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  1. Play them all away!

    Funny how when we had to play three difficult away games all those times we just got on with it .
  2. Great Footage of Ibrox 1969

    My first thought was Bobby Watson , but hard to tell .
  3. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    Would fit in well with hoops on .
  4. Goss

    For a guy that not many of us had heard about he is certainly starting to be very prominent for us .
  5. Not till we take the lead .
  6. Just glad it happened early .
  7. Would have liked to have seen what Stephen Wright could have done for us , though he never really had the chance.
  8. Best midfield Rangers have ever had?

    Yeah , I'd agree with this . In his first stint there was a youthful ' gallousness ' about BF that made him one of the best midfielders we've had . I think on his return he played it a lot more safer , hence often the sideways pass . Call it maturity or learning from English football where possession is key , he was certainly a different player , maybe not quite as exciting but certainly more mature .
  9. Best midfield Rangers have ever had?

    Gazza and Laudrup were probably the best midfielders we had yet in a strange way I thought they were more individuals than a midfield as a whole . I'm torn between Souness' first season with himself , D.Ferguson , Durrant with Cooper and McMinn on the wings and Advocaats first couple of seasons . Arguably the best football I gave seen us play where we played fast flowing football on the deck and the midfield played as a unit as opposed to relying on individual brilliance . If that makes sense .
  10. Fan base in Scotland.

    I'm not sure if it's the middle class wankers , but by far the biggest danger to our fan base is if we're winning , much more than any ' politics ' or anything else . Always has been . I can remember the crowds of about 20000 way back in the 80's and once Souness came it was unbelievable the amount of guys I knew , that hardly even talked to me about football , never mind Rangers , that suddenly were ST holders . They were known as the ' camel coat brigade ' iirc. Weve been lucky that we have had a steady amount of fans that renew no matter what , but you can see by the changes about you , every new season , that there is still an issue with guys expecting more and not renewing when that doesn't happen . Like you say , sell out crowds while we've been average is encouraging , but we have to step it up and not get complacent because one day you may find that the replacements won't cover those going if we don't find a way soon of winning trophies .
  11. Guess who's back back again

    Good . Gives us more options .
  12. Fan base in Scotland.

    We've always had the bigger support . I think the boycott of strips over the last 5 years or so hasn't helped to show that , but I'm sure it will be more visible soon .
  13. Alves back in training

    Really ! I wouldn't have thought that . Still , I don't think Alves has necessarily been poor , just that I'd have expected him to be more dominant in his appearances .
  14. Alves back in training

    very true .