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  1. Yep , good point πŸ‘ . One of our strengths is stretching defences and for some reason we played far too narrow without wingers . We need to revert back to playing with wingers , obviously Ryan Kent being one of them , and , start with Morelos this time .
  2. Hope he realises it wasn't just individual mistakes which cost us the last time but a lack of intensity , which was there in our two wins at Ibrox last season .
  3. Ah , got you. πŸ‘ So did I, what brought it to my attention was someone on here saying ( cant remember who ) is starting , because he did the interview before a game , but whoever it was didnt , and since then it's happened a few times including Barisic before the sheep game . Probably never happen again now I've mentioned it
  4. Now wondering if he'll play . Quite often the guy doing the press conference ends up not playing for one reason or another . Strange .
  5. We did that twice at Ibrox last season and they didnt like it .
  6. The two CBs dont fill me with confidence but I doubt he'll change it at this late stage . Just got to hope they give us a performance that's got us on the brink of qualifying from the Europa cup group stages . If Borna doesnt make it then it's got to be Haliday after Flanagan's panicky performance last night .
  7. He succumbed to the mediocrity that every other Rangers did in the 2nd half , but thought he was fine before that .
  8. gmcf


    I don't know , particularly that kind of game where it's a battle , I'd have thought Stewart , who knows the game up here , knows Aberdeen and has just scored two goals to be the obvious choice . As others have mentioned maybe it's part of the loan deal , but I'd find it hard to believe that SG will have tied himself down to something like that .
  9. The scary thing was how we fell to pieces after that first goal , particularly after playing so well for 40 minutes .
  10. Don't inspire confidence and a lack of presence .
  11. gmcf


    Not his fault the manager keeps picking him .
  12. From playing some of the best football all season we fell to pieces after losing that first goal . Thought we'd seen the last of that but it happened tonight .
  13. Yeah , he's to accept some of the blame . I'm not sure what he's thinking of playing Ojo , particularly in that kind of game .
  14. Hopefully he's giving him a 90 second run out before Sunday .
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