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  1. McCoist will he return.

    That's the first time I've laughed since Saturday morning .
  2. Is there a change in the Old Firm games?

    Years in the lower divisions , together with their free run into CL money , has allowed such a financial disparity than we've ever had before . I don't think it insurmountable though . We need investment , or at the very least , them to have a few years where they fail to qualify into the group stages .
  3. Us And Them

    This ^^^
  4. Naismith

    I dont know . I don't really want him here , but our biggest problem is the link between midfield and the forwards , where we often break down . Hate to say it , but I think he'd fit in quite well there .
  5. The way forward

    Certainly the way I would have gone . Maybe the board did in the background to no avail , we don't know , all we do know though is the calibre of those linked wasn't overwhelming.
  6. The way forward

    You just have to look at the quality of managers that were linked to the job once Warburton left , to see how difficult it would be to attract a top notch one .
  7. Foderingham

    Maybe being a wee bit harsh on him , but he seemed to bottle it in the 2nd half . Not sure if I'd blame him for the 2nd goal but his distribution was awful and continually put us under pressure . I've stood by him , but after yesterday , combined with Alnwick's good performance on Tuesday , I'd be tempted to drop him from now and see how Alnwick does .
  8. The Season so far

    If we are going to challenge the tarriers , I think someone mentioned this yesterday , we are going to need money - we need 2/3 players in the £3/4 M bracket . As for the rest , we've no excuse , we should be well ahead of them . Maybe not now , as we're bedding in a new full team but certainly by the end of the season . There can be no excuses for PC if we fail to do that .
  9. It's disappointing, but an improvement

    I think we more than matched them in the first half . The worrying thing is how , again , we fell to pieces after that first goal . We have to toughen up for starters .
  10. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    That's a fair comment . Im probably hoping for the best here , but I've been here before , where it's worked for both for us and against us . My point being , you just never know in these kind of games . Sometimes when you're down it galvanises you .
  11. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    We've been in positions before where it hasn't been ideal . The semi a couple of years ago , for example , where we were without our front row of King , MoH , Waghorn and Forrester . Doesn't seem a lot now , but it did then , and we still beat the scum . Who knows , but in times of advertisy , we can rise to the occasion . Let's hope tomorrow is one of those days .
  12. SPFL statement

    Yep , it's understandable there's a mistrust in the liewell / Doncaster partnership . I wouldn't trust anything these two come up with, no matter how it is dressed up . I think the board missed a chance here in not going after Doncaster , after his false claims , to break up that partnership . Yes , it would have needed the back up of other teams and maybe that wasn't forthcoming , but we should have been stronger and more public , to at least put a bit of pressure on him and put him in the public eye .
  13. Our Historic Signing Policy

    Certainly plausible . We had a bad record of passing costly players fit that soon broke down , so it may well be that we played too safe . But the RdB theory could well be true.
  14. Our Historic Signing Policy

    Yeah , he is . I just wonder how much of it was to do with the debt we were building up at the time as opposed to his medical . If iirc RdB signed round about the same time .