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  1. I wonder who is leaking these stories to the press and as for.the idiot leaking that video from the scums toilets. You are a fucking traitor.
  2. The man is a liability and I wouldn't let him near our young players.
  3. GB for us intrepid loonies how do we account for the £40 on our paying in sheets?
  4. Sorry to hear that mate get well soon. I'm sure the boys will perform well for you on Saturday. WATP
  5. Bump. BP9 do you really think Corky. Is giving us a second thought when he is down Boogie Street? Lol
  6. BH don't let him fool you. His brain is continually thinking of ways to raise funds and finding ways to enrich veterans lives. Such a big hearted individual and he is respected and cherished by all veterans who come into contact with him. Don't tell him I said this lol
  7. Morning BP9 you're bumping early to day my friend. I nearly said keep it up butt I don't know which way a remark like that would be construed
  8. GB will be along shortly with his trusty spread sheet. I'm sure he has OCD lmao and should be in here with us.
  9. Brother Bears as I have said in the other thread veterans are doing the same as you all which is flocking back to the games. If you can please join the fund or donate a couple of quid to get these guys to the games and show them that you care and appreciate their service. Remember that when you go to bed at night to have a good kip these boys are still going through the trauma of their service to keep you and this country safe. WATP
  10. Ffs DM GB is so close to the 200 that you'll have him interfering with himself tonight lol
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