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  1. Me and my mate were working in Kendall at the time and decided to go to it . Nobody had any spare tickets so decided to see if the security guy could get us in to which he pointed to a gate and said you can pay in there ! The stand was full of locals and fans from Liverpool and it was just weird hearing The Sash etc in scouse accents .
  2. Very true . As much as we played well today there's no denying we lacked that cutting edge . I'm hoping it will come once the players get to know each other that much better , and as much as I hate criticising anyone it seems to me that time has caught up with Kenny Miller . Been great for us but I dont see him lasting much longer . Hopefully Morales can step up to the plate in that position .
  3. I was a bit harsh on him after the first Progres game but he was excellent today . Put in some really good crosses but what impressed me most was his attitude in trying to win the ball off the defender most times .
  4. 👍 Amazing what a couple of weeks can do at this stage of the season .
  5. FS just realise im basing this on half stands. Yeah youre right.
  6. You reckon ? Im in the CF so I can't really see that , so got to assume it's busier than the other stands
  7. Yeah. Be lucky if there's 10k in here so far.
  8. Let's hope offering something different brings us success . I agree , it's not too encouraging so far . We've just got to hope things will improve once he has a full squad to pick from .
  9. Not saying this is the time yet . . . . but you're right . Our last few managers have been ' gambles ' . McCoist had never managed , MW only had a couple of years at Brentford and PC has largely been abroad and certainly no experience of the British game . Next time we go for one it has to be a proven , experienced and a successful one . I do think it will be difficult though , I don't see too many putting themselves forward , but it's time to stop thinking of the ' cheaper ' option and go all out for one with a proven record .
  10. yeah , I know that feeling
  11. The way I see it is we've no chance if we play our normal game . That would have happened if someone like McLeish, Davies , Wright , even McInnes had got in . Playing our ' normal ' game would have suited them . Even being temporarily successful, they'd have outspent us . So we have to think European. Something they, despite their press , aren't very good at . It's what I'm hoping might be the difference .
  12. Looking forward to this .
  13. I think we have a solid spine to the team with Wes in goal . Alves and Cardoso look like they can be a solid partnership in front of him. We now have a holding midfielder in Jack and possibly Rossiter with Dorrans and Pena being the creative midfield. Up front we got to hope Morales and Herrera can do what McCourt and Hateley did back in the day . So a pretty solid spine to the team . Think we need a RB now , maybe a LB and someone else up front for options and we'll be good to go.
  14. Obviously aim for first , but that's a big ask. A comfortable second for me minimum .
  15. Don't know him , but I'd think a right back is more of a priority just now .
  16. No it's not that . Weve not even started the league yet , some of his major signings have hardly kicked a ball . Now I don't know how this will pan out , in fact , as things stand I totally understand those that want him gone . But paying him and his background staff off with compensation , bringing in a new manager and getting him the players he needs , and possibly paying out the remainder of some players contracts will cost us money , big time . Furthermore , we have no idea of how any new manager will do . I just want to make sure we have exhausted all possibilities before we go down that route which means giving him the time , and patience , to play his team and his system . I don't know if he will be a success , nobody does , but I will give him a chance to do so .
  17. That's what I mean , they were maybe our 3rd or 4th Euro game ( Shelbourne , PAOK and I think another ) so I'm guessing would have been sometime in October when we played them . Not saying it happens all the time but I've always thought we don't get into our stride till October / November . Good to see you back 👍
  18. This is one of the problems . I think we'll be limited in top class managers wanting the job for various reasons , mainly to do what we can pay and what we can afford for a budget .
  19. Maybe . Historically , and also with the examples I gave of Souness and Advocaat , we were slow starters and it wasn't till we got into the winter months of October and November did we really get into a rhythm .
  20. The point is Souness and Advocaat were under no pressure after a slow start . They could carry on playing the way they envisaged , and , ultimately played some of the best football I've seen Rangers play . I just hope we let PC do the same and not add to the pressure . The job is hard enough without his own support being on his back from the very off of the league campaign .
  21. Good post . If you look at guys like Souness ( who lost his first two league games ) and Advocaat ( who won 3 of his first 7 league games ) then you realise how difficult it is as a new manager . I think the danger is with the way things are right now with a lot of folk calling for his head , is PC not being able to express himself and play a damage limitation game in fear of defeat . It's probably the worst thing he could do , but when you're under pressure it's probably a natural instinct . Thats why it's important to back him , show patience , let him play his game and see how we stand at Christmas or over the course of the season .
  22. The whole report blows any credibility he ever had . He must have been living in another planet if be hasn't heard their songbook or seen their images like the effigies frequently over the years . But no , it's all the big bad Linfield fans that made them do it . It's so childish a report it's embarrassing.
  23. This will help pay for all these EU political fat cat freebies . . . . . . . oh wait
  24. Ah remember those days when everybody just laughed at these sort of things . Yep , even footballers
  25. Goram Stevens Gough McLaren Robertson Cooper Souness Gazza. Laudrup McCoist Hateley Subs - Brown , Steven , Albertz , A. MacDonald , McCann , Mols , Stein . Oh , and got to have Dave Smith too.