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  1. FS , that another one ? Is that halfway to the 14 names given to the police ?
  2. I think you're being a wee bit harsh . He certainly had a nightmare first season , and pretty average the next , but after that he was pretty solid for us , culminating in being made captain. You may be right with the drinking ban , but I thought being made captain gave him the responsibility that was missing and he grabbed it with both hands . I didn't think he deserved losing the captaincy once Barry Ferguson came back , though I could understand that decision , and I think he suffered because if that .
  3. gmcf

    Ibrox Maintenance

    Just assuming it would be safely wrapped up while the work is getting carried out 👍
  4. gmcf

    Ibrox Maintenance

    And get the portrait of the Queen back up and all will be fine .
  5. Went to Belgium to a mini tournament back in the early 80's if that counts.
  6. Exactly. To turn a serious issue like child abuse into a Protestant / Rangers / Orange voting for Tories issue is disgraceful . And from an MSP too . Like I say , do you get a different answer if you are either a catholic , an SNP voter or celtic supporter . Because if you do you are now entering a whole different and dangerous world , where politicians represent you differently depending on your background .
  7. That's shocking . I wonder if you would have got a different response if you were a catholic snp supporter . Imagine even turning that into a question about Rangers / Protestant / Rangers voting Tory .
  8. While I wouldn't say we're fucked , I'd certainly go along that it would make it harder . After years of wholesale changes , which have interrupted any chance of continuity , I had hoped this season would have just been about tinkering about the edges by adding quality here and there , but by losing arguably our three best players that now seems unlikely. Thinking positively , at least with Tavernier and Morelos , the ball is in our court , and should they leave we need to ensure it's at an acceptable price . Obviously I'm hoping they stay and it doesn't come to this but if it does there are bargains out there - remember our midfield three that cost 50K that ran circles round so called ' superstars ' , and like Tavernier , Morelos and Kent , there are players out there that we won't have heard of but can do us a turn . Now more than ever , Mark Allen and his team will have to deliver . Like I say though harder , not impossible.
  9. That's excellent. Hope my wee donation helps.
  10. Sounds to me like he's preparing us for him going . If he does , I hope it's for decent money . We need to watch out here that we don't rip the heart out of what we're trying to achieve . If you were to pick five of our best performers last season Kent , Morelos and Tav would be three of them , and if all were to go it would be a big ask to replace them .
  11. Did very well when he first broke into the team which , iirc , was just after Barcelona after Colin Stein went to Coventry so I'm guessing he'd be about 19 . I dont know what happened but a few years later he got overlooked for Martin Henderson and then Billy Urquart , which still baffles me to this day .
  12. Depends what BA you get Yeah , noticed you've not been there a while , which I suppose I'm kinda glad of .
  13. Like eejay , but have to agree with you on this one , so you owe me . Now . Brexit . . . .. .
  14. And everyone hates @Inigo . Gee thanks GD Well actually . . . . . . maybe not a bad thing
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