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  1. It did say there WASNT a closing date when I was reading about it . It did recommend to join as early as possible though to get the benefits .
  2. I think they got a friendly , but that won't keep the wolves from the door for very long . Don't know if true , but I read they voted against league reconstruction which would be strange given that was the reason they changed their vote .
  3. Terrible hearing that . All the best Nizzy .
  4. A bit strange after the injury to Katic unless there are plans afoot , but all the best to him .
  5. I'm thinking solely on ourselves - I've not seen the tarriers fixture list . Outwith January , we have decent runs of games where we should expect victories - I know that's not always the case , but that'll be down to us and how we perform . When I said where we are at the split , if we are going head to head with the tarriers with little in it , it should be to our benefit that we are at home three times , while they'll be away three times . Again , that doesn't always work out , but it should be to our benefit . Like I say it's all ifs and but , particularly the amount of games played in empty stadiums and I think fans are underestimating the nullifying effect that is going to have in games .
  6. I've just rechecked on the Rangers website and I'm sure we'll have played 16 home and 17 away at the split , leaving us three home games after the split . I do get your point about the possibility of having played one of the top teams three times away but that depends where we are at the split . We also do have a difficult January like we had in December but once that is out the way we should have a good run of games till just before the split . Its all ifs and buts of course , but there are opportunities to get some decent runs under our belts , gain a bit of momentum before we face them .
  7. Quite happy with that tbh . Sure , the tarriers got what they wanted by not playing us till October . But . . . if we get a good start against the sheep we've got a good run of games till we play them to get in our stride , although away to hibs and motherwell will need our full attention in September . Then it's another good run till January with three difficult away games . You can look at the split many ways , but thinking positively , we'll have three home games out the five in the run in to the title , whereas the tarriers should have three away .
  8. Goldson . Half 2 in the morning and that certainly sobered me up
  9. It was received at 4.48 . This is blatant corruption , they lied to change the result of a vote . Can't believe the lack of exposure this is getting . ' The SPFL’s lawyer, Gerry Moynihan QC, stated during Wednesday’s hearing that Dundee’s ‘no’ vote was received by the league at 4.48pm on April 10 – the deadline day for the ballot ' https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/court-told-public-must-hear-details-spfl-conduct-and-dundee-vote-hearts-partick-case-2902271
  10. Surely the end of doncaster. . . . .
  11. I was going to say that it's time for Rangers to step up again , now that what we foresaw has come about , but you're right , let's wait for the full picture to unfold and hopefully the reality will have dawned on a few more clubs .
  12. Like I said in another thread , it's more with what they want to believe rather than using their common sense . The thing is , they come out with these crass comments , totally unaware of how stupid they come across because they're so wrapped up in themselves . So much for tomorrow's intellect .
  13. Remember the days it was the clever cunts that made university .
  14. I just want them to succeed to show up doncaster for the useless , corrupted prick he is .
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