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  1. Until the penalty I thought there wasn't that much in it. Not sure what SG sees in Davis, Kent couldn't skin a rice pudding, and Morelos got no support, that said they were by far the better side
  2. Davis is a liability at this level, misplaced passes all night and a coward in the tackle, and going forward!
  3. It's like groundhog day without the laughs, play across the middle for Tav to overhit an aimless cross high wide and handsome. Season can't finish quick enough, and play like that and we will get fcuking mauled by German's home and away!
  4. Lolz, needs refined "FFS shut up", sorted!
  5. Lolz, I'd have the late great Tommy Cooper before big Sam, "just like that"
  6. Without the cash from the Europa League we would be in serious financial difficulty, prize money for winning the SC is peanuts in comparison to one home win in the group stages, there is no recovery without European money, regardless of who's the manager!
  7. Not sure about Helander, I can move faster, even when I hooked up to my drip! Think BB would leave in a heartbeat if Italy was on offer, I'm sure he would much prefer to get kicked in Seria! Would have Jack and Docherty as a central pairing, not because I think he's better than Davis as a footballer, he's just got more fight and energy
  8. The only thing that's let him down is he's not won anything, which is a pretty big thing for a Ranger's manager!
  9. We got Gerrard due to his inexperience, he's now got experience, if we have to replace him, we have a choice of going for someone who's inexperienced or someone who's cheap! Anyone with any knowledge in the game know that taking the Ranger's job next season, and failing to win the league is opening themselves up to a public linching!
  10. Personally I don't want him to go, however, SG will have far more opportunities to get a new club at a higher level than Rangers will at getting a higher profile manager! If Arteta can get Arsenal, Lampard Chelsea and we Ollie at Man U, Gerrard will have no problems getting a EPL team, and what will we get, has beens and never beens, Warburton springs to mind "we go again"!
  11. If you've lived long enough and watched Rangers as long as I have, then the answer is unfortunately yes, and on a number of occasions, and under some of our best managers and players! Needed extra time to beat Forfar in a LC semi final at an almost deserted Hampden!
  12. What about Harry, I hear his Rolly Polly business isn't doing so well, might be tempted from retirement!
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