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  1. Need a wee bit of music for this thread . Liked it first time ( only time , I think ) I heard it at Ibrox .
  2. Yeah I got / had one , with the old white V neck .
  3. Excellent stuff once again from GB and Specialized Security 👍
  4. Excellent read . I didn't know he was a part timer with us !
  5. General Sports , me thinks .
  6. Always want Scotland to win but you're right , it is boring . The passion you have supporting Rangers , just isn't there when it comes to Scotland . Wish they'd go back to restricting them to midweek games and give us our weekends back .
  7. Think I've had this up before ! And one of my favourites at the time
  8. Really dont know about this one . Is it actually a coach he wants ? I'm not so sure , as he already has his team in place and bringing in a Scottish coach could just confuse things . I'm thinking its probably someone with knowledge of the Scottish game and could possibly act as a buffer to the differences between Scottish mentality and a more continental approach to things . I wonder too if it's a long term thing or just someone to help PC and his team while they settle in .
  9. Well done to all the winners , and that was an excellent work GB , really well done 👍
  10. I quite like the idea of DoF , do you think we'll still go for it ? I just get the sense that now RW knocked it back , wel'll not bother with it .
  11. I think he realised the job was too big for him and it made sense to make a deal that if he went elsewhere we wouldn't sue him and likewise we wouldn't have to pay the rest of his contract . That suited both parties . But you're right , if he is going to fuck us over now he has the job at Forest he is a cunt . I just dont see why he'd do it , or , more importantly, how he could win it . I'd like to think the board have got everything in writing or we will be fucked .
  12. The baldy cunt ? A bit strong , don't you think ? He was miles better to what we had previously and I wouldn't call McCoist a cunt . As for Tav , shite as a full back , but thought he did well shoring , and supporting the midfield last weekend . I'm not one of Tav's biggest fans , but have been around long enough to remember that new managers came bring something new out of existing players and last Sunday I thought Tav could be one of those players . Certainly not at RB though.
  13. Just a wee story about Gordon Smith . When he was introduced by Charles Green , not sure if it was DoF , but my son , who'd would have been about 15 at the time emailed him about possible signings that may have suited us given the circumstances at the time . My wife and I knew nothing about this until he proudly showed us GS 's reply . To which , GS , realising this was just a young fan , thanked him for his ideas , and though some would have been over our budget , he would pass the information on to the scouting department . Furthermore , he invited my son to Murray Park to discuss his ideas over a ' coffee ' once he had settled in . Sadly , a few weeks later he left , so it never materialised . Anyway , my point is , though I have all the time in the world for Gordon Smith for personal reasons , we can't afford sentimentality . If we are going to go down the route of a DoF , we need to pick someone who is already doing it . Someone who is proven at it , and already has compilation of potential signings , we can't afford the time for someone starting from scratch .
  14. You're absolutely right , what an embarrassment . Keep a picture for weeks with no context with what it's about . Arsehole of a paper . If you wanted any proof of an agenda , that's it .