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  1. gmcf

    Jon Flanagan

    Sounds like a bit of a volatile character , just hope SG has taken that into account , given the scrutiny he'll be under in the fishbowl up here .
  2. gmcf

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    Liked the bit when he was asked about c....c , he replied it was just another challenge like aberdeen or hibs. Cue end of interview
  3. gmcf

    Jason Cummings

    Actually thought 600K , or even less , was not a bad bit if business until I saw @Sportingintegritymyarse' s post , where seeing it in black and white you realise it's not good enough if we want to win things . Well , not unless that 4th addition is Messi
  4. gmcf

    Scouting Setup Mark Allen interview

    Like your positivity and I agree with most , I just hope that there will be more than four identified as surplus . Easier said than done , granted but it would be good to free up even more wages .
  5. gmcf

    Mick O’Halleron away

    How much did we pay Melbourne ?
  6. gmcf

    Hummel Training Centre

    Hope they don't undo all my good work when we were building the place
  7. gmcf

    Level Playing Field

    The SG effect will mean that the game here will be open to scrutiny to more than just Scotland , particularly down in England , and while that should be a good thing for us , I wouldn't bet against some no mark referee wanting to be the centre of attraction .
  8. gmcf

    The Sleeping Giant

    Building bridges . Probably no coincidence that we are now taking on the malcontents in the sfa now he's gone . Actually , it will be interesting to know his timeline , Did he realise , for example , as one for building bridges with the sfa , were his efforts futile when it came to these ludicrous charges of a uefa license , and he left of his own accord for to someone more capable , or did Rangers themselves think it was time for a more forcefull approach ? We've never really been told the answer .
  9. gmcf

    Level Playing Field

    The way , at last , we've started questioning guys in the sfa/ spl seems to suggest we are at long last sticking up for ourselves . Hopefully that will progress into inept refereeing decisions that plagued us last season . Hopefully , being the key word here .
  10. gmcf

    Gerrard keeping Wallace

    I'm not sure how anyone can judge what Wallace will be like under SG's system . Personally , I'd prefer John there , but it's been that long since we've seen a fit Wallace , that I'd give him a chance to see how he does . On his day he's a great option and if it doesn't work out we move him on , but he's still worth a chance .
  11. gmcf

    Jim Baxter

    Only got to see him once in a midweek reserve game against c....c . His better days were past by then , but my grandad took me just to say I've seen Baxter , such was he held by him . He had a great record against the tarriers and kept that up , even that night in a reserve match , that ended in a 1-1 draw with Graham Fyfe scoring iirc , against what was a pretty dominant c....c reserve side back then .
  12. gmcf

    Hardie signs new contract

    Do what the tarriers do . Loan him to one of the teams that are our main challengers , he helps them take points off each other , then when they play us he cant play , so it upsets their rhythm and team selection and so benefiting us . Now thats how you win leagues . Simples really .
  13. gmcf

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Like you're line of thought 👍
  14. gmcf

    League fixtures out this Friday

    Be good to get 2 difficult away games out the way quite early .
  15. gmcf

    League fixtures out this Friday

    aberdeen a 5/8 st mirren h 11/8 motherwell a 25/8 tarriers a 1/9 Dundee h 15/9 st johnstone h 22/9