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  1. Murty

    Pretty sure that anyone who thought he'd do a job will have changed their minds . That's not to say that this irresponsible board will think along the same lines.
  2. The sheep double header

    Lose at home , win away .
  3. Players need punted asap

    You're not too far away eejay. Disagree on a few points , but I do get where you're coming from . Id sign John , I think he's worth the punt . Jack , I think has done fine and will improve with a better manager . Tavs, been one of our better players this season , but you're quite right , he can't defend but he is solid going forward . Mc Crorie , as you say looks a find . Holt - tries his heart out , reminds me of Dave McKinnon . Love to see that in a team , but to be successful maybe a squad player . Up front , we have Morelos . That's it . We need a partner for him . We cant ignore Dorrans and Wallace , who didn't make it tonite , but would certainly add to the team .
  4. Players need punted asap

    I'm not sure if he's better , but I'll credit him that he doesn't hide like too many others . Probably the reason he's the fall guy .
  5. Jim McColl

    Exactly . There are obviously boundaries we cannot cross . But as far as JMcC is concerned , a Rangers fan , despite his yes connections , I'd go for in these trying times . In a perfect world , no , but I've really had it up to there right now , as far as the tarriers are concerned .
  6. Jim McColl

    I just want us to be up there . And let's not kid ourselves , they're hardly queuing up .
  7. Jim McColl

    If this guy can take us where we belong , at the top of the tree , I'd go for him . And trust me KAI , that won't turn me into a yesser.
  8. Derek McInnes

    It's not so much as staying put , but rather nobody is going to wait forever , just in case a better option turns up . How is that a vote of confidence ?
  9. Alan Pardew

    Yeah , me too . Don't care anymore , I just want someone in . Ill bet the shifts of sand have now changed , and whereas the board had time to pick their target , I'll bet now the panic is on and a rushed decision will be made .
  10. Herrera

    I can't dispute that . Weve had plenty of promising youngsters that haven't delivered . I don't know how Hardie will turn out , but surely giving him a chance tonite would have been more of less a gamble than Herrera ( if that makes sense ) .
  11. Jim McColl

    Don't see it tbh . If he didn't back then when we needed all the help we could get I doubt he would now .
  12. Herrera

    We'll have to give him a chance , and tonight with the option of him or Herrera , was the perfect time .
  13. Jim McColl

    Looks like he was right . Do you think with the right people he would be more interested ?
  14. Herrera

    Can't for the life of me understand why he didn't put on Hardie . We've seen already what Herrera has brought to the table , and tonight was no different - nothing .
  15. Jim McColl

    Iirc , Jim McColl was at a fans meeting around the CG era and while he supported us I'm sure he said he hadn't the time or the finances ( I think they're tied up ) to take an active part . Dont see that changing.
  16. This is on the board

    Absolutely. Ever the optimist , we were 6 points behind , without kicking a ball all season . Had we brought someone in and gone on a run who knows what might have happened . The last two games , while the board dithered about , put paid to that . More frightingly , as they dither , the options diminish . Incompetence of the highest degree .
  17. There's no manager that can fix this

    I don't know , but I'd sure like to get one and give it a try .
  18. What the hell is going on?

    The longer this goes on , the list gets smaller and smaller .
  19. Borussia Mönchengladbach v Rangers 1987 Germany

    Aye , just walking on the bus with cases of beer . My memory was how rough the sea was on the way back . Guys spewing everywhere and the toilets flooded . Thank fuck for airlines nowadays .
  20. Borussia Mönchengladbach v Rangers 1987 Germany

    Remember going to a pub , that had blue and white plates with what looked like King Billy in the centre of them , adorned around the walls . Within half an hour they were all gone . Couldnt see too many of them surviving the journey home
  21. Borussia Mönchengladbach v Rangers 1987 Germany

    Was on that bus too for that game .
  22. Probably my worst period as a fan .For years we were out the league by Christmas watching others battle it out . Then , along came a guy called David Holmes . . . . and it was like flicking a switch , such was the turnaround. Its something we could do with now . . . someone looking for a challenge .
  23. Derek McInnes

    I keep switching between those two as well , depending if I'm in gambling mode or not . McInnes is the safest bet of the two if you want to consolidate 2nd place and work up to 1st . Nobody knows if he will improve with better players , but Big Eck proved it can be done when he beat a better c....c team than they have now , imo. Preud'homme , on the other hand is a bit more of a gamble though peculiarly , I feel , could succeed quicker . The gamble is not so much him , but the 3,4 or 5 players , I think , he'll bring with him as he' no particular knowledge of the Scottish game . Should they settle , I think we could be in with a shout as the tarriers , I don' think , are particularly good at European style football . Have to say though , with these two being mentioned early doors , it' looking less likely it'l be either as time goes by .