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  1. gmcf

    Morelos bid

    We'd be mad to accept any bid as far as I'm concerned , even stupid money . He's playing the best I've seen from him , the team are just getting to grips with each other and playing good stuff , c....c are wobbling as rodgers goes into meltdown mode . Why would we even want to change that ? Even with stupid money and a couple of quality signings there's no guarantee that they could settle in the backwater of Scottish football . Nah , not for me . If it ain't broke , don't fix it and right now it ain't broke .
  2. Slightly OT , but just watched the BBC news there and apparently last night's defeat has cost them £10M . Now thats what you call deflation
  3. gmcf

    Drawing Comparisons

    This is why I've always said anything is possible as I've seen too many swings - both ways - to know nothing is a certainty . I disagree with the OP slightly about the Souness era , because I see that as the closest comparison simply because , just like today , we had been years in the doldrums and we sometimes wondered if the natural order would ever be restored , particularly with teams like aberdeen and dundee utd becoming successful . Anyway like I say , there are plenty of unexpected swings on both sides , over the last 30 years to keep believing.
  4. gmcf

    Bill Leckie

    A yesser as well . FS , he's got nothing going for him
  5. Yeah , me too . I honestly don't rate him , I think it has always been how poor we've been , as opposed to how good they've been . Put it this way WS's teams , in his 2nd spell , would have taken them to the cleaners .
  6. gmcf


    Legs like knitting needles - knit one , purl one .
  7. See where you're coming from . Not sure about the red , but I'm feeling quite positive right now facing them . I just hope it's not the heart ruling the head , which I can quite often do . But yeah , now that we've got a midfield with a bit of punch in it , it something to look forward to for a change .
  8. They'd just contest it in the miraculous event he ever did get charged for it
  9. gmcf

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    Didn't read the article , but ffs , how sad is it you have to go back 50 years to make a point - maybe he's hoping there's a lot less of us around to stand up for them . FWIW , wee McDonald got that reputation after winning a penalty against hibs , but I can't think what Big Beastie or Tommy McLean are getting accused of . As for SAF , that is before my time .
  10. gmcf

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    You're correct , I remember that too .
  11. gmcf

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    You two really should have gone to a school which taught you how to speak English gooder
  12. gmcf

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    If SG thinks missing the hotel would help the team settle before a match then he should get it . Doesn't seem to be a big ask tbh .
  13. gmcf


    Seems the door is open to go full time , hope so . Rangers boss Steven Gerrard has backed Lassana Coulibaly to go from strength to strength. The midfielder has made an impressive start to life at Ibrox following his loan move from Angers and netted his first goal for the Gers in the Europa League win over Maribor. Coulibaly has quickly endeared himself to supporters and become an integral part of Gerrard's plans. Rangers have an option to purchase the Malian international at the end of his season-long stay. And Gerrard is delighted with his instant Ibrox. Coulibaly has quickly endeared himself to supporters and become an integral part of Gerrard's plans. Rangers have an option to purchase the Malian international at the end of his season-long stay. And Gerrard is delighted with his instant Ibrox. impact Gerrard said: “He’s ahead of where I thought he would be at this time. "As a player, when I did pre-season, I always felt I needed four or five friendly matches under my belt, maybe two or three in the season, to feel in top shape and ready. "He has played three games in terms of maximum minutes. "Realistically he is still in pre-season in terms of match fitness, sharpness and game time. "So we believe there is still more to come. But he has found his consistency and the fans are buying into him. "As a player, when you play for a crowd as passionate as the Rangers crowd, if you empty the tank for them, and give everything you have possibly got in your body when you cross the white line, they are going come with you. "They are going to support you, they are going to be behind you. That’s the message for every single player. Lassana knows that. "He is committed to it and he has got the fans onside. "Now it is about him just polishing his game and finding that consistency and he will be a helluva player for us. "There’s an option within it, but let’s just enjoy him now and for the year. Of course we would love to have him on a full-time basis for many more years. "We admire the player and that’s the reason we brought him in, but at the moment it’s a year-loan and he belongs to another club. At the moment he is ours and we should just appreciate that we’ve got him in the short term.” http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/16411989.Rangers-boss-steven-gerrard-delighted-with-lassana-coulibalys-ibrox-impact/#
  14. gmcf

    Police Scotland once again

    Seriously ? I honestly can't get my head round the fact that an individual (PS) thought he / she was doing the right thing here . Police Scotland's motto ' Semper Vigilo ' - Always Vigilant - keeping people safe . Well , except if your a 10 year old Rangers supporter , where we'll let you make your own way home . Glad to hear the rest of the bus made their feelings known and succeeded in getting the boy back to his dad , despite Police Scotland's lack of understanding In all honesty, I hope the family go public and demand a public answer from the Chief Constable as to how they failed to live up to their motto .
  15. gmcf

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    St Mirren will park the bus . 2 - 0 Gers .