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  1. Alan Archibald

    Don't know what that was about , or who it directed to . Archibald always strikes me as one of the more reasonable ones too .
  2. It has to be remembered Thistle , have in their first 6 games , played arguably the three hardest games , with us , sheep and tarriers at home , and the other three games away . Their next 5 or 6 games should be a lot easier for them , reflecting on a different position in the league .
  3. Candieas

    Jury's still out for me. There's no questioning his effort and commitment but too anonymous in too many games for me. Certainly combines well with Tavernier .
  4. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    It looked to me , tonight , that once we took the lead we were happy to sit back and hit on the break . It nearly worked had we scored with the two breakaways but when we didn't , it just put us under more and more pressure as the game went on . I'd agree , if we do that against the tarriers , we'd play into their hands . I don't know if it was a change in tactics , but we looked a lot more comfortable in extra time when we pushed forward looking for goals . That's what we need to do for the 90 .
  5. Pena

    Did well tonite. Needs to be starting games - beginning on Saturday .
  6. Alnwick

    Just beat John for my MotM . Very reassuring performance. I truly don't know about taking over from Wes , a close call .
  7. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    If tonight taught us something , it's when we take the lead we can't sit back and soak up the pressure - we need to keep going all out for more .
  8. Candelas has just scored for me .Must be about 5 minutes behind everyone else .
  9. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Walker ? I think we can sign him free on pre contract then put pressure on hearts to see if they'll let him go for , say , £100-250,000 for a player who basically doesn't want to be there . Think that's how it works .
  10. Theyre a CL team , dontcha know
  11. Yeah , I think you could be right . Ntcham cost 4.5M in fees alone iirc . All mind games ahead of Saturday .
  12. I think we have just found Pedro's replacement
  13. Actually admired your confidence
  14. It'll be hard enough without playing them a man short
  15. I think PC will be here till the end of the season no matter the result on Saturday . It's one thing saying we've spent as much as them this season , but we really needed to overhaul a full team while they've just needed to tweak an established , settled and winning side . We aren't known for our patience , but it takes time to overhaul a team , I think the board realise that , and even if we were to bring someone else in , they'd be looking for guarantees of at least a season to implement their philosophy , or at least certainly more than the dozen or so games we've given this new team .I thought it unrealistic to overhaul the tarriers this season , but it was interesting to see @Rfc52 mention the points gap to be in single figures which is a lot more realistic and to build on that . I have be honest , I did expect to be further ahead in our progress - we haven't controlled games consistently or performed well enough , so I don't know if PC is the answer , but even though I'm a believer that you can see early on if someone is going to be a success , I'd still give him till the end of the season .
  16. Windass

    Yeah , from what we've seen so far , and he is into his second season here , he still hasn't performed well enough to be considered as an automatic first team choice . Unfortunately , one of many that I would call bit part players . Something we have too many of .
  17. Windass

    Just not consistent enough and as others have said tends to drift out of games the longer they go on . interestingly enough , I watched a programme a few weeks ago ( the one with Boyd and commons) where they asked Dorrans who there had impressed him the most and he said Windass . May just be one of those players that looks good in training but can't transfer that on to the park where it matters most .
  18. The taig game.

    Well . . . . . . . The theory is to stifle the midfield and not give them the run of it like we did previously . John to back up Wallace the way Candeias does with Tavernier , to stop them coming down the flanks . I'd have Pena back helping Jack and Dorrans to stiffen the midfield when defending , but when attacking , to link up with Morelos alongside Candeias and John on either wing , with Jack and Dorrans slightly back . Options of Herrera , Windass , Miller on the bench . . . . . .just in case it goes tits up Thats the theory anyway , but then again there's a good reason why I'm no football manager
  19. FT scores and the table

    Makes the needless drop of points last night all the more frustrating .
  20. Doncaster in Trouble

    I think we're giving Doncaster and Liewell too much credit here , they've messed up by overrating their position , I really don't believe there is any more to it than that . If we look at the order of events that led up to this . First , joe orourke , a representative of the celtic supporters association , sent an open letter to both Regan and Doncaster . I won't put the crap on here , but this bit did stand out - ''' The supporters of Scottish Football are calling for change, they are demanding change. I will be meeting with representatives of all the other honest teams in Scotland tomorrow morning, we will be looking at ways of forcing that change. '' Weeks / months later , orourke did indeed meet with Doncaster . One has to wonder , is where Doncaster got the idea of the support of all the clubs . Surely the Chief Executive of the SPFL didn't rely on the word of joe the bigot . Far fetched ? Perhaps , but we do know Doncaster didn't canvas his members for their thoughts - so maybe not that far fetched after all . For me , the quick succession of letters from both Doncaster and Liewell are too much of a coincidence , and were a double barrelled attack on Regan to put pressure on him to change his mind for a review ( a precursor for title stripping imo) or , if necessary , remove him for someone more pliable . Regan , to be fair , has publicly published these letters , mentioned Doncaster's meeting with the csa , and , publicly called Doncaster out by revealing nobody has come to him in support of the review . There certainly seems to be a bit of tension between the two . Doncaster's position is now untenable . He's abused his position of Chief Executive of the spfl . Instead of representing all 42 clubs , he's reduced himself to nothing more than a spokesperson for one club . He lied . I don't know what Rangers have written about , and I'm glad they have , but I sincerely hope that within that letter are calls for his resignation or at the very least a vote of no confidence on Neil Doncaster . Like I say , sometimes we look too deep into things , when the obvious is staring us in the face . We have an opportunity here to kick out Neil Doncaster , I just hope the Board realise this and take advantage of it . That really will signal that we are back .
  21. The taig game.

    I'd start with Pena on Tuesday to see how he does , if successful I'd play him on Saturday . Foderingham Tavernier Cardoso Alves Wallace Candeias Jack Dorrans John Pena. Morelos
  22. Bruno Alves.

    Maybe not , but ' the wall ' was pretty shite . Basic stuff tbh .
  23. Mccoist on BT

    Players , a real manager . Take your pick . Certainly anything other than someone tending his garden . Why do you think it was getting stolen ?
  24. I'm undecided right now tbh . I was hoping he'd bring a European brand of football to us , something the tarriers , with all their money can't cope with . Given our finances , I thought it was the best bet of overcoming that financial difference , as opposed to the usual brand of football that the likes of McLeish , Davies etc would bring and the tarriers would eat for breakfast . Admittedly , I've seen little evidence of it so far . The problem is , how much can we keep affording a change in managership , and the players that go along with that . At some point we have to stop and give someone time or we will forever be going around in circles , at a hefty price , that we can't afford . Weve basically changed a full team from last season , and as much as things haven't worked yet , I'd still persevere with it .
  25. Mccoist on BT

    Im sure we could have found something to use it on .