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  1. Bit young tbh . I do remember singing that about the tims on a New Years Day though 👍
  2. We had not a bad season , that one ,where the league went to the final game before , as you say , winning the Scottish Cup . For some reason , we fell to pieces the next season when we lost to Dundee in the Cup and struggled in the league . The fact we then went on to win the league the following season shows how unpredictable football can be .
  3. I remember we beat hibs 1-0 at Easter Rd , Colin Stein being the scorer , on Christmas Day . Maybe 1971 or 72 . Not sure if we've played on Christmas Day since .
  4. I was wondering where yould been , glad it's for good reasons rather than bad ones 👍. Good to see you back .
  5. Love these wee kind of films .
  6. gmcf


    I agree with you , it was more tongue in cheek . Given the significance of this title , I doubt the board would sanction any move in January , even if a ' stupid money ' bid came in . At least , I hope so .
  7. When you consider guys like Tavernier , Goldson , Kamara haven't hit the heights of last season and will improve , and Ryan Kent still to relatively start , the future is indeed looking good .
  8. Really glad for him . Had a bit of a rough first season with the fans not taking to him , and , perhaps , the manager unsure about him , but he's taken it all square on the chin , knuckled down and showing a consistency to prove why we were after him in the first place . Some of those crosses into the opposition box are top quality and we now have a real threat with free kicks just outside the box . I think we've , at last , sorted out the LB position .
  9. gmcf


    Anybody thinking of letting Morelos go in January should be taken out and shot , particularly after going top today .
  10. He must be hearing it from somewhere . The thing is Tav hasn't been up to his usual standard all season , perhaps a victim of his own success ( ? ) so a break could do him the world of good and this would be the ideal game to do it and bring Polson in .
  11. There's been a few loose balls but I don't think we've been as a bad as some make out . Some slick passing , some good chances created , and we've limited a team that was a CL team , to one real chance on their own pitch . Let's hope we can carry it on .
  12. Complains about Klopp touting Gerard as an old pals act , then goes on to promote his old pal lennon . Provan doesn't do irony very well
  13. gmcf


    Astounding today . Feel a bit of a dick now thinking his best days were behind him when he first returned in January .
  14. gmcf


    Seemed a bit slow at the incident .
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