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  1. Have to admit I would have preferred a more experienced player on league games , but after watching Patterson last night I've no qualms throwing him in . Same team as OP for me . Quite a defensive team St Mirren , so we need to show patience , not only on the park but in the stands too . Going for a hard fought 2-0 win .
  2. gmcf

    SFA Charge

    Just shows what a tinpot mentality there is when weve got to ' balance ' things out in Scotland just to appease the tarriers . A penalty that would have been given once in a blue moon , a goal that should have been disallowed , two , maybe three , players that should have been sent off - not enough , so let's invent a charge on gestures to just to ' balance ' things out . Pathetic .
  3. gmcf

    SFA Charge

    Stand to be corrected , but I think that third yellow card for Morelos puts him one more yellow card away from a suspension . Think it's just one game right enough .
  4. gmcf

    SFA Charge

    Have our management team been in trouble before ? I can't remember of any previous , and yet the first time and they're up on a charge . Fuck me , yellow teeth must be laughing his head off at all this .
  5. Aye , I can imagine . Sadly I don't see them saying anything to anybody about any of today's events .
  6. You'ld think with the extent Clancy went to , to make sure Katic knew he had been booked ie showing the yellow card twice , he'd ensure Morelos would have known about his the third yellow card at the time .
  7. gmcf

    SFA Charge

    Are you fuckin serious .
  8. Good point and something that cant be emphasised enough . You wonder if AM feels alone without any public backing from the club . Yeah , I get that they can use C1872 as a subtle hint of displeasure , but cases such as this need the full weight of the club . It wouldn't surprise me if Morelos , or his teammates and management team for that matter , was disappointed with the lack of public support from the club given the circumstances .
  9. He must be getting to them Keep it up wee man .
  10. gmcf


    A natural goal scorer which are hard to find , but then I've seen a few down the years that haven't cut it here . The time for that gamble was when he was at Ayr , not now .
  11. Other than a back up striker that we'd need to call on just for emergencies I wouldn't change anything . Imo , we're the best footballing team in the land and even changing just a couple of places could upset the rhythm of the team , even with better players . The one doubt I did have was the mental strength of the team but with the December weve had , outplaying the tarriers twice , progressing in Europe and generally dealing with a difficult month , that has been alleviated quite a bit . The confidence that will have given the team going into the 2nd half of the season can't be underestimated , while the tarriers will now be questioning their ' invincibility ' for the first time in years . Nope , for me it's ' if it ain't broke , don't fix it ' . Let's see where we are come the summer .
  12. That was my understanding too . I remember they lowered the pitch years ago to add a couple of rows and they said that was as far as they could go because of the water level . Who knows , maybe there have been advances in engineering or new products that can now cross that bridge that weren't there before .
  13. Cheers guys , got it now 👍 . Missed the goal right enough .
  14. Haven't watched him for Chelsea , but wouldn't swap with what weve got just now . If it ain't broke , don't fix it .
  15. I wonder if he was just brought in as cover but luckily we didn't really need it . Must be a first , given our record of long term injuries
  16. I'm only looking for a back up striker right now . I think we'll spend big when we need one , but that won't be till Alfie goes . Let's be realistic here , we'll really only be able to afford a top notch striker with the funds Alfie brings in .
  17. That's exactly why I think we need to get a striker in January , I'm just not sure we need spend substantial funds to what , hopefully , will be playing a minimum part .
  18. I'm not sure you'll get a top striker coming to stay on the bench , nor am I sure we have , or want , to spend a large sum of money until we get substantial moneys coming in , which would probably be when we sell Morelos himself . Ideally a promising younger player , happy to bide his time until either Morelos or Defoe go , ready to play in an emergency but right now learning to fit in the team . I often wonder if we should have gone for Shankland last season for that very reason .
  19. If it aint broke dont fix it . Keep what we have , but try to add a back up striker incase either Morelos or Defoe are out with an injury .
  20. I dont think we will either . As much as we've improved on the park we have also gained a tougher mentality that is required to win things which was lacking last january .
  21. Think I'd rather there wasn't a break this year , just got to ensure we carry on the way we left off .
  22. I don't disagree with you , but there's every chance it could be shit stirring from The Sun , putting pressure on her to take action and cueing a big reaction if she doesn't .
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