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  1. Depends if they need to ' work ' on the result .
  2. That's what I'm asking , what rule ?
  3. Yep , I'd like to think in future football books listing league winners , this years will have a wee asterisk explaining the league was awarded rather than won .
  4. 10-2 was borderline had Hearts joined us to vote against it . So for a wee safety net they came up with 9-3 , and then , just in case , they decided on no relegation . Capiche .
  5. Slag it all you want but WWE is big business in the US and around the world and it's something we should be taking advantage of .
  6. Loved him as a player . His appetite and attitude for the game was just incredible , plus how many important headers did he score for us in big games ? This one ? My first game against them .
  7. Couldn't have come at a worse time and while that's not the fault of the club it would have been more thoughtful , at this financially difficult time , to maybe hold off another 4-6 weeks , when hopefully the worst of this is over and people are back at work . Ive got 3 STs to pay for which will be a big hit while I'm off .
  8. gmcf

    Ian Redford

    A slightly above average player at a difficult time . A trier and honest worker , more than a flashy player .
  9. No bother . Just checked , it's still on YouTube .
  10. It was a play called Shadow on the Earth . Great story btw , you might still get it on YouTube .
  11. I didn't think it would last . Soon be time to hide it away in a cupboard somewhere .
  12. Got mine from about 1970 , made in the republic of Ireland
  13. It honestly wouldn't surprise me . They'll certainly try .
  14. Good man 👍. I knew it's happened sometime.
  15. Exactly . Countless of times , all over the world , where league races have taken an unexpected turn . Pretty sure a few years back , can't remember the season , where bookies paid out on Man Utd winning the league only for them to end up losing it .
  16. Yeah still there down the Coplamd Front ( CF4 ) , it's been a great seat . Been there 30 years now , which is a scary thought . I can still remember the day , eejay , when you breezed into my life
  17. The difference between last season and this one has been like night and day . In fact , a bit like Rangers before and after the Christmas break .
  18. Unless somebody's won it , it can only be null and void .
  19. We've got Willie , Willie , Willie , Willie Johnston on the wing , on the wing .
  20. A favourite of mine at the time . A very cultured player , often wondered if he came a few years too early .
  21. Just watched the goals in the Rangers Inter Milan game in 1984 . One of my favourite European games I've watched at Ibrox .
  22. With that kind of money offered you'ld have to take it . The same with Morelos , though I doubt we'll get what we may have back in December , though it was the correct decision not to sell him at the time . Hindsight , eh ?
  23. I'd say we just dont have a dominant CH and we're missing that badly , maybe two , but certainly one . I do agree about more bodies in centre midfield but it's that old dilemma again - do we spend what we have in a top notch midfielder or spread what we have in two , maybe three , new players. To a degree , I suppose it will depend on who we sell and how much money that brings in , though obviously that brings it's own problems in having to replace those players as well .
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