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  1. So sad to hear about this . He was a bit before my time , but never tired of hearing about our team of that time particularly the famous M&B partnership .
  2. That's alright GB , I've had that much rum I doubt I'd have done them justice
  3. As I stated earlier , I never got to see any of it , not even the goals till , I think , 1982 , when the bbc ran two half hour specials showing us one night and them the other . As SD says , back then there was no YouTube or internet so we were pretty much left at the mercy of the broadcasting authorities .
  4. Indeed . I remember the World Service would give you the commentary of the last half hour or so of a Scottish game AFTER the classified results . It was the closest I got to a game for many a year
  5. We'd just moved to Saudi Arabia after the semi final , and for my 11th birthday , which was the week after , my dad got me a radio so we could ' tune in to find out the score ' . I can remember before going to school , tuning in to hear the news , hearing them talking about Scotland beating Wales in the Home Internationals , then saying ' meanwhile 25,000 Rangers fans went to Barcelona to see them win the ECWC by 3-2 ' . What a day . Its hard to believe in this day and age , that it took me about 10 years before I finally got to see the goals , and the highlights , on some BBC special anniversary programme .
  6. Took us ages to get started but played quite well after that. There was a time I thought we'd take 4 or 5 off them .
  7. That's my line of thought too. Any money we have must be spent on the spine of the team - we need a couple of CH's , at least one CM , and a CF that can score goals . Anything after that would be a bonus .
  8. Good player , but not worth £1m Apart from that , I'd hate to give that amount to the sheep shaggers .
  9. What do you think that it's left to a guy that's just walked in the door to defend our club , while those in the boardroom say nothing ? Shocking .
  10. Time will tell if this is just a soundbite , but those who have been demanding that someone should be sticking up for the club , I hope will give him a bit of leeway. I have no idea how his managerial ability will end up , particularly once he gets the type of player he wants , but what is in no doubt is he's not afraid of saying what he's feeling . I wish we could be saying the same for others , particularly those who are more concerned of how they come across .
  11. Exactly this . Yes , it's a crying shame that it's left to someone who has just joined the club to stick up for us as opposed to those board members , and others , that have been here a while . Some may question his managerial ability , but one thing is for sure - he's putting himself in the firing line while others cower . Just wish the board had the same balls he has .
  12. Lucky to be 3rd ? I know we've been shit , but how the fuck does he work that one out .
  13. Think he'd be a great signing , now let's get someone to partner him at CH .
  14. Wes

    It's not that . Actually his kicking ( long distances ) is pretty good , but far too often this season his distribution to the nearest defender is often rushed and puts the defender under pressure due to the opposition forwards still being in the vicinity . It's a mixture of poor decision making and some of our defense unable to control a ball . Between them , we've given the ball away in a dangerous position far too often this season , often losing goals we shouldn't have .
  15. He won't be sacked . Let's face it , other than the rumours of DeBoer , the list of other candidates were hardly inspiring.