frailties, as long as he produces going forward, unfortunately failed to put in one telling ball all game, especially as he was up against an aledged bomb scare of a left back.
  9. Thankfully they don't know as much about the game as you and me!
  10. Don't think anyone is calling for his head, just massively disappointed with the performance and result. We had a chance to put them under pressure for the first time in a long time, and as a collective we blew it big time!
  11. I don't have a thing against Davis, like some, however, that was as bad a performance as I have seen from him since his return, again in his defence the midfield was shockingly bad as a unit!
  12. Kai_Johansen


    Wanted to much time on the ball and had no confidence in the tackle, clearly a prospect with loads of ability, however contributed nothing of note today.
  13. Contributed nothing going forward, in his defence he was the most shite, in a really shite team, no pass marks for any of them including the manager!
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