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  1. Yeah , it was pretty basic . There was an Black and White American channel that was on a few hours a day , the highlight being an old English Div 1 game on a Monday night . The only time I saw a Rangers game in two years was the 1973 SCF which was shown the week after they showed the English Final . As you say , it was the BBC World Service that we relied on for the results . It was strange because Saturday was the first day of the week there so we'd be tuning in about 8/9 at night after coming in from school / work .
  2. We'd moved to Saudi Arabia just before the final and I can remember , with the time difference , tuning in the radio to find the score just before going off to school . Astonishing to think it took me 10 years to eventually see the goals of our greatest triumph , when the bbc ( I think ) showed the highlights in 1982 .
  3. I worry they get a decent manager in that can get more out the players . I can't believe the luck we got when they brought tlb in . I doubt they'll make the same mistake twice .
  4. I'm kinda of torn , but that does worry me because I really think we have a better chance of winning the league with tlb there .
  5. This isn't going well at all - I thought it might have been Stockholm that may have been the undoing of lennon but at this rate it could be Dunfermline
  6. So sorry to hear that Bru. Thoughts with you and the family .
  7. Brilliant performance tonite . I don't usually count my chickens but there's no way they're scoring three at Ibrox .
  8. Thought I was the only one missing what this is about .
  9. Deserved his MotM , imo . Fantastic as the ' out ' man .
  10. Och , sad to hear that , you had some good hard hitting pieces on the DR - something we've seen very little of from others . On a positive note , moving full time is obviously a step in the right direction for you , so good to see things are working out for you personally 👍
  11. You not doing your DR piece anymore ?
  12. It was more to do with , that a vote for independence would have meant Scotland leaving the EU back in 2014 . Strange that the snp thought it was ok for Scotland back then , but a catastrophe for Scotland now .
  13. From what I've seen so far it would be Edmundson and Katic but it'll probably be Goldson and Helander .
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