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  1. If it's appendicitis it will be Keyhole surgery, don't even get a proper scar, if done on the NHS your lucky if you get an overnight stay!
  2. How fat is Chris Commons head, would need to ask him to leave the room to look the window!
  3. Ryan Jack at fault few times, lads obviously carrying an injury, replace with Arfield, Alfredo to score the winner!
  4. As my old da used to say, I'm up to high dough, c'mon the Glasgow Ranger's
  5. 2 - 0 Rangers, expect Brown and Ajar to kick Kent and Alfredo all afternoon with impunity!
  6. Barga, same level as group stages, tough but winnable
  7. I would like to get Arsanal, we could get 10k ticket allocation, down and up in a day and I have a few mates that support them, but more importantly I think we can beat them over the two legs!
  8. That's one way of getting out of jury duty, aledgedly!
  9. Really hard to take, dominant all over the park, McGregor had nothing too do the entire game. No excuses for missing the penalty, that goes in and we go on and win the game. As for the dhims they were there for the taking, how they have won today reminds me of what we used to do to them in the 90'.
  10. We were good without being at our best, also that's as poor a Hearts side I've seen in a long time, could be heading to the championship, which would be nice!
  11. Poor game, laboured performance from most of the team. Thankfully we don't have to watch that style of football every week. Just glad that nobody got a serious injury, onwards and upwards.
  12. Brutal playing surface, red card on Aribo, atrocious advert for Scottish football.
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