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  1. Morelos warm up today.

    He's a big wean .
  2. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Big improvement in the 2nd half . Probably the best I've seen Dorrans and thought Holt had a good game too. The only thing I would add though , is Hearts , along with Killie , have nothing to gain here and I thought that showed today with a lack of intensity . We'll still need to up our game next week and against the sheep and hivs .
  3. Alves

    Not a great choice but I'd have Alves over Martin every day of the week .
  4. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Bit of a damp squib if this is the reaction to last week .
  5. Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    I think it's between the Esso garage and the motorway .
  6. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    A whole backbone of the team. - goalkeeper , two CHs , a midfielder and a strong CF . If we can spend 20M on those 5 positions I think we could flesh out the rest with what we have .
  7. Iirc , we got off to a bad start by losing the first three games . One of which , I'm sure Souness got sent off at p......d and called Syme a poof Think he got a 5 game ban for that , though to ensure he missed the League Cup Final , which was 6 games away , they banned him for 4 games for the red card , allowed him to play one , then banned him for the final for his comment . Some things never change
  8. I'm one of the guys taking pictures at the rhs of the goals at the Broomloan Rd end But yeah , you could see Souness knew how to play mind games . Take out their biggest player and then take no shit from the ref when he had the audacity to book him . Oh , and he could play football too . In fact , he embodies everything that is missing from our current set up , from the boardroom down .
  9. Wounded animal.

    Very well put 👍
  10. Where do you sit?

    What sun
  11. Where do you sit?

    Never been mate , but I'm pretty sure you'll get other options . Just keep an eye on the website once the renewals have gone through , because ( I think ) you can see what's available , and get in quick . I renew , so I'm not sure how it works now . Hopefully somebody that's done it quite recently , will be able to help more .
  12. Wounded animal.

    You'll learn
  13. Where do you sit?

    Id guess Sunday's game has been on sale for a while which is why it's near a sell out . I don't think you can assume you are likely to get the CD just because that's all that left for Sunday . You'll get a better idea once the deadline for renewing has past , though depending on who the board appoint as manager , you may get the choice of anywhere you want .
  14. Hummel

    But we should be a major draw for companies . Surely the potential of sales would be the most significant issue ? I'm not sure of the figures , but I'm sure it was only a few years ago we were one of the top sellers of tops . That's how we should be 'selling' it to these companies , as all they're interested in is sales and profits . Call it the old cynic in me but I suspect we just couldn't be arsed and accepted the first offer to come along .
  15. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Yeah , like I say , I wouldn't be disappointed if it is Clarke . Id still go for Warnock as I genuinely don't know if that was a one off v Wolves or a regular occurrence . Hope I'm wrong , but I have a feeling we'll both be disappointed , with a very underwhelming appointment by the board
  16. Fuck sake @The Dude , you don't miss I don't read msm nowadays , but it's good to see someone put out what the ' common ' supporter feels ,as opposed to AJ's version of Pravda . Well done 👍
  17. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    I really don't think the board are that stupid , despite their best efforts to appear so .
  18. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Warnock post Wolves is exactly the kind of manager we need right now . I'd say that was a positive. Passionate , doesn't suffer fools gladly and , as seen with Cardiff , a good experienced manager . The more I think about it , the more I'd like Warnock . No problem with Clarke , though I worry this is just a ' reaction ' season for killie and Ross is far too much of an unknown for me .
  19. Statement from A Johnston

    After a result , which to be honest , is a culmination of one disaster after another , it's not the type of statement I'd have expected from a Rangers exec . But then again , that's precisely why we are where we are now - and it's certainly not ahead of the curve .
  20. Murty not relieved. Board contempt or not

    If Murty is told to go , it is essentially the board admitting they called it wrong in putting him there till the end of season . So it ain't going to happen .
  21. Union Bears Statement.

    A well worded statement from the UB .
  22. Action required ASAP

    I can understand the sentiment , we're all raging after that shambolic performance but be careful what you wish for . Knee jerk reactions are part of the reason where we are today . I don't want us to rush into an appointment with limited choices of who is currently available , just as a reaction , but rather wait to get the right appointment . Hopefully the board have made progress on this ( no laughing at the back ) and if that is the case , we may be unable to make any announcement at this time if he's already at a club . Thats not to say we shouldn't be given an update on their thoughts though . That , at least , should be the minimum they could do after today .
  23. Is FDB the right choice?

    Not for me . Agree with the OP . We need a British style manager with a bit of dig .
  24. Murty : just go FFS

    Yeah , id agree . The board can no longer ignore this or will do so at their own peril . I sense even those that have stood by them are starting to get impatient with these managerial appointments . They'll have to get this one right .
  25. Which players in the squad would you keep?

    The way I'm feeling right now , after that performance , I'd get rid of the whole fucking lot of them , I really would . Obviously that's not going to happen , we've just got to hope whoever comes in can find a footballer in some of them .