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  1. Aye quite right , some of the decisions the last few years have been diabolical and worthy of keeping tabs on . Pretty solid performance from Madden yesterday , got all the big calls right .
  2. I kinda of thought this way myself that , in the 2nd half in particular , we lacked a bit if creativity , but you have to take into account that a) it was away to probably the 3rd best team in the country ,and b) it was imperative to get off to a winning start . Not only getting rid of one the hardest away fixtures with a win , but we now should have a good run of games to get some momentum going before the next set of hard ones . Definetly one of the games where 3 points was all that mattered .
  3. gmcf

    Leon Balogun

    Looked good today . Between him and Aribo for my MotM .
  4. Good start . Our passing needs to speed up , far too many times it was that slow it allowed Aberdeen players to get to our man before the ball got to him . Need to start killing teams off though , too many times last season we dropped points from a winning position which proved costly .
  5. Well done mitre , good to see the official match thread going back to the days with a wee bit info in it 👍
  6. Must be a disappointment for him . Outside of a few wayward passes I thought he did fine .
  7. Not a lot of money going around these days .
  8. I'm expecting Barker to start , as I don't see him risking an injury to Morelos . I think Barker's speed on the break sways it for him over Stewart .
  9. Shame for Jeffrey but I think Glentoran shaded it . Can't believe that prick got MotM .
  10. Just watching old Bertie there at 100 , marvellous and good to see him being one of the 250 fans there . The thing is , when you see all the empty seats why are they not seating , say , 1 in every 3 , which would still maintain the 2M rule , particularly in a Cup Final ? If you made masks mandatory , you could make it 1 in 2 and still be safe . Madness . Can see this going to penalties with so few real chances for either side .
  11. Glad I changed teams now Keeper made an arse of it rolling about trying to get someone in trouble . Game on .
  12. Aw fuck , that's me wanting Ballymena to win now
  13. Playing well but a wee bit powder puff up front . They've had most possession , but I think Glentoran have been a bit more dangerous up front .
  14. Must be at your end , mine is still working .
  15. I can imagine I don't know why I thought that . Just as well he's away , though I wish that wasn't the case . He'll be even more livid now they've scored
  16. Is Glentoran not @bluedylan 's team ?
  17. Wouldnt surprise me if Barker starts , and do us a turn , if Morelos doesn't play .
  18. I'm actually looking forward to the season . Beat the sheep tomorrow , and I think we will , we have a good run of games till we're up against two hard , but winnable away games in September , by which time we should have built up momentum . After that it's another good run till January . Lets Go .
  19. Had a dream last night ( not often I remember them ) and we won 2-1 scoring with a lob from near the halfway line with 4 minutes to go . Here's hoping 👍.
  20. Hope he plays as he's one of our best players but if what is reported us true , and he's off for €20M , I doubt they would take a chance against those hammer throwers . More likely to be playing against Leverkusen .
  21. It'll be in case they make the CL group stages , they usually start in September I'm sure .
  22. Wish I'd read a bit further instead of making an arse of myself
  23. I'd imagine this is more likely than just to give Helander a game . Not necessarily just Greg Stewart , but a game plan workout without Morelos .
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