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  1. Fuck sake , I'm going to have to do the tour again to see that trophy
  2. gmcf

    Under 17's - 1.35pm KO , semi-final

    Cheers mate 👍 Enjoyed watching last year's and looking good for this years too .
  3. gmcf

    Under 17's - 1.35pm KO , semi-final

    Is this the age group for the Glasgow Cup ?
  4. gmcf

    Replay ticket information.

    Fuck sake that'll be £81 for me . See that cunt Tavernier
  5. gmcf

    First Rangers game you attended?

    3-2 v Hearts round about 1970 . Three nil up , Hearts pull two back and all I remember was Peter McCloy , who hadn't long signed , pulling off a full length save near the end .
  6. gmcf

    Big Jock Knew

    Yeah though I suppose that's what usually happens . The minute they come to some agreement , it opens the doors for others and I'm sure there will be others .
  7. gmcf

    Big Jock Knew

    She's a trier , I'll give her that . Good to hear Patrick McGuire sounding adamant that is not the case .
  8. gmcf


    Pretty sure he isn't .
  9. gmcf

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    I'm in no doubt that these decisions are swayed by the MSM and just look at who the main players on there are . I think we need to have a structure , or timetable ,where the compliance officer looks at things within hours of the games being played , before the likes of stewart , thimson , keevins , sutton etc have time to air their views . How his can be done is obviously a problem , but it can't be unsurmountable , even if it means a fifth official watching a silent tv stream , and having 30 - 60 minutes from the end of the game to decide if anything needs reported .
  10. gmcf

    Ex Players on the media

    Its quite telling that Clarke and McInnes felt free to comment on our players when they could have picked anyone . In fact , until pretty recently , I don't think managers , or clubs , commented on opponents unless it was regarding a specific moment during , or straight after a game .
  11. gmcf

    Ex Players on the media

    It's absolutely astonishing the different attitudes from the two sets of ex players regarding press work . As SEMA says , outside of Kevin Thomson and Neil McCann , we're struggling .
  12. gmcf

    Ex Players on the media

    I don't know how some of them could even have the brass neck to go to Ibrox .
  13. gmcf

    Maurice Ross

    Great post 👍
  14. gmcf

    Maurice Ross

    Any chance on getting him on Sportscene and getting rid of that wanker Thomson ?
  15. gmcf

    Morelos card appealed.

    Aye , if we're going to get done, make it worthwhile