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  1. Probably just an age thing with Gilks being 35 and little sell on value . . . . . whereas we may get something for Alnwick should he establish himself and he moves on . I do get what you mean though , I liked Gilks every time I saw him .
  2. I think we could be doing with another couple of signings up front , Walker being one of them . We seem to be a bit light up there for options . The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned . Ideally we want to give them time to bed in and know the style and teammates before the league kicks off .
  3. Sometimes wonder if we should just do the deal . Obviously a bit late now for Europe , but if we hadn't fucked about with the Walker and Dorrans deals we may well have been in the 3rd round of the Europa Cup just now and the gate money received wouldn't be far off recompensing for our extra outlay . Lets hope it's sorted for the start of the season .
  4. Not sure how I feel about this . On one hand I wouldn't want him back for the manner of his departure , but on the other hand I really do feel he would do us a turn . A live wire , succeeded in the EPL , already experienced the pressure of playing for us , and despite the way he left , he's a Rangers fan . I think he could do what KM did on his return when a lot of fans thought he was past it . A tried and tested veteran that may be a safer gamble than a younger guy that you just don't know if they can handle the pressure of playing for us .
  5. One of about a couple of hundred that got tossed out the piggery in Souness's first season . Two down , then McCoist pulled one back and we celebrated like fuck . Problem was were in the c....c end as we couldn't get tickets for the Rangers end. Police formed a cordon round us and ushered us all out the door .
  6. Yep , in fact it's the least that should happen. Like I say , those comments should have excluded him from even being considered for this position . I can't believe there aren't others just as capable .
  7. That last paragraph says it all . There was a time when saying things like ' ah cannae stand those bastards ' would have barred you , for all time , from getting a job of responsibility where you would have to show some sort of impartiality . Not now though and we are a lot worse off be side of it.
  8. Mine's tells me UEFA have blocked it . That was quick if true .
  9. So this was the ' pressure group ' ? Priceless
  10. Away to St Johnstone at the end of the 73-74 season. Grandad took me on the Football Special. Can't even remember the score !
  11. Exactly , for years our msm have been ignoring their songbook , effigies and banners . Fuck sake , it was only a few days ago we even had , what is supposedly , one of our major papers actually blame Linfield fans for their behaviour on Wednesday night . Anyone who thinks that Liewell isn't a master of the dark arts of media manipulation is deluding themselves , it's what he does and does well . Id love to see the day when we don't have to leave it to supporter groups to point these things out , but in today's Scotland I'm afraid that's where we are .
  12. Remember seeing that years ago and it was pretty funny .
  13. He sounded a bundle of joy
  14. If true , it looks like the choice was his whether to be one of the highest players in the team or go . I'm not sure what he calls inhumanely , but I hope it's not because he's had to train with the youths . Makes sense to me to concentrate on the players that are in PC's plans and have the rest train elsewhere . I'm sure if he'd signed , and they obviously wanted him to by offering such terms , then he'd have been back in there .
  15. Me and my mate were working in Kendall at the time and decided to go to it . Nobody had any spare tickets so decided to see if the security guy could get us in to which he pointed to a gate and said you can pay in there ! The stand was full of locals and fans from Liverpool and it was just weird hearing The Sash etc in scouse accents .