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  1. gmcf


    That sounds about right tbh . I saw Docherty score a cracker a wee while ago but just didn't know how he was doing generally . I'd certainly prefer him to Pena . With a bit of luck maybe the board will release a bit of money in January because we just lack that bit of creativity and guile in the final third .
  2. gmcf


    Pity because he's exactly the sort of player we're missing right now but just not good enough . So is Docherty btw , I'm not sure how he's doing at Shrewsbury , but I wonder if SG can do with him what he's done to Halliday .
  3. gmcf

    Teams who defend

    That's the thing though . I always feel we have 80 minutes to get a two goal lead at Ibrox . After that the nerves from the stands transfer themselves to the players , and that's when accidents , and dropped points , happen . We really do have to kill games off before the final 10 .
  4. gmcf

    Teams who defend

    Don't know about you , but I was shiting it the last 10 minutes .
  5. gmcf

    Gerrard : Post Match Reaction

    His last sentence is spot on . Being a Rangers players comes with responsibility and that's where we're lacking sometimes . Too many players don't want to take that responsibility and much rather play the easy ball and hope somebody else takes it on .
  6. gmcf


    At least Pena will now have a locker when he returns .
  7. Cmon Bronzy . You're better than this .
  8. gmcf


    Yeah , I certainly think he's being made a scapegoat . If he can't handle it then we're best being short of him , but it's a team problem that we've no cutting edge , not just Ojarias . I wish him well , but it's best if he moves on if he can't handle it here .
  9. Yeah it was ages ago Grant. Bloody good though!  Hope you’re all good buddy!👍🏼👍🏼

  10. gmcf

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    There was no queue when I got there , just a mass of bodies . The one entry point , which was the problem , seemed to be in the middle , allowing for access from all directions which only created chaos . Nobody, on arrival , knew where to go. There was no direction , there was no signage or stewards showing the way . Not sure if you can blame the march , it really could have been anyone coming in and not knowing when to go . The problem could have been alleviated had the authorities opened the doors earlier when it became apparent what was happening .
  11. gmcf

    Dream Day

    Very touching that , when you don't realise how lucky you are . Great gesture by the club and I'm sure they've given those there a day to remember .
  12. gmcf


    Yeah , I'd agree with that . Katic has struggled the last couple of games he played , but I think that more to do with being out for so long . He certainly seemed to have a better understanding with Goldson than the other two previously , although McAuley hasn't done too badly . I think for the longer term , we have to start seeing Katic and Goldson develop together .
  13. gmcf


    If that really is the reason , I'd agree , can't see Liverpool being too happy with that . In fact , it would be a black mark for any team looking to get him in the future .
  14. gmcf


    Yeah , honestly Lets hope he doesn't shuffle it about the way he does with our CH's .
  15. gmcf


    That's a fair shout . There should be some sort of understanding from previously .