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  1. Remember hating him back as a player , then manager , simply because he played and captained them . When you see the antics of some of their players just now , you realise that was no reason at all . I'm sorry to hear he's passed , he was a class above the imbecile that currently captains their team .
  2. Yeah , we can all appreciate a bit of rivalry , but this guy takes it to a whole different level that it's hard to feel any sympathy for him even if I wanted to .
  3. Leigh Griffiths , the guy that tied a scarf to our goals trying to ridicule us ? Now he wants our sympathy ? Ill crack the jokes.
  4. Just thinking out loud here , but I wonder if SG is planning making him our No1 LB next season . Much in the way SG is now playing Goldson and Katic now that Worrall is no longer in his plans , I'm wondering if this is why Flanigan is getting a run if games over Barisic and Halliday .
  5. Difficult to compare , but I'd say Defoe edges it . Morelos is definetely the better player but can you rely on him ? The thing with Defoe is he brings into play other players . I think for example , Scot Arfield is much more prominent when Defoe is leading the line than Morelos.
  6. We've had plenty of players like McCoist , Hateley and John Brown that have taken a season to settle before becoming great players for us , so it could be they need a little longer to settle . Having said that , those were British born players and , though there's a whole different pressure playing for Rangers , they at least had an idea of what they were coming into . It's why I think we should concentrate on the UK market for the bulk of our players , where we minimise homesickness , cultural differences and even language barriers .
  7. Gazza . I know he wasn't having the best of seasons before we sold him to Middlesborough , but he had the ability to change a game even when not at his best . If he could have done that just once or twice that season we would have been sitting here with 10 in a row .
  8. gmcf


    I'm not McCoists biggest fan but I dont see what hes said wrong here . AF does need to screw the nut .
  9. Maybe he's angling for a move here by pissing off oneil
  10. Yeah , I don't know what happened there when our players and fans were attacked . I certainly expected a lot of jail time which wasn't forthcoming . Compared to that , I think this guy has been treated harshly . Once he got on the park he seemed to shite it and didn't know what to do .
  11. Harsh . Could be wrong but I don't remember anyone getting anything like that at the cup final , which was a whole lot worse and would have been more deserving of such a sentence .
  12. On a stream in a taxi right now , going between Gatwick and Heathrow. No chance I'm making connecting flight at 1.20 .
  13. I think it's a bit harsh to judge him on his first season having had to sign quantity more than quality . As he says , next season is ' putting the icing on the cake 'where we can see what he does with players of a higher quality .
  14. So many already picked , so im going for the first victory over them that I was aware of . . . .
  15. Tbh I get that . 20 years ago nobody would have expected charges and life would have carried on as normal . However , nowadays , we have ' hate crime ' laws . I dont think society is necessarily better off because of them , but theyre here , and should be applied equally .
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